Aranuth Speaks Ravenshoe Feb 2015

All across the planet at present there is a whole plethora of happenings and incidents of an aggressive and violent nature that almost beggars belief; certainly giving us cause to pause and wonder if the entire planet and its population is destined to go to hell in a hand basket.

Many people are involving themselves in seemingly crazy and outrageous acts while our supposed leaders are attempting to gain iron fist control over nations, states, individuals, and families.

The weather patterns here in Australia have been entirely unexpected with fires, floods, and hailstorms bringing hail the size of golf balls that have caused tremendous damage. We are also experiencing an unprecedented rise in heat with temperatures well above average. The latest joke doing the rounds is that poultry farmers are complaining that it is so hot their hens are laying hard-boiled eggs. Ha, ha. I have been assured, and the guides continually state, that all is in Divine Order and the earth events and “tragedies” are of a positive cleansing nature.


Good Evening everyone.  I am One, One.  Oneness. Allness. I am honoured to be in your presence; indeed it is an honour to be called upon to address you and have you receive me in such a manner. On coming in, the most beautiful thing I first noticed, was the combined colours of the energies of the souls present, fortified and expanded by those souls not within your realm and therefore not clearly visible to you.  The item for discourse that I have chosen is one of immense importance at this time.  What I wish to talk to you about is your earth changes.  I wish to familiarise you, give you a brief, on what is happening right now: what is becoming manifest on your planet; and how best you may address those issues, and probably, possibly, soften, soften the impact of such changes.  Now you will not be able to block them or hold them off.  You should be in allowance, allowing the changes to take place, as they are the part of the Divine Grand Plan and are in Divine Order.  However, you may, and I would encourage you to, send your love, your light, your energy, and your focus of positivity to those changes.  You are all aware that change is a constant.  It has been an accelerated constant in your life for possibly the last decade of your time.  Your planet has suffered greatly at the hands of human souls incarnate; your planet has suffered greatly.  This cannot continue, cannot be allowed to continue; and by the grace of the Creator, the Logos have been instructed to now implement change; to bring change in now.  To accelerate the implementation of that change.

Originally your planet was the most beautiful, beautiful place for you to exist on: for you to have your experiences, your lessons, your growth, your advancement, in a happy manner.  It was meant for you to incarnate on this planet and enjoy it, enjoy your individual and group planned experiences.  Now part of those experiences included your power to create.  Your remembrance of your power to create, to alter, and to change.  As the human race evolved on this planet there were, and are, souls who care nothing for your environment, your animals, for your planet, and everything upon it.  They care nothing for that other than what they can take out for themselves.  What they take out, what they extract, and the damage that they do, is now becoming manifest in more ways than one.  Your planet is not doomed, never was, never will be; however, it is subject to change.  We have watched from afar without interference giving you humans free rein to do as you wish with your life, your pathway on this planet.  Because the planet has not advanced, arisen, become at all uplifted, we feel it necessary to step in and implement the Creator’s Grand Plan for the  cleansing and regeneration of this planet.

Before we can apply a regenerative process, we must first, like all good gardeners, clear the way of everything that does not assist the planet, is not part of its beauty, and interferes considerably with the energy, not only on the planet, but around the planet.  There are many souls incarnate at present who are relatively new to a human incarnation who have volunteered, they have put their hand up, to be part of the cleansing of this planet.  What is not known, not well-known, is the fact that when a mass of souls pass over and return to their homes in the realms, it has something of an explosive effect on the negative energy, the veil of negative energy that hangs like a pall over of portions of your planet.  During the cleansing process there are cataclysmic happenings which are aided and abetted by the mass migration of souls from this planet back home to the realms.  It is an explosive process: one flash of the Divine White Light emanating, transforming, transmuting, that pall of negative energy.  And in a manner of speaking, it leaves behind a cleansed area of that planet. That cleansed area is then suitable for regeneration providing that there is no negative energies remaining to negate that cleansing.  We in the realms will not, and do not, allow the return of any negative energy, or aspect of that energy, to an area that has been cleansed and awaiting regeneration.  Fear not, for those souls who have passed over en-masse they have not only completed what they came to do, but they have completed it in fine style.  It is an honour to be so served by them.

