Aranuth Speaks at Ravenshoe. (Feb 27th 2015)

How did everyone fare during the recent cosmic energy burst? I have heard of some very interesting things being experienced by more than a few people. Things such as headaches, stomach upsets, inability to focus or think, sleeplessness, insecurity, and an apathetic “who cares” attitude to life in general. Speaking for myself, I experienced several sleepless nights leading to physical and mental lethargy; I was unable to remember peoples names and the names of places and commonly used things; and to top that off an inability to focus my mind on the task at hand. Oh well, the initial effects of the energy is past us now with only the residue to work through: however, having said that, there still remains a block of people who now feel “lost”, unsure of themselves, and trying to come to terms with their changed outlook on life.

On the day this latest channelled message was received I was very tired and struggled to get clear space in my head; however, the guides helped me through. On arrival home from the channelling session I slept for two hours, and then later in the evening, fell into bed again and slept for eleven hours. Oh boy did I ever need that restful sleep!

Below is the message received which presented something of a “wake-up” call to all souls incarnate.

The Message:

Well good evening everyone.  Once again it is I, “One”, who returns to address you.  An important issue that I thought I might raise with you this day is “fear”.  So much fear exists on your level;  on your planet.  So much very much fear.  Almost totally unwarranted.  I see souls everywhere going deep into fear over things, items, and issues that they need not have any fear of, or for.  Wherever you have fear you have a lack of love.  A lack of acceptance.  A lack of positivity, and a lack of understanding of how your vibratory level works.  Many, many times I, and others similar, have come among you to tell you that all is in Divine Order.  Nothing happens at random!  Nothing comes out of left field to attack you that has not been planned for or arrangements not been made for.

There are some issues which cause fear in souls which are a very much a challenge – a challenge to your knowingness.  They assist, or are assisted by, your old outdated systems and way of thinking and being.  You have no need of fear.  If you accept that everything is in Divine Order: if you accept that you are watched over and cared for at all times; if you accept and trust that everything is in Divine Order, and is working out in your favour, then you would realise that there is no need to go into fear.  All around your planet there are negative, or what you perceive as negative, happenings. We see the earth “tragedies”, which are in fact opportunities for souls to experience, to learn lessons from, and to grow, to expand, to become.  Now these tragedies are in response to mother earth, Gaia, shaking off those negativities; the negative actions that are wounding her.  That is planned for.  When mother earth shudders and shakes you should all be taking note that it is your combined negative thoughts that led to that situation.  If every soul incarnate was radiating love, not just to one another, but to everything, to the All, there would be no need, no requirement whatsoever, for the earth to cleanse herself through what you call natural tragedies.  There would be no need of wars or aggression: there would be no deprivation, disease, or pestilence.  None of that would exist.

Now when this planet was first populated it was pure and pristine.  When the first souls were accepted here they too were pure and pristine.  Souls came here as their playground; their workshop.  They came here to live, to learn, to expand, and to grow as a soul.  They came here to experiment with their powers of attraction and manifestation.  This one huge experiment conducted over eons of time was where souls lost track of what they were here for.  They were diverted from their pathway. And as a result of their thoughts, their words, their actions, you now have a planet of war, aggression, hatred, deprivation, and control.  All of those negative things were caused by the thoughts, words, and deeds of souls incarnate.  So you could consider that your planet is in something of a mess at present; and who are best suited and most capable of cleaning up the mess?  Souls incarnate!  You can change your whole planet in a very short period of time by sending love: not just sending it; exhibiting it, exemplifying it.  Being it!  Be of the highest love, the highest light, and the highest power.  Carry and exemplify the highest ideals and you can change the direction your planet is heading in an amazingly short period of time.  If every soul incarnate remembered that they were born of love: they were birthed of the Creator love, they were meant to be that – “loved”.  However, many souls were corrupted for various reasons and have gotten your planet into the perceived mess that it is today.  It has been a progression for eons of time.

And now we have reached a point in time where the Council of Light have recognised that you need something of a rescue mounted.  You do have free will choice but we will not stand by and watch souls incarnate destroy this planet.  The Brotherhood of the Light, the Council of the Light, the Supreme Council – with the blessings of the Creator and the Logo’s – are actioning a plan right now to turn souls around, to bring them back to the light, to make them realise that they do have the power to control their future and the future of many other generations and many other races that will follow.  The time is now.  The action plan has to take place now.  So I come among you to ask you, “do you wish to continue to go down this track which carries you further and further into the depths of fear”? “Or do you want to look to the light and create a life on a planet of love, light, of beauty, of happiness”?  That is what the Council of Light is here to do.  To give you every assistance to overcome your fear.  What do you have to fear?  You fear your own creations!  That’s what you fear!  You do not fear us: you do not fear the Creator; you fear your own creations; the consequences of your own creations. You can undo that.  You can untie that knot, and you can go back to being a society, a race, a nation, a planet, of love and light.  And so I would suggest to you this day, to firtstly consider how you – each and every individual – can change your life and that of the planet by changing your thoughts, your actions, judgements, your attitudes.  You can change from negative to positive like the click of a switch if you let go of negative thoughts, negative speech; think only positively.  Bless everything on your pathway.  Bless everything. Every human. Every animal. Everything. Every rock, plant, bless it.  Fill it with love and light.  If you accept that all is in Divine Order, and if you accept that you are going to play a part in restoring this planet to love and light:  if you trust; trust that you are capable of doing that, then you are on the path of light; you are on the right path shall we say, taking into account that there is no right or wrong, but there are better pathways leading to better outcomes that you can follow.

