Do You Have Problems in Making Decisions?

Many people hate to make decisions. Many people have real problems trying to make the right decision.

Not being able to make a decision is a common issue these days. But why?

It is a matter of our education system and it is a matter of our society.

From the first moment we start to become educated our common sense is being disabled slowly but surely from our way of thinking. We learn on how to use our Ego instead. This is what our society wants.

When there something approaches we have to decide on we are educated to look for alternatives, mainly to be discovered in our comfort zone. Our comfort zone is to be found in the range of our Ego. We look for easier and even more easier alternatives on how to solve an issue we want to be released of.

As a result of these searches for alternatives we decide to go the easiest and most comfortable way ... the way our Ego suggested. But this way usually drives us into even more complex issues. The situation we are in becomes worse and even continues to worsen, but we do not understand why. We have focused that much on finding the ideal way to solve our issue, but it became to a "shot in the oven".

What about using your subconscious to find and make the right decision?

How to? ... you ask. Can't you remember this "Gut Feeling"? You had it often already. Especially in your childhood and puberty. I talk about this feeling like having flies in your stomach. It actually appears every time you have to make a decision. It always is the first idea you get on how to solve an issue.

Sadly most of the times we wipe away this "first" idea and start to look for easier alternatives. That's the moment our Ego starts to engage and pushes our subconscious into the background. Of course, we go the easiest way, suggested by our Ego, and even do not consider this "first" idea anymore. What is the result? Our problem has not been solved. No, we even created a new one just because of not being willing to be self responsible.

Self responsibility is the source of all good things happening in our life.

What is self responsibility?

It is exactly the opposite of what we have been taught. We learned always to look for and find solutions from outside. Ask other persons on how they would decide, check the internet, etc. In simple words we look for another source to be blamed if the wrong decision was taken.

Self responsibility is exactly the other way than described above.

Being self responsible means we have to take responsibility on how and what we decide. We, in this case, are also responsible for the consequences arisen from our decision. Did we use our Ego to decide we have to blame ourselves for having done so. Did we decide to go the way of the "very first idea" on how to solve a specific issue we can celebrate the positive outcome and release of this issue.

Is it easy to learn on how to perform life in self responsibility?

No, not that I am aware of. You mainly start to consider going this way once you had many backlashes in your life and always the "others out there" have been the guilty ones. This is the moment when you should start to remember that you actually did easier as long you relied on yourself. This is the moment when you will start to try relying on yourself again. But this also will be the moment when you will start to create doubts on yourself since you will discover many relapses back into the old "blame game" as well as make decisions generated by your own Ego.

- You will have to learn again to be confident in yourself.
- You will have to learn to listen to your "very first idea", even if it is not the easiest solution you got in mind.
- You will have to learn there's only one person to be blamed if your decision did not work the way you wanted.
- You will have to learn to deal with the results of your very own and personal decisions.

Once you stumbled through all these stages of finding your common sense - your subconscious - again, you will start wondering how life will change. Life will change to the better slowly but surely and you will start to enjoy a wonderful, easy, simple and fulfilled life.

Try it out - it is worth to be done!

Author/Source/Submitted by: Georg Fritscher
Date: April 6, 2015


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