Aranuth Speaks: One: Living Your Truth

Good evening everyone: I am “One”, the “One”. I am here today to talk to you about your present and your perceived future.

What is important, what is important to souls incarnate at this point of their evolution and the evolution of the planet is truth; absolute truth coupled with quiet acceptance without judgement of the existing conditions in your life and in your international affairs.

You are all well aware that great happenings, great changes are taking place all across your planet. In all reality, and in your reality, many of the happenings across your planet are not in need of your concern.

Firstly we shall deal with the issue of truth. Truth is something that is struggling to exist on your planet, in your society, in your affairs. All down through the ages truth has been the first casualty. Today, this now moment, truth is still a casualty. Dear ones, I would suggest to you that it would be in your best interests to distance yourselves from the issues reported in your media. Distance yourself from those issues unless, and until, you can ascertain or verify the truth of that particular issue. All across your planet no nation or country is operating in isolation. Every nation and country has a relationship with every other nation and country and thereby will be affected to some degree by the happenings that are taking place in various other communities, states, and nations. Even those heavily involved in incidents, issues, do not know the real truth. Few, very few, of your world leaders whether they be political, religious, or other, a small minority of those leaders actually tell you the truth. Even though they know, and know well, within themselves what the truth really is. Very few, far too few, actually reveal that truth preferring instead to tell a story that better suits their controlling actions. That is why I say that it is folly for souls incarnate to blindly accept, or even partially accept, what is being reported, disseminated, amongst you because all the way through it contains layers of untruth. That is an untruth, overlaid with another untruth, overlaid with another untruth, and so on and so forth.

If you are not in control or totally aware of the truth of any issue or situation, it is far, far, better to step aside, leave it alone, carry on with your own life, and not be distorted, lied to, cheated, because there is a lot of that happening, still happening, on your planet. from where I am we can see a certain distance into what you call your future. We see the possibilities, we see the probabilities, and we see what is written, what is set in stone. What we see is vastly different to what you can see because you have been lied to so many times, and with so much energy. The energy that some souls put into untruths and perpetuating those untruths is incredible; it is incredible! Now if you look only to yourself; if you consider only for yourself as an individual; and of course by extension your family and loved ones, friends, and others, it is quite natural for you to become concerned about your future. And about the fact of whether or not you do have a future. Yes, in the far greater majority of instances you do have a future; in saying that I am referring to various other souls in other parts of your world whose lessons and experiences on their pathway include being in what you call a war zone and losing their life, so quite naturally, those souls who are losing their lives to military actions as well as tragic world  events; they came here to do that. In their inner being-ness they know that it is approaching time for them to depart. So, those people who have no future, I do not include here in my little talk this evening. I am talking to the far, far, greater majority of souls incarnate on this planet all across the world.

I am telling you, your future is secure.  You really do not have anything to fear simply because all is in Divine Order.  There are no surprises: there are no random happenings that are going to sneak up on you and take your life away.  Everything is accounted for.  Everything is included in the Divine Grand Plan.  And so it is folly for you to worry or become overly concerned about the fact that you may lose your life, or encounter other tragic events, which may or may not take its toll on you, your family, your loved ones, your friends.  So, the overriding issue is you are safe.  Knowing that you are safe, and that everything is in Divine Order, you may then get on with your life, which comprises the experiences and lessons on your chosen pathway, here in this very incarnation.  Now, knowing, knowing that you knew totally, the composition of your lesson and experience plan before you actually became incarnate, means that there are no surprises; that anything and everything that happens to you on this pathway was something that you devised and agreed to, or placed in your pathway to test your powers of creation, of how to create your life and everything in it, everything in it.

Now if you hark back, some of my brothers and sisters have came to you before through this medium to deliver a similar message.  The message that you can and do create your reality according to your application to that learning task to acquire that ability; to not only acquire but to expand and grow that ability; and that most of the issues that confront you in your life, you have placed them there.  You placed them there as a learning experience and as an opportunity for you to overcome it simply by using your powers of creation, simple.  So now when we are looking in the microcosm, we can look at the macrocosm, and see that they both appear to parallel each other.  What is happening is in the macro is happening in the micro.  It’s as though you took a picture of the macro, reduced it in size, and called it the micro.  It is one and the same.  It is all experiences and learning opportunities.  Opportunities to learn and grow.  So its not just international and world affairs, its not just those involved who really do face a golden opportunity to take what appears to be a negative and aggressive situation, and turn it into one of peaceful existence, co-existence, and peace and harmony.  It can happen.  It does happen.  However, may I suggest that it starts with you.  May I suggest that if you souls incarnate, as individuals, sit down and closely examine your pathway, the pathway that you have come by, the pathway that you now walk, the pathway that you propose to walk.  If you had a look at all of individual issues on that pathway, and if you accepted them for what they are, learning experiences for more than one; if you accept them as learning experiences then the next step is to overcome any adverserial issues, any perceived negativities or happenings, then use your powers of creation to take that issue or situation and turn it into of love, of peace of harmony.  Of course it can be done.  That is one of the major reasons that you are here incarnate at this moment on this day.  You weren’t just placed here to run around and play games with yourself or each other.  You are here to experience, and to learn, to grow, to advance, and to become.

