Rising above the Dross and Limitation of solid matter


It seems like every day that we see, hear, or read where “natural” Australia is under threat from miners, loggers, high pollution industries, and heaven knows what other threats.  Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions are very high compared to all other industrial countries.  These gases come from human actions such as burning fossil fuels to generate electricity. The threat to our Great Barrier Reef grows daily as plans to dredge harbours and dramatically increase the number of coal carrying ships through reef waters increases.  A maritime ecological disaster in the making?  The world has only one Great Barrier Reef.

Good Intentions

What does the development of genetically modified bananas have to do with the world’s richest man, founder of Microsoft Corp. Bill Gates? Everything.
As noted by CNet News, James Dale, the director for the Center for Tropical Crops and Bio-commodities at Queensland University of Technology in Australia, says he’s devoted a number of years to the creation of a better banana.  What is currently wrong with the kind that grow naturally?  Dale say he’s been working on creating a pro-vitamin A-enriched banana since 2005.  “Good science can make a massive difference here by enriching staple crops such as Ugandan bananas with pro-vitamin A and providing poor and subsistence-farming populations with nutritionally rewarding food, “he said in a statement.


Turmeric is an ancient spice traditionally used in India that gives curry its yellow color.  It not only is tasty but contains highly effective compounds with medicinal properties.  The most beneficial compound in turmeric is Curcumin, which is also its most active ingredient, offering strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.  A research project conducted by GreenMedInfo found that turmeric is capable of replacing a variety of conventional medications designed to treat various conditions including plaque build-up in arteries, inflammation and oxidative stress in type 2 diabetes, inflammatory eye disease, depression, arthritis and many more.  It’s been proven to be a common replacement for aspirin or ibuprofen, offering pain-fighting and anti-inflammatory abilities in a more natural way.

Tasmania’s Forests Saved

The World Heritage Committee emphatically rejected Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s submission to have Tasmania’s ancient forests stripped of their protection status and opened to logging!  It took the 21 delegate World Heritage Committee less than 7 minutes to unanimously reject the Abbott Government proposal, stating that: “The justification presented to the reduction are, to say the least, feeble. Accepting this  today would be setting an unacceptable precedent … we cannot also disregard the positions voiced in this issue by the Australian Senate, by nature conservation associations and I would dare say, most of all, by Indigenous communities.” Abbott’s submission to the World Heritage Committee was contradicted by the Department of Environment. Other right-wing forces tried every deceitful trick in the book.  A fake environment group misleadingly called Australian Environment Foundation which was founded by the Institute for Public Affairs even entered the international negotiations with the intention of confusing the World heritage Committee by pretending to represent the environment movement.


Good evening children. Welcome.  You are very welcome.  I am El Morya; I have the honour of addressing you this evening.  My message, my message to you on this day is to advise you to go on, on, on; do not stop, do not rest on your laurels because in all reality there are no laurels to rest upon.  You journey has only just begun.  You have made wonderful progress in this incarnation.  You have made progress in previous incarnations, but none, none as important as this incarnation that you are experiencing right now.

Before you incarnated you agreed to come at this time to participate in an accelerated, an accelerated, spiritual, shall we say, spiritual advancement program.  You were all well aware, well aware, that dropping into this vibration, into this incarnation, was similar to jumping onto a fast moving train in comparison to the speed, the rate of development, that you had encountered in previous incarnations.  Before you incarnated this time you were very, very carefully examined to discover whether or not, to ascertain whether or not, you would be capable of jumping onto this accelerated vibration in this incarnation because we were not going to place you in a position of harm.  Those who were not ready or not capable of jumping into a speed of vibration, we had to, shall we say, advise them to stay behind.  So now you are here; you are in this vibration; it is changing moment by moment.  You are changing moment by moment as planned, as you were already aware of, before incarnation.  We discussed this in depth many times before you incarnated.  We spent considerable time with you to ensure that you fully understand, fully understood, precisely what you were going to encounter if you wished to continue your development here in this vibration.

