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The Blame-Game - Humanity's Oldest Game

Isn't it comfortable not to be responsible for consequences triggered by yourself?
Isn't it comfortable to make someone else responsible for consequences you created yourself?
The "Blame-Game" is planet earth's oldest game and everyone likes to join. No need to accept responsibility for negative consequences of decisions, reactions and responses created by yourself. You simply make someone else responsible and your vest is clean again.
Is it really that easy? Is it really that simple? Or is there a catch involved?
Have you read this sarcastic sub headline above? Did you thoroughly read it? You should have discovered the answer yourself already. --- Of course is there a catch involved.

Since we all are nothing else than energy - materialized energy - everything we do, every action, every reaction and every response are also energy. Therefore, when we "through out" false accusations, just in order to protect ourselves, it will turn around and hit ourselves …

Changing the World Means We Have to Change Ourselves First

"Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself."
A wise saying of Rumi applying to all of us. We all would like to change this planet, but we forget about ourselves.
+ We continuously look towards what happens around us and discover nuisances on a daily basis.+ We complain about, but we don't do anything against.+ We bitch and shout, but once we get encouraged to become active we reply that one person only will not succeed.+ We become more and more egocentric and isolate ourselves although we realize that many people around us are as disappointed and frustrated as we are.
Isn't it time to begin to change this planet by changing ourselves?+ Are you aware of your neighbour's problems?+ Do you offer to help your neighbour if he/she needs assistance?+ Do you simply listen to your neighbours when they would need it? + Do you think for your personal wealth first before you donate some bucks to an unemployed or impoverish…

Do You Have Problems in Making Decisions?

Many people hate to make decisions. Many people have real problems trying to make the right decision.
Not being able to make a decision is a common issue these days. But why?
It is a matter of our education system and it is a matter of our society.
From the first moment we start to become educated our common sense is being disabled slowly but surely from our way of thinking. We learn on how to use our Ego instead. This is what our society wants.

When there something approaches we have to decide on we are educated to look for alternatives, mainly to be discovered in our comfort zone. Our comfort zone is to be found in the range of our Ego. We look for easier and even more easier alternatives on how to solve an issue we want to be released of.

As a result of these searches for alternatives we decide to go the easiest and most comfortable way ... the way our Ego suggested. But this way usually drives us into even more complex issues. The situation we are in becomes worse and even continues…

Aranuth Speaks Ravenshoe 27th March 2015

Hello again beloved souls everywhere. The battles between governments and the people, plus “Big Business” and the people, world-wide have been featuring heavily in the media, and in our lives. Governments are renown for interfering in, and continually attempting to control, peoples lives; and like a fox outside the henhouse they continually look for alternate ways to break in and achieve their goal.
Here in Australia there are several clashes occurring between Big Business and the people with the anti-fracking and anti-coal mine expansion lobby – with the accompanying harbour dredging near the Great Barrier Reef  –  gearing up for a prolonged fight. Pollution from the run-off from farming and industrial activities have been found forty nautical miles out from the coast on isolated sections of the Great Barrier Reef. To accompany those issues, the Australian Federal Government is under pressure from the UN who are considering whether they should declare the Great Barrier Reef as “endang…