Aranuth Speaks: Cairns Spiritual Centre January 2015

Hello everyone,

My guides advise that - as alluded to in previous messages - our beautiful planet Gaia not only continues to undergo correctional alignment, and cleansing activities, and as part of those much-needed rectifications, cleansing, and rebalancing, the trade and finance, as well as military, relations between the governments of both major and minor nations will come under increasing pressure. Many countries are already in dire financial difficulties - bankrupt or deeply in debt – and are badly in need of this restructuring, rebalancing, and much-needed redistribution of wealth and resources. So, our world is in the glare of the headlights of total and major restructuring to install peace and harmony on our planet. All is in Divine Order.


Ahh, ha, ha, haaa. (Aranuth laughs and claps his hands gleefully; he surely is in a good mood tonight) Good evening everyone.

I greet you here on this evening, my name is Aranuth.  As you can see I am assertive, happy, and “out there”, ha, ha, ha.  I am so pleased that you came along this evening.  Very, very, pleased, because it is often that I get the chance to talk to many people, but not that often that I get to talk to such a large group of people who have never been in my presence, and I have never been in theirs before. Ahhh: I thought this evening the subject might be, hmm, what you might say “all-encompassing” regarding your life on your planet on this day and in this age.  Where you are in this day and age; where you are on this planet of solid matter and physicality; where you are right now, is the dream; it’s the dream, the unreality.  Your home is in the realms: that is the reality.  This isn’t! (waving his arms to indicate everything around us) This is solid matter: it’s thought matter; matter clumped together by a slow vibration.  When we speed up the vibration, the clumps fly out; solidity disappears, and you become energy: energy; that’s what you are.  When you look at  your body, or your friend’s body, when you look in the mirror, what do you see?  Physicality!  Solidity!  Now I am going to ask you, I’m going to challenge you to look beyond the physical.  You know: you know; you are not this body, physical being, hmm, you are not this physicality.  This is your vehicle. (points to my body)  You need something to get you around from point A, to point B, and point C.  In the realms where you belong, in the reality’, where do you think the word realm comes from?  R E A L M, it is reality: reality;  the reality; it is your reality.

What are you?  You are energy, energy.  energy.  You are a spark of the Supreme Creator.  So you are birthed by the Creator.  The Creator created you.  Now if you are of the Creator and of the Creator’s energy, how can you be anything else other than a Creator?  So, hmm, I thought I would slip that one in on you. Ha, ha, ha. You are here in the physical body. The only reason you have a physical body is to express yourself.  You are here to experience, to learn, to grow.  What is the result, what is the benefit of all that?  Well let me tell you it’s called soul enrichment.  Soul enrichment.  You are the soul, this energy entity, energy being, that is much older, wiser, richer, and more experienced. You have grown, grown, and grown.  Now, while you are home in the realms you are very much aware of who and what you are and where you are at; which is wonderful because, when you decide you need to grow some more, that you need more experiences, that you need growth, you need more soul enrichment, you start planning another incarnation.  At this point in time I won’t confuse you with all of the realms that you can reincarnate on, and let me tell you, there are many, many, however, for the benefit of this evenings talk, we will deal with incarnations on this planet where you, you are the scriptwriter, you are the producer, you are the lead role, you have written your whole pathway for this incarnation. And in that script you have written in all of the experiences you would like, the lessons you would like, what you would like to learn, to take out of those experiences and lessons;  how would you use it to create soul enrichment.  So what do you do? You do just that.

