Aranuth Speaks: “One”, Lady Octavia, Ravenshoe April 2015

Wow! As predicted, the cosmic energies, and their effect on the entire planet, are ramping up in no uncertain terms; and will continue to do so for the next two to three weeks, so we will just have to accept “what is” and go with the flow.

Some souls will feel as though they have been cast into a gigantic washing machine: others will feel numb, dumb, slow and spaced out, with an inability to calculate, remember, or even think clearly.

Physical symptoms include headaches, nausea, dizziness, upset stomach, sleepiness or lacking sleep, and sensations of living in an unbalanced time/space warp.  Inability to think clearly, remember the names of places and everyday items, as well as the names of friends and  acquaintances, can be embarrassing. Sensitives like myself, who are in ongoing contact, and working with, highly evolved guides, are not excluded from this vibratory tree-shake either; no special treatment!

Again, as previously predicted by Aranuth , tragedies of varying extent, calamities, natural and man-made disasters, have occurred all around the planet with commercial airliners crashing, over-crowded refugee ships sinking, volcanoes erupting, adverse weather patterns suddenly manifesting, and earthquakes of varying intensities – over 4300 souls passed over in Nepal – are an almost daily occurrence as Mother Earth reacts to the inflow of changing energies and cleanses and re-aligns herself in readiness for transition into a higher dimension. We are all in this together – no one is exempt!

Over several preceding days prior to, and during the channelling of the following message, I was in the depths of, and suffering from the effects of, a massive energy shift; change, change, change! The guides allowed and assisted me to channel the following message while I was operating on a much-reduced “power level”. The content of the message, a description of the incremental energy uplift in “octaves”, and overseen by “Lady Octavia” was surprising to say the least. I have often stated that “nothing surprises me anymore” and then I am surprised once more by events that unfold.

The Message:

Well good evening dear ones. It is I, One, who comes to address you.  I would like to say welcome to you all.  It is always pleasing to have you here to hear our words, which we surmise will be of benefit to you and at the very least provide a level of understanding.  The energy that surrounds and permeates your planet has numerous aspects to it.  One aspect which is in operation and taking dominance, precedence, at this point in time, is sound.  It is the sound vibration.  You are well aware that the energy of love, of oneness, comprises numerous aspects of which colour and sound have a proportionately large effect on the energy that is altering, and may I say reshaping, your planet, not physically, but reshaping energetically your planet and every thing upon it.

I would like to introduce to you on this evening a compatriot whom I am sure that you, you did not even know existed.  Shortly.  Now, the energy of your planet, that which is approaching the planet in intensity, is actually a custom-made, err… you could refer to it as, a custom-made vibration, increment of vibration, which if applied to a musical scale you would deem it an octave. Octave.  You understand the an octave is a variation, a variant, of sound which is a sound vibration. And now, I would like to make you aware of my compatriot, Lady Octavia!  Hmm .. Lady Octavia. Lady Octavia is a highly advanced being who has mastered the art of altering vibrations; altering what she calls the “vibrato” of the energy.  Now shall we have a look at that.  The vibration of the energy is an alteration in the pitch in the octave, which fine tunes that vibration, and Lady Octavia is the one who is very, very, carefully refining and directing that pitch.  That octave.  That sound. That vibration.  You will understand that energy in its purest form can and does have an effect on the human embodiment that is not always compatible with their vibratory being-ness; and therefore being far too powerful for the human embodiment can have a detrimental effect   Now this is not just a detrimental or altering effect on the humanoid, it also affects all of life on the planet; and you do understand that everything, and I say that again, everything, is energy.  Everything is energy!  It is molecular particles held together by the pitch the octave of sound, and so when the Creator has chosen to increase the intensity the pitch, the vibration, it is Lady Octavia who comes to the fore and directs what form that energy will take so that when you receive it you will, as a community, and as a world population, receive it in the most beneficial manner.

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Author: Malcolm Bell
Source: Aranuth Speaks
Published: May 12, 2015 in SomethingToThinkAbout, originally published Apr. 28, 2015


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