The long way around is by focusing on world issues.  The long way around is by focusing on the macro.  The shortest way around is to focus, each and every one of you focus on what is happening in your life.  What is presenting to you.  Examine the presentation, then if need be, if it is not one of love and light, compassion, tolerance, care, then change it for the better.  Send love and light and positivity to that situation or issue; use your powers of creation and co-creation with the Supreme Creator to bring about a beautiful, loving, peaceful outcome.  That is what all souls incarnate are supposed to be working on.  If each individual soul incarnate focused on sending love and light to the world, being and exemplifying love and light, promoting peace - whether it be on a micro or macro scale - promote peace, understanding, tolerance.  Because if all the souls incarnate on this planet at this time were doing such a thing you would not have the problems that you are now faced with. All across the world where you have wars, terrorism, famine, numerous other things which we do not wish to give energy to by focusing upon.  We wish to focus upon positivity.  Positivity.  We need to focus on bathing the world situation it in love and light.

Now, going back a few steps to “truth”.  You know very well, you know very well that half of what you hear, read, and see is totally untrue.  You know very well that those in a position of power are pulling the wool over your eyes;  attempting to pull the wool over your eyes.  They are feeding you lines of total nonsense because they do not want you to know what they are really doing.  What they are actually up to.  So, truth, as I spoke before, is normally the first casualty in any exchange of information.  Any exchange of information between any two people, groups of people, countries, nations, or whatever, the truth will suffer immediately.  Everyone will misrepresent the contents of each issue.  They will distort it to suit themselves.  That does not mean that you have to follow along.  It also doesn’t mean for you to not to take an interest in world and national affairs.  It simply means that you trawl through all of this information looking for the pearls of truth and rejecting nonsense.  If you are unsure, leave it alone.  If you are unsure of what is truth and what is untruth, leave it alone, because you are not qualified to form an opinion on that.  You may go within, you may ask the being within you, to ring the bell of truth; if truth exists in that issue then you follow what your heart tells you.  Do not follow the monkey mind chatter. Do not blindly follow what others, other groups of people are telling you.   You really are a sovereign individual and do not need others to make up your mind for you.  That’s what you’re here for.  To learn.  Examine every issue and make your own decision.

Why I commenced this talk this evening with truth is because I wanted you to know first and foremost, straight up, that once you get the issue squared away within yourself then everything else will fall into place.  It will all fall into place.  And so along with truth I also told you, you are safe.  Nothing untoward is going to happen to you.  Everything in your life is a known quantity, a known factor, and it is known by you because you wrote the script.  You proposed your pathway - in consultations with masters and other higher beings - and all three agreed it was an achievable pathway;  the experiences and lessons placed upon that pathway would be encountered, surmounted, overcome.  You can do it.  So firstly: know absolutely, that you are safe.  Two: do not accept what you see, hear, or read as truth because it isn’t, there is always somebody there to distort it to suit themselves.  It is up to you to decide what is truth and what isn’t.  In the future, as is happening now, there will continue to be aggressive interaction between various countries.  Besetting those prominent countries are financial problems: most of your major countries are in financial difficulties; so they lie to you about that.  Most of those major countries, the major players, in this “earth play” are being beset by numerous social problems; and because they have financial problems, social problems, and numerous other problems - which are often viewed by those leaders as negatives - they then become negative in their outlook; and they attempt to hide the truth from you because they attempt to apply aggression and negativity to achieve what they want in the future.

And so we have wars: we have wars.  Looking at it overall, it’s practically all nonsense.  Your leaders are lying to you: they will continue to lie to you,.  They will continue to distort the truth.  They will continue to put fear into you because it is fear that they have in themselves.  They fear the future because it is what they created.  They fear their own creation!  Who created all of the problems that beset this planet?  Well it certainly wasn’t you people:  It was those who had power, who had greed.  They wanted to control so they lied, they cheated, they distorted, and now they have got themselves into such a bind and they fear that they are going to be unmasked, they are going to be found out.  They do not have the knowledge, the tools, the ability, to sort the situation out; to bring about a positive outcome; because they are based in, immersed in, and they distribute, negativity   Leave them be.  Leave them be.  Do not become involved with them or the issues that are literally tearing them to pieces.  Do not become involved in issues that are tearing them into pieces because very shortly they are going to be tearing populations to pieces.  It’s already happening in your Middle East area.  Those who have this great desire for power and control, who are obsessed by greed, they are the ones that are lying and cheating; and have begot your world, your planet, into the state that it is in now.  Don’t even think of them.  Don’t allow any of your energy to give power to those souls.  Leave them be.  You get on with your own pathway.  That is what you are here for.  You are here to learn from experience, to grow, to advance, to become, and not worry about the others.  Every individual regardless, every individual, every individual soul incarnate, is there for it’s own growth and advancement first and foremost; they are not here for the grown and advancement of everybody else and by denying themselves.

So I say to you be very, very, careful with truth.  Make truth a foundation stone in your life.  Make truth a rock-solid foundation stone in your life.  Use truth, apply truth, in all situations.  If the application of truth is going to cause hurt or harm to others then zip up! Zip your lip and say nothing.  Say nothing.  There are no penalties for saying nothing.  There are penalties for saying untruths.  So if we start with one (that is myself, One, ha, ha.) start with one individual soul, and that individual soul applies truth, walks their pathway honestly, approaches every experience as a learning opportunity, applies love and light and positivity towards a situation; then I must tell you that you will go past the winning post as the  winner.  A winner!  You are here for your own growth and expansion!  And so dear ones, I shall leave it at that.  I shall leave it with you. As I look around here on this afternoon I see those who are taking all of those words in, and I see those who are already considering the how, the why, and the way, to apply truth as best they can in their life. I congratulate you because that is what I came here for.  To prompt you to make truth the base, the rock solid base of your life.  Thank you and god bless you dear ones.  Thank you. I am One.

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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