Now, you just heard me say to you – you are a creator.  Well, where you are right here, right now, everything that has happened to you in your life you have created.  Not me, not God, not that fellow sitting up on the cloud with the long grey beard playing the harp.  You: you are the creator.  That’s what you are.  You created this life.  You created this body.  How could you come to this earth to learn to be a speedway driver if you never had a body.  Did you come to be a fisherman? So you must have a body.  So what are you going to do?  You design and create a body that’s best suited to the lessons and experiences on the pathway that fits into that script that you had written when you are in the realms, in the reality.  When you are in the realms, you spend time - we don’t have time but for the ease of your understanding we are going to use the word time -  so the time that you are in the reality, in the realms, and the level commensurate with your level of expansion and growth, you write the script.  You hunger: you hunger to and become eager to expand, to grow, to become.  So, you start to write the script.  Now when you were writing that script many, many, other highly evolved beings such as myself, and the members of my brotherhood - did I neglect to mention that we are the Brotherhood of the Crystal Light - we are a sub-autonomous group and we only answer to the Supreme Creator.  So, you come to us, members of the group, or others, and you present us with your script. These higher evolved beings have enormous wisdom, knowledge, and experience.  They read your script.  Sometimes it is too ambitious and we’ll rule out a couple of things as they are too difficult for you to achieve in this lifetime.  Sometimes they hand you the pen and say “write some challenges in there”.  If you are going to work, if you are going to incarnate, and have this wonderful time, you are not going there to party only, so write some challenges.  What are you going to do? What do you want to experience?  If you don’t experience and learn something you don’t grow.  If you don’t grow, what are you? Stunted!  Spirit will not allow anything to become stunted.  That’s it! So you write your pathway.  We review it; we are your editor.  We review your script and we advise, and then we assist; we assist you.

Everything is free will choice.  Nobody, nobody, but nobody, other than the Creator tells you what to do; and you are a Creator.  You choose; free will choice.  It’s your life.  Its your pathway.  Its’ your script.  We advise, we advise.  So, we start with who are your parents going to be?  What country do you want to live in?  What town? What about your Dad? What about his career?  All of this has to be woven in together to give you the background for your incarnation. It’s like a launching pad to your pathway.  This lifetime on your launching pad starts with your family, their circumstances, then you’re off and running.  Every thing that happens in this life, you chose, you planned, you wrote it, and often times you didn’t like it when we would suggest that you add or subtract a few things to make your pathway achievable.  So when you come into this life everything, everything, is what you chose.  Everything is what you created.  Where you are now, are you happy, or unhappy?  If you’re unhappy then change it! You are the Creator!  Free will choice.  Don’t talk to your friends and say “Oh my God, how am I going to get out of this”?  Just do it!

Now on your pathway, I must add, that with your free will choice, you are also a creator.  You have the latitude.  You have the ability and the latitude to alter and change your pathway to a considerable extent.  Your pathway will be signposted with major experiences, major happenings, major lessons.  The reason why I use the term major is that it is crucial that this happens to you and you confront this challenge and you overcome it.  You, yourself, not anybody else, You, yes, you overcome it.  Don’t forget, you wrote the script!  You wanted to be presented with challenges. Why? To continually prove to yourself that you are of the creator energy so you must be a creative being, which you are, so you create your pathway and you use your creative abilities to resolve issues, problems, and troubles.  Far too many people - please don’t take this as a criticism – far too many people come to a barrier on their pathway and instead of standing still, going within, and asking their self, their inner self, their energy self, ask themselves “how do I resolve this”?  “How do I resolve this obstacle on my pathway”?  They turn away, or to others for the answer. There it is.  The grand opportunity for you to use your creative powers to remove the obstacle or resolve that issue.  That’s why you have these signposts; opportunities to use your creative powers!  We will come back to signposts in a minute.

In between those signposts, which is like your street lights on a roadway, there are numerous small issues in your life and you can do what you like with them.  They again, are challenges of a minor nature.  Everyday you face little challenges, decisions, decisions, what to do.  Everyday you have these things in your life.  Far too often humans tend to put themselves on “mental control”. They put the “mental” in the driving seat to drive this pathway bus while they do nothing.  The mental solves nothing.  It solves small problems associated with life on this physical earth.  The real problems, the real issues, are solved by the going and being within.  And let me tell you, none of you here are less, or less than, another.  For those of you who think “I am tiny, insignificant, and inconsequential”. You are fooling yourself! How did you get here in this body? You got here because you are an experienced creator being.  You chose this body, you chose this pathway, you chose this time to be here to use your powers.  Inconsequential? No,  no way, No.  If you could unzip yourself, step out, let yourself out of your physical body, you would see this most beautiful, stunning, energy being.  You would see what I see.  What do I see?  Colour.  Vibration.  Sound. Beauty. All combined like a magnificent symphony: and if you could see your own colours and the beauty of it, a peacock pales into insignificance against you.  You are a very powerful, very beautiful, creator beings, however, when you come onto this earth, this mass of solidity, you come in with the veil of amnesia drawn across.  Now there is a real good reason for that.  A very good reason.  If you were born into this incarnation, on this pathway, with full remembrance, total recall of the powerful being that you are, then what did you come for?  There’s no challenge because you would beat the challenges one after another because you know who you are, what you are, and how powerful you are.  And you would use those powers constantly. So what would you learn? Nothing.  What would you experience? Nothing.

