Changing the World Means We Have to Change Ourselves First

"Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself."

To change the world, change yourself.A wise saying of Rumi applying to all of us. We all would like to change this planet, but we forget about ourselves.

  1. + We continuously look towards what happens around us and discover nuisances on a daily basis.
  2. + We complain about, but we don't do anything against.
  3. + We bitch and shout, but once we get encouraged to become active we reply that one person only will not succeed.
  4. + We become more and more egocentric and isolate ourselves although we realize that many people around us are as disappointed and frustrated as we are.

Isn't it time to begin to change this planet by changing ourselves?

  1. + Are you aware of your neighbour's problems?
  2. + Do you offer to help your neighbour if he/she needs assistance?
  3. + Do you simply listen to your neighbours when they would need it?
  4. + Do you think for your personal wealth first before you donate some bucks to an unemployed or impoverished person?
I do not want to continue to list nuisances here. I think each and everyone of us knows in his/her inner self about our weaknesses.

If we all start to change our habits, if we all start to reduce our need for all this new stuff to be consumed, if we all start to reduce i.e. using our car and begin again to use our legs or bicycles for short distance instead, etc. everyone of us automatically would start to change this world.

By changing our consumer and comfort habits we automatically show the economic dictators of this planet that we can live independent from their dictatorship and that we are people who can think and know what we need.

By becoming more critical towards everything governments, banks, the economic lobbies etc. try to implement and responding accordingly these "big bosses" will start to understand that they cannot and must not milk us like cows.

Are you scared to stand up and post your personal opinion publicly?

This is exactly what all these dictator lobbies and their authorities want. They spread fear, greed and jealousy since these three attributes are the masses biggest issues.

Learn on how to be fearless, learn on how not to be greedy,  learn on how not to be jealous. It's easy, it just needs some self confidence and understanding that we all are One. Once you will have reached this condition you automatically will start to meet people who think the same way like you do. You radiate this condition. And ... the more people understand that we all are One the more power will grow against dictator ship of lobbies and authorities.

You cannot imagine?

Want a perfect example on what the masses can achieve when they decide to stick to each other and show their power to the authorities and lobbyists?

Especially U.S. readers will be aware of the "war" created by the internet lobby in order to become richer and richer. FightForTheFuture is a non-profit organization fighting to expand the internet's power for good. And they are on the best way to reach their goal because millions of people stood and continue to stand up and support them publicly. If you have not followed their activity you can read more at PCIS Magazine.

Another perfect example is TheRules, an organization working worldwide against poverty and inequality.

Take your time to read about these two positive examples. There are many of those out there in the meantime. You will get proof that being One will bring us all to our desired goal ...  

... we will be able to change the world to a better place.

Author/Source/Submitted by: Georg Fritscher
Date: April 13, 2015


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