Aranuth Speaks: Quan Yin message

Message channelled at Innisfail.

Good evening, good evening dear souls.  It is my honour to be here with you on this evening.  You may already be aware that I and many others have been with you for some time.  My name is Quan Yin; I am the mother Quan Yin. 

I was drawn this evening by the beauty of your light.  The beauty of your combined light.  I was not only drawn by your light, not only drawn by your group light,  i was drawn by your individual light which I have been expecting for some time.  I have known in advance of you being here.  I have known in advance of the reason why you have chosen to come.  I am honoured to be here to supply you not just with the answers that you require verbally, but to bring the energy, to bring the individual energy most suited most compatible with your requirements.

Are you aware of the intensity and the volume of the light that you emit unknowingly into the ethers where those who are suitably equipped to receive, to interpret, those energies and in my case respond.  Whether you know it or not your emanations, your calls for help, for assistance, that you radiate in various states is received by many of us from the higher realms and it is those of us who are so empowered who respond to your genuine heartfelt cries calls over in your present state of consciousness.  You are not fully aware of what you emit:  the power and intensity of that which you emit.  Your emissions, your radiations, do not go unnoticed and are clearly received by those of us who are attuned to your wave length.   Dear, dear souls.  Your every heartfelt thought, call, every single heartfelt cry is received in the manner that it was emitted, radiated, and we in the realms respond accordingly.  You are never alone.  There is never a time when you are ignored or abandoned   Every thought, every call, every heart cry for help and assistance, is immediately received, recorded, and responded to with Love, Compassion, and Understanding.  You are all beautiful sovereign individuals walking your chosen pathway.  Your pathway is not always pretty. It is  filled with wonderful happenings and events however, every single thing that confronts you on your pathway is there for your growth as a being; as an energy being; as a division, a portion of the Creator’s energy beingness.  You are never separate.  You are never ignored or forgotten.  Every single emotion experienced and emitted by yourself is received, recorded, and actioned appropriately.  When you feel that you are lost, abandoned, ignored, know that that is a fallacy; you are simply working through a difficult period of your earth life and are assisted, very ably assisted,  not only by your guides, but by many advanced great beings of light.

It makes my heart cry to see you cry: to experience your tears which are needlessly, needlessly, quite needlessly, affecting your life simply because all, all is in Divine Order.  Everything is in Divine Order.  There is nothing, no thing, in your life that can cause you worry, heartache, and grief unless your perception of that incident allows you to.  Dear ones, I am here to tell you now, every single thing in your life, everything that happens on your pathway, should be something that you can rejoice with because it is all experience, it is learning, it is all beautiful.  It is only perception: it is only your perception; your judgement; that various issues are good, bad, or indifferent; they are none of those three.  Every single thing that has happened to you, that is happening to you, is perfect.  It is perfect in its out working. It’s outworking is one of perfection.  It is only your judgement, your perception, that places a positive or negative aspect on it.  Every thing that happens to you and around you in this life is perfect.  Rejoice, rejoice.  The only reason that some lessons and experiences are perceived as being negative or positive, hurtful, or happy, is simply your judgement; your perception.

I would like to tell you, I would like to repeat, it does not serve you well to judge any situation: it does benefit you greatly if you look at every instance in your life, every happening, every single event, if you look at them as a happy, learning experience knowing, knowing that nothing can hurt you other than your allowance of such issue to be of a hurtful nature.  When you know total love, total understanding, live your life as a sovereign entity, and at all times assert your individuality, your sovereignty, there is nothing, nothing on your pathway that can hurt you.  It is only your perception of hurt and pain; however, that is all part of the human condition.  As you grow and advance many issues and happenings in your life on this planet of physical matter become less and less meaningful to you.  They become less and less worrisome because you simply understand that all is in Divine Order.  You come to understand that where things may hurtfully affect your physical embodiment there is absolutely nothing that can hurt you, the soul, the essence, the beingness.  The  sooner   that you place yourself  above and beyond such lower dimensional solid matter things  and focus upon, and become, the beautiful embodiment may be on a level of physicality and solid matter but you can still express your true beingness as a highly evolved, vibratory being in that manner. You will divorce yourself from the so-called trials and tribulations, and machinations of this planet and spend much more time in the realms where you belong.  You came here on a learning, educational, excursion: you came here as an extension of your awareness; to love, to grow, and while you are doing that you must always remember that you belong, your beingness is in a much higher realm.

Dear ones I am often with you.  I hear your calls.  I hear your cries.  I hear your pleas; and I respond compassionately, but also for your highest good.  I often come to you to remind you that you are not this physical body; that you should seek, and continue to seek, your true beingness; continue to seek your true beingness and its expression in a higher realm by exemplifying the very highest ideals that you possibly can.  There is no other way I can help you than  to remind you that you are much, much more  than this. (taps the physical body) and that I and many others, and my emissaries such as this one, (myself the medium) who has come to you, has come to you to give you help, assistance, and convey our love to you.

Thank you dear ones.  I Quan Yin will now take my leave … with your permission.  Thank you.

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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