The Day Destiny Took Over Leadership of My Life

Is it possible that destiny takes over leadership in your life?

I assume each of us made experience of sudden shifts in his/her life already.

- Some shifts happen due to mistakes we do ourselves. Most of them can be reversed once we discover it was a mistake.

- But there also happen other shifts that you first do not realize as such until your own life was turned upside down and you discover this shift cannot be reverted anymore.

The second kind of shift happened to my wife and me.

We have been globetrotters for decades and still enjoy this kind of nomadic life. You get in contact with many countries, people and cultures. But you also experience how many people on this planet actually need help desperately.

One of these days our boat brought us to Fort Lauderdale, a wonderful little city along the Florida east coast. We met an extreme spiritual lady, who performed metaphysical seminars. Having studied this science for many years already and also having experienced quite some metaphysical phenomenons we immediately joined not knowing at that time what we went into.

After the first half year of weekend seminars we started to recognize that "something" has changed our lives. Our world view was not the same anymore. We started to have more and more open eyes for jeopardized as well as impoverished people and the will to help them if possible. We also recognized that we made more and more experiences the metaphysical way, often experiences that could not be explained the rational way. These experiences turned us and our way of thinking more and more towards social engagement and business. Another experience we could not explain was that our business started to go down. Yes, it was recession time. But still, we have been in a recession proof business and we served a market niche that usually would not be affected by a recession due to customers' wealth. Destiny obviously closed our funnels of good income in order to move us closer to the tasks and profession we were supposed to perform.

My wife and I started to look out for another area to live in and for a new field of operation. Some time later we moved to Tenerife, Canary Islands, where we dicovered what it means when destiny takes over leadership in your life. Our intention was to establish a service specializing in handicapped and elderly tourists as well as residential foreigners who need help or assistance.

Tenerife has the image of being the ideal island for handicapped and elderly due to its unique extreme healthy and balanced climate.
But this island does not only have positive aspects. It was undermined of corruption, jealousy and intrigues.
We had no other choice than to get used to these circumstances and to create the best according to our plans.

We experienced wonderful wealth, but also extreme poverty. Since wealthy people have no problems to finance and purchase what ever they desire we decided to focus on tourists and foreign residents with limited budget. It took extreme long until our business really started to turn slowly but surely into the profitable direction, but obviously did we - that time - not yet follow our destiny's plan.

We sold this service after it had become profitable and spent an entire year to observe the direction we should go. Isabella, my wife, always meant we do not need any marketing for our social engagement in Tenerife. All her meditations about this topic resulted with the message our clients would approach themselves enquiring for help or assistance.

The last person who enquired for support at our former business could not cope with the new owners and approached us if we would assist her as long we still would be on the island. We agreed and went back to self employment with this new client only. It did not take long that our new client database gained volume. We became busier and busier.

Still, we could not get rid of the impression we have not met the main purpose of our endeavour in Tenerife yet.

Many clients became bold after a certain time of having been supported by us, demanding to receive more and more free services. Same happened to another woman on the island, who volunteered clients at doctors or hospital visits. Therefore we contacted her and discussed several opportunities on how to eliminate this constantly growing issue. As a result became our new service a community driven service within shortest time that worked perfect from first moment. No client demanded any additional free service anymore and every member of this new community was busier than ever before.

One of Isabella's meditations thereafter revealed we've met our destination in Tenerife. Our main task was to create collective healing on this island.

This post is an excerpt of a book to come telling the entire story of our unique journey on this planet. Many things happened during this endeavour up to now and we know destiny has quite a few more interesting tasks prepared for us already.

Author/Source/Submitted by: Georg Fritscher
Published: March 17, 2015


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