Aranuth Speaks Cairns March 2015

It’s so nice to feel back on balance once more after the “washing machine” effect of the recent bout of accelerated energies bombarding the planet. The best bit is now getting a nights restful sleep instead of the fidget, toss and turn, bleary-eyed episodes of recent times. According to some noted astrologers the next week or so will see us exit the difficult energy vibration and move into a more accommodating and sympathetic vibration. Ahhhh … we deserve it!

A few short years ago a prominent scientist predicted that within ten to twenty years this planet will face an alarming fresh water shortage leading to austere water rationing. This predicted water shortage will be so severe in some countries that nations will go to war over it to gain a regular supply for the needs of their population. Lately, I note that Sao Paulo, Brazil, a city of 20 million people, is facing drastic water rationing and NASA scientists are predicting that California’s water reservoirs will be severely depleted within a year.

Perhaps now is the time for governments world-wide to withdraw money out of unpopular military hardware development, acquisitions, and armed combat activities and use the money to start building more dams and reservoirs to safeguard the future of the populace. Here in North Queensland, Australia, we have an abundance of fresh water of which, shamefully, a large volume flows out to sea. Politicians seem to turn a deaf ear or mouth platitudes when the public make calls for more sensible water conservation.

The following message was channelled at the Cairns Spiritual Centre on Tuesday the 10th of March.


Good evening everyone: I am Aranuth.  The subject I thought we might address this evening is an interesting one because we are dealing with energies.  We are dealing with changing energies.  Many of you are already aware that the energy surrounding your planet, flooding your planet, is ever-changing. It is quite different from what it was some time previously, and it will continue to change.  It will continue to change and alter.  After all, is this not evolution?  If it was not altering and changing it would be stagnate.  You would become stunted on your pathway.  Your evolution would come to a full stop requiring intercession by the logos and the ascended masters to try to fire up the energy of your planet so to speak.  To charge it up and possibly super-charge it.  I thought we might address it in simple terms. Since the inception of this planet, and every other planet in the universe and the multi verses, the energy, the energy comes from the source.  Now I would like to make this very, very, clear to you.  There is only one source.  The source of the Creator energy.  The Creator energy speaks for itself.  The energy of creation.  So, the energy creates and continues to create.  It accelerates creations, it drives everything; every single thing.

We will just talk about your planet. Every single thing on your planet is driven, it is nurtured, by the energy of the Creator.  Now the Creator has decreed that no thing will stand still.  No thing will stagnate and become stunted.  You must continue to grow, to expand, to evolve, that is what you are here for and that is what this whole grand experiment is all about.  It’s all about that; it’s all about expansion.  Magnificent!!!                                                             Now there was a time upon your planet when the energies that were flowing to, and permeating your planet, and everything upon it, was not achieving its intended purpose because there were so many souls incarnate who were sluggish, very tardy, in their development.  This was not part of the Creator’s plan.  The Creator wishes for every soul incarnate to become enlightened, in-lightened, to grow to expand, and to become rich, to become enriched with these experiences leading to you becoming a much richer, more colourful soul.  And so at various intervals the Creator and the logos released bursts of the Creator’s energies aimed at your planet to act as a prompt.  A prompt.  To give you a full charge to get you up and moving.  To get you looking forward, forward to expansion; and most of all looking forward to, and recognising, that you are not simply a physical body; you are in fact a very, very highly developed soul energy; energy being.  Now not so many years ago, an experiment was held when the logos sent a burst, quite an accelerated burst, of energy to your planet as a test.  What they were testing for was to see if that energy would give you the spark that you needed to take giant strides ahead … or would you recognise it, register it as a barrier, and go back into your shells so to speak.  That three-year test showed that the majority of souls accepted the energy and went into a period of growth.  Some souls incarnate were not ready for that increase, that upliftment of energy and they chose to shut themselves off.  All is in Divine Order: and so for those souls who absorbed the energy and used it, like a surfer uses a wave, to carry them forward into greater understanding; greater enlightenment to do its job.

Now ever since then the energy has been increasing incrementally, step by step, bit by bit, the energy has been increasing in power and intensity.  Most souls incarnate accepted that.  Most went into another period of growth.  Now when you came into what you call the Change of the Ages, the 12th of the 12th energy, that was to signify that you have reached an apex, a peak where you plateaued.  So we had to allow a small period of time for those souls who reached that apex, got to the plateau, and gave them time to catch their breath so to speak.  We were most pleased in the realms to see so  many souls made it to the plateau.  Like a resting place.  Now the time has come for the energy to be increased once more.  The increase will be incremental; it will be unceasing; no more stops, no more plateaus.  Growth. Growth. Growth.  The Creator has decreed that those souls, such as yourselves gathered here this evening, will take advantage, advantage of that energy.  Not in a burst but in a continuous flow to help you continuously grow, to expand, and to evolve.  Now we in the realms are very, very much aware of your thoughts and your words regarding the changes that are happening to you, within you, within your social circle, within your state, and your nation.  Things are changing!  They are meant to change!  This is not just some random accident you know.  This a planet evolving in perfection.