Before you come - six weeks of your time - before your mother conceives you, the veil of amnesia is ready.  At the time of conception the veil is fully in place so that when you come here you have very little recall of the powerful being that you truly are.  Game on! The game is can you remember who and what you are?  Can you remember the beautiful, powerful creator energy being that you are?  Can you remember how to use those powers you have so carefully hidden? Why? There’s the challenge.  What we do is we set up the prompts, your life partner, and the pathway that you are all walking now.  You are individual sovereign beings, sovereign energy entity beings walking your own individual pathway which contains all of your own individual lessons and experiences  So, why did you script that pathway?  Very simple.  Everything that happens at every tick of the clock, every little issue, every barrier that confronts you and challenges you: the energy of that issue is calling out to you “remember, remember, come on remember who you are, remember what you are, remember, remember”  The only way that you can overcome these obstacles, hurdles, and issues is to sit still and put the mental in the back seat.  Your mind, your mental, plays monkey games with you; monkey mind, monkey, monkey.  Put this in the back seat, clear your mind, go within to your heart centre, when we say heart centre I don’t mean your physical heart “thump, thump, thump”  I mean the spiritual heart that overlays your physical heart.  This is where your true being-ness is, right there, (points to heart centre) not here (pointing to his head) right here (pointing to heart chakra) because being a creative being is not a mental thing.  It’s an energy thing! And where is the energy in your body? Right there (pointing to heart chakra) right there; everything is right there.

It’s important, super important, for you to go within.  How do we go within.  Well, certainly not by watching movies.  You sit still, quiet, wait, wait, wait.  Your guides will come: your guides are a thought away; snaps fingers; like that, a thought away.  Sit still, clear the mind, no thought, wait, ask, ask yourself, ask your creator being self, ask the Supreme Creator, ask the ascended master community, ask your own guides, ask; there is no harm in asking.  We want you to do that! So when you come to this barrier on your pathway, clear the mind, sit still, ask, “may I have some assistance here”? “Can I be prompted, shown, which way to go”? “Will you give me the remembrance of my powers”. Wait, you will get an answer, guaranteed 100%.  It may not be the answer that you want: often times it isn’t; but remember, you asked for guidance and advice on the best way to overcome that issue.  You didn’t say, “show me the way to overcome the issue providing it is the way I want to do it”.  It’s not the way you reckon we should do it; it is the way your energy is telling us and you how to do it. It will come, not when you tell it to. Timing, when the time is right, the answer will come and not always be what you expect the answer to be.

Let me reassure you, the answer will be for your highest good!  For your highest good and the highest good of all, the All, the all of everything, because do not be forgetting that because you are in association with other humans incarnate your energy radiation mixes with their and vice versa.  You cannot even swat a fly without affecting someone nearby.  You are moving energy: we are all energy beings; we are all aware and susceptible  to energy movement, motion, and the energy seen in a similar manner to when a spider knows when  a bug hit its web because it vibrates.  If you are angry and upset you’ll set a vibration up in the web that other people, other beings, and I am talking about plants, trees, the ground, the animals, pick up that vibration and it’s a energy of negativity and anger; so be peaceful.  If you can’t do something kind don’t do anything at all.  Sit still, be quiet.  Go within, ask, just ask; you shall receive.  You shall.  So now coming back to signposts: How many times in your life have you gone, “Oh my God”, “why me, why this, why me”.  “Why this”. “Why does this have to happen to me”?  I don’t have to tell you what the answer is: you already know it!  You wrote the script.  “Why me”? Because this is the challenge that you wanted.  “Why this”? Because you thought this would be a magnificent opportunity for you to use your creative powers.  You wrote this into your script because you felt that it would really jolt you into remembering who you really are and if you are having difficulty with that you can call to the spirit world, to the realms, to the ascended master community and say please guide my hand and they will.  They won’t make the decision for you.  They won’t do the work for you.  It’s your life: it’s your pathway; you created it. It’s your challenge.  But they are always there to help you.  Always, always there.  There is never a time when you are alone, never.  Because, as I said before you think it (the thought) and they’re there.

