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The Day Destiny Took Over Leadership of My Life

Is it possible that destiny takes over leadership in your life?
I assume each of us made experience of sudden shifts in his/her life already.
- Some shifts happen due to mistakes we do ourselves. Most of them can be reversed once we discover it was a mistake.- But there also happen other shifts that you first do not realize as such until your own life was turned upside down and you discover this shift cannot be reverted anymore.
The second kind of shift happened to my wife and me.

We have been globetrotters for decades and still enjoy this kind of nomadic life. You get in contact with many countries, people and cultures. But you also experience how many people on this planet actually need help desperately.

One of these days our boat brought us to Fort Lauderdale, a wonderful little city along the Florida east coast. We met an extreme spiritual lady, who performed metaphysical seminars. Having studied this science for many years already and also having experienced quite some metaphysical…

Aranuth Speaks Cairns March 2015

It’s so nice to feel back on balance once more after the “washing machine” effect of the recent bout of accelerated energies bombarding the planet. The best bit is now getting a nights restful sleep instead of the fidget, toss and turn, bleary-eyed episodes of recent times. According to some noted astrologers the next week or so will see us exit the difficult energy vibration and move into a more accommodating and sympathetic vibration. Ahhhh … we deserve it!
A few short years ago a prominent scientist predicted that within ten to twenty years this planet will face an alarming fresh water shortage leading to austere water rationing. This predicted water shortage will be so severe in some countries that nations will go to war over it to gain a regular supply for the needs of their population. Lately, I note that Sao Paulo, Brazil, a city of 20 million people, is facing drastic water rationing and NASA scientists are predicting that California’s water reservoirs will be severely depleted…

Aranuth Speaks at Ravenshoe. (Feb 27th 2015)

How did everyone fare during the recent cosmic energy burst? I have heard of some very interesting things being experienced by more than a few people. Things such as headaches, stomach upsets, inability to focus or think, sleeplessness, insecurity, and an apathetic “who cares” attitude to life in general. Speaking for myself, I experienced several sleepless nights leading to physical and mental lethargy; I was unable to remember peoples names and the names of places and commonly used things; and to top that off an inability to focus my mind on the task at hand. Oh well, the initial effects of the energy is past us now with only the residue to work through: however, having said that, there still remains a block of people who now feel “lost”, unsure of themselves, and trying to come to terms with their changed outlook on life.
On the day this latest channelled message was received I was very tired and struggled to get clear space in my head; however, the guides helped me through. On arri…