Aranuth Speaks Ravenshoe 27th March 2015

Hello again beloved souls everywhere. The battles between governments and the people, plus “Big Business” and the people, world-wide have been featuring heavily in the media, and in our lives. Governments are renown for interfering in, and continually attempting to control, peoples lives; and like a fox outside the henhouse they continually look for alternate ways to break in and achieve their goal.

Here in Australia there are several clashes occurring between Big Business and the people with the anti-fracking and anti-coal mine expansion lobby – with the accompanying harbour dredging near the Great Barrier Reef  –  gearing up for a prolonged fight. Pollution from the run-off from farming and industrial activities have been found forty nautical miles out from the coast on isolated sections of the Great Barrier Reef. To accompany those issues, the Australian Federal Government is under pressure from the UN who are considering whether they should declare the Great Barrier Reef as “endangered” which will make the present Australian Government look delinquent and more like “natural wonder wreckers” than “natural wonder preservers” in the eyes of the international community.

Some good news is that daily I find more and more people awakening to the spiritual reality of their lives. So very many souls incarnate are suddenly waking up and realising that there is more to life than what the five physical senses can detect. Many more souls are pondering what lies beyond physical death. Of course this is prompted by the ever-changing, and ever-increasing in intensity, cosmic energies flowing over our planet. So, if you feel that your life is being turned upside down know that it is evolution, advancement, and soul growth. All is in Divine Order.

The Message:

Good evening everyone.  It is I “One” who returns to deliver the discourse today.  I thought it appropriate that I “One” should come to talk to you about the oneness of everything. You will have noticed that the energy surrounding your planet at present is very thin.  Thin would be your word to describe it  when compared with the heaviness and thickness of the old out-dated energy.  You can say goodbye now and forever to the old energy;  the old dross heaviness.  It will not return.  From this point onwards your energy will be what you consider to be thin, fine, and continuously high pitched.  All of this is for your development, your evolution, and the evolution of your planet, and everything upon it.

I chose “Oneness” today to be the subject of this discourse simply because with the advent of the new energy that is surrounding, permeating, filling your planet and everything upon it, you as souls incarnate will benefit, will benefit greatly, by recognising the oneness of all.  The oneness of the allness.  Oneness, Allness are interchangeable.  The new energy, as you prefer to call it, is changing everything.  Every single atom of your planet, your plant life, your sea life, everything!  Everything is being changed into a much higher and  finer vibration.  For those of you who actually hear energy, you will hear this new energy as an extremely high pitched sound.  No longer will this earth be allowed to wallow in dross, in heaviness, in negativity.  All that is not of the light will be dramatically altered and changed; some quite dramatically, some incrementally.  Souls incarnate will benefit greatly by taking advantage of this new higher, finer, vibration by immersing themselves totally in the oneness, the inseperable-ness of the all, and for you the “visible allness” is your planet.  A portion of the “allness of the oneness” is your planet.  That’s where you are expressing at this moment; at this now moment.  This is where you chose to express at this  moment, and of course being here as an expression of love, of light, of the oneness, of the allness, you are beholden, you are beholden to the Creator to expand the oneness on your planet … all in inclusive

What you may not be aware of, and many souls incarnate certainly are not aware of, is the fact that every single thing on your planet is intricately, intricately, entwined with your beingness; your soul self expressing on this planet.  You will not be aware that the planet is very dependent upon you, your activities, and the energy that you radiate; and conversely, conversely, you are very, very, dependent on the energy being expressed by your planet.  I would like you to consider that. The planet is under your stewardship.  You are responsible for the ongoing health and expansion of every single thing on this planet.  The energy that you radiate affects every tiny miniscule atom, sub atom, and quark of every thing, everything, all inclusive on your planet.  The planet records your energy emanations: the planet records everything that you do to it, for it, for yourself, everything that expresses, everything that has the Creator’s spark impacts upon this planet.  It impacts upon on all souls incarnate because all souls incarnate and the planet itself are inseparable.  Harm yourself, harm the planet: harm another, harm the planet: harm the planet, harm yourself; and vice versa. Love another, love the planet: love yourself, love the planet.  The planet responds and reflects back to you what you radiate to it.  If you are going to radiate love, compassion, and care to the planet, that is precisely what the planet will reflect back to you.

