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Aranuth Speaks Ravenshoe Feb 2015

All across the planet at present there is a whole plethora of happenings and incidents of an aggressive and violent nature that almost beggars belief; certainly giving us cause to pause and wonder if the entire planet and its population is destined to go to hell in a hand basket.
Many people are involving themselves in seemingly crazy and outrageous acts while our supposed leaders are attempting to gain iron fist control over nations, states, individuals, and families.
The weather patterns here in Australia have been entirely unexpected with fires, floods, and hailstorms bringing hail the size of golf balls that have caused tremendous damage. We are also experiencing an unprecedented rise in heat with temperatures well above average. The latest joke doing the rounds is that poultry farmers are complaining that it is so hot their hens are laying hard-boiled eggs. Ha, ha. I have been assured, and the guides con…