Now in the evolution of this Grand Plan there are, what you may consider to be, side effects.  So these side effects may affect your physicality in such things as aches and pains, and the manifestation of illness.  It could be a change in your life style; your partner; your employment; your country.  Everything: everything, as I explained before, is in a state of change.  Everything must move on; there is no stopping; no delay; just a continuous flow of energy, continuous development and evolution.  If you look about you, you will notice, you will have noticed, that there are many, many changes happening to you, happening around you.  Everything appears different simply because it is.  Simply because it is!  It is change: it will continue to be different, and it will continue to change.  So, don’t be looking for a level or a plateau to catch your breath and say ahhh, here’s a little break for us.  It’s not going to happen!  Continual change, continual growth, continual upliftment.

Now I would like to explain this to you; the energy that you feel that is attracting to you, invading you, and affecting your physicality, is for the good. But it is not aimed at your physicality; it is aimed at your sub-atomic cellular structure.  Now, we will define that a little further. You have physicality, you have cellular structure, you have atomic structure, you have sub-atomic structure, you have quark. And you have below that again, what is never known, never will be known, or be able to be visible or recorded, the very light force of your being-ness.  The Creator energy we are talking about.  The Creator energy of your being-ness.  That is the driving force: that is your force; that is your power plant.  The rest of your body is worth is nothing without that power plant; that energy; the Creator energy at that level.  It can never be seen: it will probably never be known; and certainly not documented.  So, all change starts within you at that level.  The Creator energy level. Now the reason being for that is, that at the end of your pathway, in this incarnation and many others, the body, the embodiment that you inhabit, will just lay down; it is only temporary  Every time you come to this planet, or any other planet, to incarnate you will come into a body suited to that particular planet, that particular realm, that particular energy.  Your basic energy, the Creator Light will always be there.  So all of these bursts of energy that you feel are affecting your physical, emotional, mental and various states, will affect the source,  your source, the Creative being that you are; so the physical embodiment is only secondary consideration.  It is your development as a soul being that we are talking about here.  It’s your soul being-ness that the energy is meant for; not for you to you beautify your body, which may be dumped in another ten years or more.  The energy is there to expand and grow you as a soul being.

Now, let us not forget that you are not the only living, breathing, sentient thing on this planet.  You have  your animals, mammals, your reptiles, your birds, your fishes. Everything!  Everything! has a being-ness.  Everything has a Creator source being-ness … the same as you do!  Now, if you have a look at the changes that have been taking place, are taking place, within and surrounding you at present, then you will know that all of your animals, your birds, your fishes, all are undergoing the same change.  Why? Because they are all of the Creator energy the same as you.  If they were not based in the Creator energy they would not be here.  How good is that?  They are part of creation!  Part of the Creator’s energy.  And every animal, just like you, has that soul being-ness, soul-energy being-ness.  They have that spark of the Creator within them.  And so you will see animals now evolving fast, similar to the way you are.  You will find that some of your pets seem to be more aware, like you are.  All of creation is in a state of development and expansion.  As I explained, no stagnation;  everything is on the move;  everything is growing and expanding as per the Creator’s Grand Plan.

Now when we look around we see things on your level that appear to you to be out of control.  That is all taken into consideration.  The Creator has taken everything into consideration.  There will be, and always has been, a side effect because when the Creator energy  strikes an object, a soul being-ness, it changes it;  it changes everything around it.  So it will start with just  you noticing the animals changing behaviour. They will perceive their surroundings differently.  They will behave differently.  But of course they will! They are growing, they are expanding, they’re becoming.  So the human, the humanoid, is being filled with this Creator essence; this upgraded essence; they top you up all the time.  Your Creator essence, your Creator being-ness,  the Creator sends upgraded energy all the time to top you up.  Evolution!  Evolution dear ones, that’s what it is.  Evolution.  So you are evolving, evolving, evolving.  Why are you doing that?  Simply as a being-ness; as an energy being-ness, the Creator has decreed, and you agreed, that you will grow, expand, and become.