So, that is where you are on your pathway, however, we do weave some fun into each life.  In the realms we ensure that when you write your pathway that you put some fun in there: it’s free will choice; we cannot make you do these things, we can only suggest what we think is the very best for you and your development.  Okay, now that we have given all of this background information which I can see, I can see, has been something of an “information overload” for several of you.  Okay, In this year of your year two, zero, one five, just like last year, and the year before that, you will always be singularly and collectively challenged. There are incidents on your pathway which will affect many living things, many beings, many souls incarnate.  Possibly one of the best ways of going about your future is, and if you can - lock this in - nothing happens by accident! Nothing happens at random!  Everything happens according to the Supreme Creator’s grand plan.  Humans have this aptitude to judge “oh, that was terrible, that was bad”. “Oh that’s good”. There is no such thing as good and bad; the only thing is your judgement.  And 90% of the time your judgement is wrong.  Simply because you do not know, you do not understand, and you cannot see the whole big picture.  If you could see the whole big picture you would understand instantly what life on earth is all about.  Now don’t forget, while you are going through this learning and growth period, so too are billions of other beings on this planet: so too are many animals on this planet.  Nations, states, they are all following their own collective pathway because we just don’t have an individual pathway, its a collective pathway as well.  So the country that you are in also has its own pathway just like you are working through your own pathway.  It’s like a highway overlaid on a highway  Now, as I have just said, judgement: get rid of it! Stop judging!  How do you know whether this is good or bad hmnn? Because there is no such thing: there is only the happening or the event.  Don’t!  Don’t put a judgement on it. Don’t judge.  Accept, Accept, Accept everything that comes into your life as part of the plan whether it is your plan or the Creators grand plan; or whether it is a combination of both.  Just Accept.  Accept. So, you do not judge, you accept.

How do we soften it?  How do we gain calm, harmonious, and peaceful understanding?  Well I just told you. Be calm, peaceful, harmonious; with that comes the understanding.  If you want peace, be peace; if you want calm, be calm.  If you want harmony, be harmonious.  So do not judge any situation: Sense it? Feel it? Certainly.  Open up, let your senses out to play.  Does it suit you? Does it not?  Does it concern you? Does it not?  It’s your choice and free will.  The totality of the All is free will choice.  So in your individual and collective world don’t judge, just accept.  Go into your harmony.  And the way to do that as I said before is, go within, take monkey mind and put him in the back seat, clear your mind, clear it, no thought.  Go within.  Say to yourself; “What is this that an I feeling”? “What am I sensing?  “What’s this wave of energy coming over me”? “What does this mean”?  “What is the meaning here? “What is the answer”?  “What is this”?  It’s when you are quiet, peaceful, harmonious, non-judgemental and accepting lies the truth.  There lies clarity of truth.

I do not wish any soul present or not present to think that they do not have this equipment. Of course you have!  You are born of the Creator.  You are a creator.  How could you not be?  All you have to do is sit still, be quiet, accept, don’t judge!  Emanate, radiate, Love and Light.  Everything comes to you there in the Love and the Light. You don’t have to chase anything.  Everything comes to you.  If you have a problem; if you have a difficult situation, just call.  Call to your guides.  It doesn’t matter what name your guide has or gives to you because in the realm, we don’t have names.  We give you a name so that you have something to hang your hat on.  It’s as though we have to give you something to address us by.  But you don’t need to.  Just call.  Just ask.  Ask for the energy.  Ask for the answer.  Ask the spirit guides.  They’ll come; they will come.

I think that shall be sufficient for this evening.  However, before I withdraw, I would like to ask of you to try, practice stillness, peacefulness, with empty mind; go within; let the universe provide your answer; and accept that answer!  I will come again. ha, ha, ha, ha.  I will come again and harangue you; ah, ha, ha, ha, ha. Thank you for having me. In all sincerity, I love each and every one of you.  Thank you. Aranuth.

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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