Aranuth Christmas Message 2014

Well good evening everyone.  Welcome. Greetings.  It is so wonderful to be here to with you to share with you your time of celebration. Celebration of the birth of the Master “Jesua” Jesus Christ.  It is a time of celebration. 

It is the time of each and everyone of you souls, to apply love, unconditional love, light, compassion, tolerance, understanding.  It is a time for each and every soul to look back, not in negativity, not in anger, not in apathy, but to look back over your previous time, your happenings, your experiences, your lessons, your interaction with other souls, and not only souls embodied in physical embodiment, but souls yes, souls in the animal kingdom as well.

How have you treated other souls incarnate over the past year of your time?  Have you been kind, have you been positive, have you extended a helping hand, genuinely wishing to help? Or has your past year been another one of “me, me, me”?

At this time on your calendar, most souls incarnate are prompted to review their actions, their thoughts, their words, their deeds. specifically in relation to how you have treated others and others have treated you.  Now, many of you would have experienced hurt, harm, pain, and betrayal.  Many of you will have experienced all of those not-so-really-negative happenings.  Negative you might have perceived them to be, but positive they are.  It does not matter how much you perceive your interaction with others to be because every action has a reaction and the reaction should be one of forgiveness.  One of tolerance.  It is time, all of the time, to display your ability to radiate unconditional love.  Yes, it is difficult.  It is most difficult sometimes, but that what’s you are here to learn.  Now, if all you souls incarnate could instantly forgive their trespasses, shall we say, if they could forgive them with genuine love and light, unconditional love: if you had the ability to do that instantly you would not be here.  The reason why you are all here incarnate is (A) to experience (B) to learn (C) to grow.  Grow as a soul, grow as an energy being, and of course at this time on your annual calendar souls incarnate are prompted to put aside a lot of those hurts, pains, and betrayals.  If only: if only the energy of this season could remain with you for all of your days so that for all of your days you would be filled with love and light.  Forgiveness: if you would only forgive those who trespass against you instantly.  You would be more tolerant.  You would be more accepting.  You would be more compassionate.  So much understanding which would be carried forth on a wave of unconditional love.  So therein lies a lesson.  The lesson is you should not need various happenings, events, and celebrations, on your calendar to remind you that you are here to learn forgiveness and to apply unconditional love.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that unconditional love applies in a manner that you possibly are not always aware of   Whilst you are radiating unconditional love to another you are radiating it to the all.  You cannot give to One without giving to the All because I have been here before and told you many times:  I have said to you “All is One”,  One is All”.  Forgive one, forgive all.  Radiate unconditional love to one; radiate unconditional love to all.  Even though you are not aware of that you are certainly aware that the pathway home, the lighted, enlightened, in-lightened pathway home is Love and Light which I have just spoken encompasses unconditional love, forgiveness, tolerance, acceptance; all of those things.  So now, at this time, at this season, your Christmas Season, perhaps you might look to other things behind the fa├žade of physicality.  How many of you give gifts grudgingly because you feel obligated to; because if you do not others may judge you.  When you offer a gift it should be from your heart.  From your heart self.  It should be because you genuinely wish to give to another.  Now at this season on your calendar, you give physical gifts.  That is fine.  A far, far, greater and enduring gift is the gift of unconditional love to one to all, All of the time.  Every waking moment of your time on this planet should be underlined, underpinned, by your desire to give love and light to the One and to the All.  I do not wish you to take this as a criticism.  I wish you to hear my words as constructive; as something that will be of immense help to you along your pathway.  And as I have spoken before, Love is all there is.  And all there is is Love.  That should be the energy behind not just this incarnation, but every incarnation that you have ever had, will have, are having.  All of those lives, concurrent, future, past, parallel: they are all happening now. The now moment of your festive season is an excellent opportunity, absolutely excellent time, to have a look within your heart.  Don’t judge yourself harshly.  You do not need to judge.  You only need to understand that along the pathway with your experiences and your lessons, which is a learning pathway,  sometimes you will make what you call mistakes. Not to worry: not of consequence; except that which you deem to be a mistake is actually a learning experience; and if it is a learning experience then it is a wonderful thing  for you, provided that you learn from it.  Provided you learn from it.

This season, your Christmas season, particularly this Christmas season, your Love, your unconditional Love, your unconditional Light, is needed.  It is needed urgently.  Your planet is in need of your Love and your Light.  You do not have to be comic book heroes.  All that is required of you is to assist the planet, and everyone life form upon it, is for you is to sit in Peace: in Peace!  Quiet, peaceful, contemplation.  Radiate, radiate, unconditional love and light to the One to the All.  You radiate to one, you radiate to all.  I am not here to be the wet blanket.  I am not here to put a damper on you.  Why I am here is to advise you in advance that your planet at present is undergoing an immensely difficult time.  Nations are against nations.  Human beings, souls incarnate, are caught up in violence, deprivation, and hardship. For the benefit: for the entire planet and every life form on it; all of that aggression and violence; all of that negativety, that dark energy, needs to be overcome.  The only way that it can be overcome is that more and more souls must radiate love and light to the All; to the One and to the All.  Do not be fooled that you have a leaders that can resolve these situations, these thorny issues, because despite their best intentions there are other incarnates who will attempt to overshadow them, and control them, and prevent them from bringing light to the planet.  It does not matter how many souls of the darker energy are on this planet or how much energy they are radiating; there never will be a time when they will be able to overcome the individual soul’s Love and Light and Positivity.  There will never be a time: I will say that again;  there will never be a time that you will be dominated because you are free souls.  You have always been free.  You will always be free.  And I am giving you the key:  the key is unconditional Love and Light.  The key is to accept the situation as it is.  Radiate Love and Light to the One, to the All.  That is all you need to do.  Just continue to radiate that unconditional Love and Light.  That will empower you on your pathway.  That will raise you up in energy.  It will advance you very quickly along your pathway, and it does with so much silent power, silent powerful good to the planet, and everything upon it.  And so I say to you, yes, at this time of your festive season, radiate good will,  Love, compassion, tolerance, understanding, however, why not carry that on.  Why not make that an all year round event rather than an annual seasonal event.  The Masters, Ascended Masters, the Logos, the Guides, the reason why they are where they are is because they are filled with uncodntiional love and light.  They never got there without being totally Love and Light.  So there’s your goal; and your goal can be implemented on your pathway.  You can demonstrate unconditional love and light with every breath you take.  It is a wonderful, wonderful power that can never be dominated or overcome, and so I say to you today on this season of happiness and joy, I say to you, I wish you love, I wish you peace, I wish you happiness, I wish you joy. I wish you everything that you wish for yourself and my wish is for Peace on Earth.  I Aranuth thank you for having me and I shall return again in your new year.  Thank you dear souls, Enjoy your life.  Thank you.

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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