What are you becoming?  What you are becoming is the Creator’s Love and Light.  They are interchangeable.  Love and Light.  Nothing else matters.  You were birthed from the Creators Love and Light.  You were birthed in the Creators Love and Light.  And even though you may have been birthed over many incarnations, you would never have existed unless you were birthed of the Creators Light.  The Creators Love that is what you are.  You are soul essence, soul being-ness, of the Creators love and light.  And so what is your destination. Your destination is for you to be in embodiment in third dimensional embodiment and express yourself as a love and light being.  When you achieve that you have no need of this body anymore.  You have no need of reincarnating here or anywhere else.  It is like a perfect circle isn’t it.  It’s like a perfect circle.  You are birthed of the Creators energy, the Creators love, the Creators light, and when you are birthed it is as if the Creator said “find your way home”.  And so you are!  You are finding your way home.  Your ultimate destination; and your ultimate destination is to simply become the Creators Love and Light.                                                                Now here is a curly one for you: If you become the Creators Love and Light, what do you ultimately become?  Ha, ha, ha, you become the Creator. You go back into the love and the light which is the Creator’s love and light! That is what you are ha,ha,ha.  Your ultimate destination is to become pure love and light; and as such you will not only match with the Creators love and light you; will become that!  And then what happens? Well, the Creator I am sure, will have something, something very grand, for you to attempt in your next expedition of finding yourself.  However, for the time being, where you are now, and the most important thing to remember is, you are love and light.  You are soul-essence being-ness composed of the Creators Love and Light.  You are never, ever, cut off from the Creator.  It just does not happen.  Regardless of what it looks like to your third dimensional mind, you can never be cut off from the Creators Love and Light because that is what you are.  If that is what you are how can you be cut off from it?  You can’t dissect yourself you know, ha, ha, ha.  And so, as I said, I would like you all to ponder that; to consider that; to think about where you are going in this incarnation.  What is it for you to do here?  What is it that you wish to achieve?  What lessons are you doing?  What experiences you are having?  All that, all of those things, will come back to one thing.  Love and Light.  Love and Light.

In your present incarnation you chose to be here.  You chose your experiences; you chose your lessons; everything that has ever happened to you, is happening to you, or may happen to you, is what you chose for your pathway.  You chose that experience and lesson because you felt that on your love and light level it offered a grand opportunity for your growth.  It’s a challenge isn’t it? How do I become the Creator’s Love and Light?  How do I do this?  Through growth.  How do I grow? I need to be faced with challenges that are an opportunity for growth.  I will overcome all those challenges and in overcoming those challenges I will have gone back to being a Creator.  I was faced with the challenge and I created my outcome.  It’s a bit tricky. A bit tricky.  But to keep it on this level of development, it is a simple, simple, to say that everything is happening to you has been planned.  It’s all taken into account. Nothing happens at random.  And even those things that you think are hard and shocking … hard and shocking is a judgement.  ha,ha,ha. It is a judgement! Ha, ha, ha, ha …  let go of judgement dear ones. It’s near impossible sometimes isn’t it?  It’s nearly impossible being human, being embodied as a human. It is difficult not to judge because we have our own ingrained standards and when things do not live up to those standards we tend to wonder why.  We tend to put a judgement on them when it is far better to throw our hands in the air and say “okay, let the Creators Grand Plan unfold”.  Now that sounds pretty difficult doesn’t it?  When you look across the planet and you look at the things that are happening it is very difficult for souls embodied to not be emotionally upset, to be hurt, to be judgemental.  Very difficult for them to say “this is the Creator’s Grand Plan unfolding in perfection.  It is unfolding in perfection and we should not judge.

Hmm. Dear ones you are all watched over.  You are cared for.  There is not one single soul that is not part of the Creator’s energy; and being part of the Creators energy; the Creator;  the source; the love and light is very, very, much  part of every aspect of every soul regardless what level, what realm, it is expressing upon.  The Creator, the source of love and light is aware of everything.  Everything.  Everything is unfolding in the Creator’s perfection.  The Grand Plan of perfection.  And even though we in the realm are helping assisting, altering, and, advising,  what are we really doing?  Simple.  We are ensuring that the Creator’s Grand Plan continues to unfold in perfection.  It’s an unsusal concept I realise.  But that is what is happening.  The Grand Plan is unfolding.

We in the realms bless everyone of you.  We in the realms bless every soul. We in the realms bless every single individual particle of the Creator’s energy of love and light on this planet.  Everything  built with the Creator’s Love and Light energy we honour, we assist, and we bless; we bless!  And with this I would like to say “God bless you too.  The Creator blesses each and everyone of you.  So here I am, Aranuth, ha, ha, ha, ha… nothing so terribly humourous tonight; however, it has been wonderful to be here with you and to discuss these things with you, and help you with the understanding of your pathway.  So Good Evening.  Good Evening.  Enjoy your life.

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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