Some of the cleansing that will take place will be a nature driven event.  Nature as in floods, quakes, volcanic eruptions, and various other methods which mother earth employs to shake off, to shrug off, the negativity that assails her.  Various parts of your planet will undergo in tandem, in cadence, possibly in concert, numerous types of cleansing.  You as a whole, mankind as a whole, are safe.  No one, no soul, is going home due to unplanned or unforseen circumstances.  You will not pass over at any time other than what you make provision for in your life pathway.  So now, along with the natural tragedies as you may describe them, there will be man-made events which will cause much fear all through the population of this planet. You have nothing to fear; absolutely no need to fear.  All is in divine order.  Whatever befalls you is not unplanned and is not a random act  Everything is in Divine Order.
Now you souls incarnate, and the souls discarnate, as well as the Brotherhood from the realms, are best served not by attempting to prevent this cleansing, but by assisting the cleansing.  Assisting the cleansing is not a negative act; it is an act of positivity   I have just told you that the cleansing will take place.  The best way for you to ensure that the cleansing has the desired effect is to not delve into fear, but to accept the Creator’s Divine Grand Plan and assist its implementation by focusing potent divine light and love on the planet.  If you wish to target a specific area, a specific geographical area of your planet to receive your accelerated love and light … so be it.  However, a more beneficial way to assist the planet is simply to focus all of your love, your light, every positive energy that you can create or muster, every single vibration of positivity, can be directed to the entirety of your planet.  In that manner, you do not have an unbalanced spotting effect of positive energy being overlaid with the cleansing of negative energy.  Rather than treat your planet in partition, it is much more beneficial to focus on the planet as a whole living being … which it is.  Everything: I will say that again; everything is composed of energy.  Everything is composed of light energy. So it only makes sense that you should focus your light to assist with the cleansing of the energy of your entire planet.  Your planet earth is a living thing with a beating heart the same as you have.  Everything is impregnated with a life consciousness.  Everything is impregnated with a living-light consciousness.  So to maximize the cleansing, healing, regenerating effect of what is happening to your planet now and into the future, it can be helped greatly by combining your living-light energy by focusing your living-light energy consciousness to your planet; become part of the living-light consciousness of the planet which you are a part of.  You cannot separate an individual, group, or nation from the living light consciousness of the planet. If you never had that cohesive  bond your life pathway, and that of the planet, would seem to be coming into severe conflict.  Because of the number of souls who have shrouded their living-light consciousness energy, and instead have preferred the darkness, that absence of light, this is what has caused so much angst, aggression, wars, separation, simply because the power of those souls lacking in light multiplied by the number of souls, like-minded souls on the planet has altered, has altered the planned course of advancement and evolution of the planet and everything upon it.

The time is now upon us; the time is upon us now.  Souls incarnate; souls not yet incarnate; souls at home in the realms, and souls on other planets. Because the earth planet is not a planet in isolation there is a corresponding effect of the energy between planets.  The universe is in synchronisation with the entire Allness, Oneness, and involves many planets.  If one planet becomes erratic in its energy emanation and turns that energy, in  effect, insane, then the entire universe will register that because Creation never created each of these planets in isolation. Creation never brought that into existence in isolation, or to operate, to function, in isolation one from another.  Think upon this, the energy; the Creator energy that rains down upon your planet also rains down upon every other planet seen and unseen.  It’s not just the planets that you are aware of.  There are a considerable number of planets that occupy numerous vibratory realms not visible to your eyes. They’re not in your forward consciousness.  You know nothing about them.  You do not know that they exist and so you can be excused for not being aware of the effect of the erratic energy on this earth and  on planets seen and unseen.  You cannot be expected to be aware of the effect, the ripple effect, of an erratic energy radiating out into the ocean of Oneness, of Allness. My children, every single thing you do has an effect: that effect, however minor or major impacts on the energy of the Allness.  It is the Creator’s wish that the Oneness and the Allness shall be held in peace, synchronicity, and harmony, so that all may experience ecstasy and bliss as you were meant to on this planet of yours. And so, I would ask you now, having being made aware of the implications and effects of your energy, of your activities, we in the realms ask you once more to carry peace, carry love, carry light, carry acceptance, carry understanding, carry compassion in your heart energy and radiate that to the entirety, not only of this earth planet, but of the Allness and the Oneness   Now that is a big ask.  Possibly a big task; however, you are capable of radiating, emanating, and sending that energy firstly to your planet as a whole, not in spots … as a whole. Visualize your planet coated, coated with every fine quality that you have, that you can muster up, that you can imagine; every high and fine quality, the highest and finest of vibration, the highest and finest ideals; radiate that to your planet and assist with the cleansing and regeneration of the planet to return it to a state of absolute beauty and magnificence.  It is your planet and it is up to you to decide what you are going to do to assist, to help.  Once more, your planet is not in dire circumstances.  It is not in danger of splitting, exploding, or becoming devoid of life.  Your planet is undergoing a massive cleansing and we in the realms ask you to volunteer to be part of the volunteer force to radiate that beautiful, positive, uplifting energy to save your own planet.

I thank you for inviting me here on this evening.  I am honoured to have you listen to my words.  I am honoured to be part of your pathway.  God Bless.  Thank You.  I am One of the Oneness and the Allness.  Thank you.

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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