Many times I and others have come here before you and spoken about the oneness of the all-ness.  Many times we have told you oneness is all-ness, all-ness is oneness.  You cannot escape the results of your actions, your thoughts, your words, your deeds.  You cannot escape from that.  What you give out is precisely what you will receive in return.  We in the realms note many individuals and many groups working industriously to preserve the health of the planet, thereby preserving the health of souls incarnate; not only for this earth walk but for future generations of souls who will come here to express, to experience, to learn, to grow.  That is what you are here for.  There are, and you are aware of, many places, many geographical areas, where the earth is being wounded, polluted, stained, and yes, there are areas of your earth that you could consider “killed off”.  There are areas of your planet which are dead; to all intents and purposes there are areas that are “dead”.  Bearing in mind that the Creator’s light can never be snuffed out, I can confidentally inform you that those areas that you consider environmentally, ecologically, dead do retain the light, the spark of the Creator, which will lie dormant within the earth, within the energy, within energy of that area, waiting until the time is of the ripeness for life, visible life, a measurable quantity of life, to present itself once more.  It should not get to that stage!  It should never approach the stage where an area is considered dead.  This planet, as I have just spoken, is very intricately woven into the energy of your being-ness.  Harm the planet and you will most certainly harm yourself.  We in the realms understand that you cannot be held responsible for what happens in areas outside of your influence.  There are areas where you reside, where you live, where you express, that do require your light, your love, your care, your stewardship.  You are responsible, individually and collectively. Now it all starts by acknowledging the oneness;  acknowledging the very life force of the oneness, because that life force sustains the oneness of which you are part of.  If you as individuals, and as a collective, wish to have a clean, healthy, vibrant, life well then you can start with ensuring that your planet has a clean, healthy, vibrant, environment.  You are inexorably and intricately linked to the planet.  The energy of your planet, as it fluctuates, so too does your energy. Why?  Oneness!  It is all oneness!  The energy that affects your planet is the same one, and the same energy, that affects you.  How can you be happy and healthy if your planet is not happy and healthy.  Surely, that makes a lot of sense to you.  Surely, you understand that; and surely, now knowing and being aware of that it prompts you to not just think about maybe, possibly, doing something, but prompts you to take positive action to maintain your life, and the life of others, and the life of the allness on your planet.  So we have oneness and all-ness totally inseparable; never has and never will be separated one from the other.  I would suggest to you that you commence looking at the planet where you reside, look at the earth under your feet, the life of the earth under your feet is the life of you, your family, your friends all intricately linked.  Not only that, to bring yourself into the oneness perhaps you could consider that every soul incarnate is part of the oneness and therefore is your brother and sister.  Does it not make sense for you to now look at those other souls around you, the other souls incarnate walking their chosen pathway, as your brother, as your sister, and deserving of your love similar to the love that you would express to a blood relative.  Again, it is all oneness.  You cannot escape. Damage a portion of the earth and you damage a portion of yourself.

Ohhh, the reason for my being here today is to remind those of you who already know this, and to advise those who are not aware of this currently; you are linked to every single thing in the oneness and the all-ness of everything.  Now before you can become a multi-dimensional, a multi-cosmic being, you have master your own planet.  Once the human race, the souls incarnate, once they master what they have come to this planet to achieve, once the entire planet and everything upon it is singing in harmony, then perhaps the Creator and the Logos may encourage you to extend your powers to other planets, other realms, other places of expression within your universe.  There is no sense or value in having you step outside the parameters of your being-ness on your earth until such time as you have healed the earth, and everything upon it back to the pristine condition it was in prior to the first souls expressing here in an embodiment.  You will note that I say in an embodiment”.  I did not say in human embodiment.  Simply because you have been here on this earth plane in other embodiments: some very similar to your present human embodiment, and in some rather primitive embodiments on this planet, however, that is all in Divine Order; simply because you are a part of the evolution of the race, the embodiment, that souls incarnate chose of their own free will.  Souls have been coming here for many eons of time experimenting with various embodiments in an attempt to uncover what embodiment is best suited to the experiences and lessons that they wish to undergo as part of their development, expansion, growth, and advancement.  You souls here embodied, are participating in a grand experiment.  Mostly, it has been good.  Sometimes, not so good.  But then again that is the way of experiments isn’t it?  If these different contrasts did not appear, well then you could not class this as an experiment.  However, I digress; let us return to oneness, to all-ness.  I would like to suggest to you that you now alter your outlook, alter your outlook on every aspect of your life, on your expressions on this planet.  Commence by looking at other souls incarnate, and other human embodiments, as part of the oneness, as part of yourself.  Look at the animals, the birds, the fishes, the reptiles, the mammals: look at them as a slightly different expression of the ones that you a part of.  Look at the very ground that you walk upon, the grass, the trees, the rocks; look upon that as another form of expression of the oneness.  You are all intricately linked one to another.

And so dear souls I feel that I have given you much … ha, ha, ha, ha … meat to chew upon; many things to ponder and consider; and I wish to inform you that while you are pondering my words you will be aware, you will be pleased to be aware, that you have so very many friends, guides, angelic beings, and numerous other forms of expression from other realms close to you, watching, helping, prompting, doing everything possible to assist you in this grand experiment. And so dear ones I will now take my leave and leave you to consider all that has been spoken of this day.  The Brotherhood send you love and light constantly, unendingly; you are always held in the hand, the protective hand of the Creator’s love and light.  So thank you dear ones.  Thank you.

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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