And so, if you look deep into your heart, look around your beingness; look around your environment; look around your society and identify where negativity lies;  then shine the light of love, forgiveness, tolerance, and understanding there.  Shine that light into those dark places where negativity abounds and breeds; you can, and will, change the direction of this planet and everything upon it.  We feel for you souls incarnate when we see you hurting, in tears, in pain, in confusion, simply because of the negativity that you have allowed into your life because in some instances the light has almost been extinguished.  We feel for you.  But however, we know absolutely that this is of your own creation and can be changed by yourself.  You have the key. You have had the key all along.  Why do you call to us for help?  You have the key!  We in the realms certainly can, and do, radiate love and light to you but we may not interfere with your free-will choice on your pathway.  We do radiate light and love to you along with guidance; guidance.  We come to you, we talk to you, we whisper to you.  Many times all in vain because you prefer to dive back into the pool of fear and uncertainty rather than take the positive action we suggest.  Something of a vicious circle isn’t it?

It does not have to be that way.  It can be beautiful.  But you are the one that must create that beauty.  You have the power to create anything you wish.  If you only know that.  If you will only know and believe that.  You have the power to create heaven on earth.  You cannot do it individually but you can create heaven on earth as a group effort, because it requires the power of a group to be able to effect a change of that dimension.  It is possible!                 If you give up being controlled by others and attempting to control others: if you listen to your own guidance, act upon that guidance, and hold universal love as your mast head light, you will transit your pathway, your current pathway, in fine style.  However, as I first spoke before, “fear”, fear is holding you back.  There is no need for fear.  Wish and ask for positive responses to your thoughts, to your actions, and it will become manifest.  Not only does the universe provide for you, but you then allow us greater freedom to assist you because it is in calling to us for assistance, and demonstrating that you are true, that you truly want peace, harmony, love and light to rule; if that’s what you genuinely want, and you come to us with that request, we will attempt to see that your request is fulfilled in full measure.  There is no value in coming to us in fear, pleading, begging, for assistance and then going back into that same fear again.  Again, vicious circle!

Can you not know absolutely that you are cared for, you are watched over.  There is very little that you can think, say, and do, that we in the realms are not immediately aware of.  Nothing is going to happen to you unless you have created it.  You’ve created it as an experience and as a  lesson.  You created it and placed it across your pathway like a barrier, so we allow you free will choice.  We will not remove the blockage but we will assist you to remove the blockage if you so choose.  And so my mission here today is to remind you, in quite strongly worded terms perhaps, that if you are going through fear, negativity, doubt, and indecision, that leads you to be immobilised, unable to create, because that’s what you are, creator beings;  if you can release all of that; if you can only know absolutely that you are creator being, that you can create,  then you can alter the effects of your actions on your pathway.  If you as individual and groups do that there is an almighty power released from the realms that will overwhelmingly bring your wishes, your desires, into manifestation.  Bring it into your life.

So, I would say to you, think often of what are you doing in this life.  Are you accepting that everything is in Divine Order.  Are you accepting that nothing untoward is going to affect your life?  And those things that you view as negative happenings are most likely experiences and lessons and opportunities.  If you can bless everyone and everything:  If you can look upon all that is happening in a positive manner;  view it as an out working because some of the things that have been created are there and they are out working.  You created it.  You can see the result.  But you can bless it.  You can disempower past negative thoughts and actions.  You can disempower them by proclaiming now that you accept, accept responsibility for past action.  You will now bless those past actions: you will apply universal love and light to them and release them.  Once you disempower them, they lose impact.  And then you must stay positive in every thought, word, and deed from this moment on so that you don’t create or mis-create. Everything around you is the result of your creation.  In the beginning there was this beautiful planet, pure, pristine.  Everything that changed this planet was the result of the negativities and the fears of the souls that have come here to visit, to learn, to grow, and to expand.  You can go back to the original pristine planet but you have to work towards it.  You have to work towards it.  Continually bless everything you have.  Bless the food that you eat.  Bless the water that you drink.  Bless the animals that give you food.  Bless the crops, bless the fruit, bless the planet for giving you all of these things because your life on earth is worth nothing if the planet does not sustain you.  I’ll say that again.  Your life on earth is worth nothing without the planet sustaining you.  You are not at the stage yet where you can live and exist from creative power and prana alone however you can use the power to create a change on the planet.  Bless the planet.  Bless everything.  Radiate kindness, compassion, tolerance, love, light; radiate it back to everyone and everything and you are doing your bit.  You are doing your bit to bringing forward a better life for yourself.

Before I finish I will say again, you have nothing to fear.  Stop fearing things.  Accept what is.  Change everything that is not of the highest light and you will change your entire existence, and every other thing, and every other being, on your planet.  I think that will be sufficient for this visit.  We in the realms will be watching and noting progress.  We wish you well.  We will empower you as much as we are allowed to.  And I will return again another time.  And when I do, we shall evaluate your progress or lack there of.  Stay in the love, stay in the light, and all will be well because all is really in Divine Order.  Blessings dear ones.  Blessings.  Good Evening.

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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