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Aranuth Speaks: Cairns Spiritual Centre January 2015

Hello everyone,
My guides advise that - as alluded to in previous messages - our beautiful planet Gaia not only continues to undergo correctional alignment, and cleansing activities, and as part of those much-needed rectifications, cleansing, and rebalancing, the trade and finance, as well as military, relations between the governments of both major and minor nations will come under increasing pressure. Many countries are already in dire financial difficulties - bankrupt or deeply in debt – and are badly in need of this restructuring, rebalancing, and much-needed redistribution of wealth and resources. So, our world is in the glare of the headlights of total and major restructuring to install peace and harmony on our planet. All is in Divine Order.

Ahh, ha, ha, haaa. (Aranuth laughs and claps his hands gleefully; he surely is in a good mood tonight) Good evening everyone.

I greet you here on this evening, my name is Aranuth.  As you can see I am assertive, happy, and “out there”,…

Aranuth Christmas Message 2014

Well good evening everyone.  Welcome. Greetings.  It is so wonderful to be here to with you to share with you your time of celebration. Celebration of the birth of the Master “Jesua” Jesus Christ.  It is a time of celebration. 
It is the time of each and everyone of you souls, to apply love, unconditional love, light, compassion, tolerance, understanding.  It is a time for each and every soul to look back, not in negativity, not in anger, not in apathy, but to look back over your previous time, your happenings, your experiences, your lessons, your interaction with other souls, and not only souls embodied in physical embodiment, but souls yes, souls in the animal kingdom as well.
How have you treated other souls incarnate over the past year of your time?  Have you been kind, have you been positive, have you extended a helping hand, genuinely wishing to help? Or has your past year been another one of “me, me, me”?
At this time on your calendar, most souls incarnate are prompted to review …