The Blame-Game - Humanity's Oldest Game

Isn't it comfortable not to be responsible for consequences triggered by yourself?
Isn't it comfortable to make someone else responsible for consequences you created yourself?


The "Blame-Game" is planet earth's oldest game and everyone likes to join. No need to accept responsibility for negative consequences of decisions, reactions and responses created by yourself. You simply make someone else responsible and your vest is clean again.

Is it really that easy? Is it really that simple? Or is there a catch involved?

Have you read this sarcastic sub headline above? Did you thoroughly read it? You should have discovered the answer yourself already. --- Of course is there a catch involved.

Since we all are nothing else than energy - materialized energy - everything we do, every action, every reaction and every response are also energy. Therefore, when we "through out" false accusations, just in order to protect ourselves, it will turn around and hit ourselves again. That's the perfect way to double up the consequences we have to carry on already.

Don't forget: We all are responsible for anything we do or don't do. We also share responsibility of what is going on in our world.

Allow me to address a few examples in order to better express what I mean.

+ Everyone bitches about our governments.
  1. Are not we the ones who elect the ruling parties? People vote for any party according to their promises. None of the elected parties ever stuck to their promises. Why do people just complain, but do not become active to correct our government's misbehaviour?
+ Everyone bitches about constantly rising taxes.
  1. But people do not do anything against. They just complain, but not publicly. It would be an easy task to reduce taxes. E.g. just lowering these outrageous high wages of politicians would have an impact.
+ What about rising costs of food, gasoline, etc.
  1. People constantly mean they cannot do anything against. Why not? There's nothing else than activity needed. Do not forget --- We all are One!
Recently there was a wonderful example of what people can achieve when they understand that we all are One and that One can fight what is not correct. Just think about the ongoing war about the internet. FightForTheFuture is still active and still continues to fight for people's right to have a neutral and uncensored internet. The more will join this fight the earlier we will have "our" internet preserved as it should be. And we will continue to have freedom of speech.

This is what I meant with "We all are responsible for anything we do or don't do."

We ourselves created all this misery on planet earth by being passive. By just watching it to become worse and not standing up against. E.g. by NOT going public with our concerns against any governmental decision.

Now, since we reached the borderline of having 99% of our world's population to live in or near poverty, it becomes time to learn on how to become self-responsible again. It is important NOT to accept what is dictated or suggested without consent. It is important that WE start again to decide what we want and what we are willing to accept.

How can we change our personal behaviour and become self-responsible again?

Have you read "Do You Have Problems in Making Decisions?"

Use your intuition, your subconscious. It always gives you the correct answer or suggestion. Even if you may have to carry on negative consequences on your decision. You do not know the reason why your subconscious told you to follow that path.

MOST important on your very own decision done is to accept that YOU have been the one who decided. And YOU are the one who was responsible on how you decided.

By the way, did you know there are NO "negative" consequences? It just is a human expression followed up by our comfort zone. If we made a decision that dropped us from being a millionaire all the way into poverty there was a Universal reason for it. You possibly have not been on the right path of your destiny, but your subconscious redirected you. You simply had to experience something you would have missed otherwise. And even if you hit "rock bottom" there's always a way out again.

Author: Georg Fritscher
Published: April 23, 2015


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