Up until this point in time you have done quite well really.  Some have done remarkably well.  Not all are advancing at the same rate but all are advancing at a rate, at a cadence, that is safe, safe for you.  Now as I said, you cannot rest upon your laurels. Having become incarnate, having arrived here to participate in this ever changing, ever accelerating, but ascending energy does not mean that you can take a coffee break so to speak.  You have to continue on, on, on.   No rest, no stop, it’s continuous.  From where you are now it is time for you to step up.  The reason you why you will need to step up is simply because the energy that surrounds and permeates your planet is going to step up.  As this energy increases, as it becomes more potent, more powerful, you will need to stay in tune with it.  You will be required to slowly but surely let go of the old third, fourth, old dimensional energies because you cannot stay back there and go ahead at the same time.  You have chosen to go ahead so now you will be required to let go and release many things.  Many things because this reality will be losing any importance to you.  It will not be relevant to you on your pathway of development.  So the things, the things of this reality, will become irrelevant bit by bit.  Become irrelevant in an incremental manner.  It is okay for you to steady up, look back, see the pathway that you have come, but you must not remain stationary.  You must continue to move ahead, move ahead, move ahead.  As you are moving ahead it will be most beneficial to you if you just let go, let go of everything that has gone previous to this now moment.  Let go of all hurts, pains, experiences, lessons, even family and friendships.  You have to let go of all of these things.  Those things that can travel with you, you can take with you.  If they are of a lower or slower vibration and are not suited to the pace of your advancement and development well then you will have to let go of them.  That is what you chose.  You chose to do that.  You have chosen to be on a path of ascendency through the vibratory levels in increments and you all knew before you became incarnate that you would have to release many things.  It is a matter of removing hooks and anchors, ropes and chains.  You have done most of that.  There is still some to be done.  You will continue on and you will release all that.  And now you are into the level where you will be required to let go of many, many, a great number of things associated with the physical dimension because where you have chosen to go, where you are headed, you have no need of physical things, things of solid matter.  So as you advance it will be to your benefit to piece by piece, bit by bit, release everything that is not required if it does not assist you on your pathway.  These things that are not required you may release, release them joyfully.

Now we realise that for you having been incarnate on a physical dimension with so many things of solid matter that has been your pathway through considerable number of incarnations it is difficult for you to let go.  There is a degree of reluctance on your part to let go of many of these things.  And the first place that you let go of them is in your mind.  Let go of them in your mind.  Do not place importance upon them.   Do not continually dwell upon them.  Do not entertain thoughts of them.  It is matter of changing your perception.  Changing your attitude.  Many things are now no longer of use to you.  The sooner you come to realise yourself that they are of no further use, that they were of use once but no longer do they serve you,  anything that no longer serves you, you may well release.  Happily release them.  Children you are what we call approaching a ceiling.  It is an invisible ceiling but its a very real ceiling.  You have to break though; you have to go through that ceiling.  You can’t go through the ceiling if you are taking all these goods and chattels with you.  You have to come to the realisation that you are an energy being.  You are a being of energy.  Your physical body is one of physical solid matter which no longer will serve you when you go to higher realms.  Everything associated with your physical incarnation, all the physical things will no longer be of any use to you.  Now I don’t say you are going to achieve this in the short term but this is where  you are headed.  So the sooner you begin to release old memories, old memories of hurts, pain, joy, you can release it all, you can release all of those old memories. that no longer serves you.  You can release all of family and friends.  You can release them with love and let them walk their own pathway as they so choose to do the same as you chose to walk your pathway.  It is not as though you are leaving them behind.  You are choosing to walk your pathway and  allowing them to honour their own pathway.  So into the near future you are going to shall we say, you are going to be required to focus not only more keenly but more regularly; much more regularly.

One of the ways to assist your upliftment is to fill in the gaps in your mind with spiritual advancement, with spiritual advancement principles.  When the mind has spaces and gaps often times it will go to fantasising things; it will go to reviving old memories; it will go to creating a future; it will play games with you; and that has been the lot of the human embodiment for a  great number of times, eons of times. Let go when you have space, gaps in your mind.  Fill it with thoughts of development, advancement, searching for knowledge and information;  communing with your guides and great beings of love and light.  Don’t just sit still and let your mind play fanciful games!  If you have that time and that space fill it with thoughts and desires of advancement, of upliftment, of attaining, of gaining and attaining  advanced knowledge and information.  Use that time to communicate with the guides and the masters; talk  to them.  They will come.  Ask for them.  They will come.  So you ask for them to come to you to assist you.  Tell them what it is that you desire and they will assist.  What is it that you would like to bring in.  You would like to bring in peace, harmony, knowledge, information, exuding love; exuding a peaceful vibration.  Tell them what it is that you wish to do.  It is your life; it is your pathway.  Create it.  Create your own reality.  Let go of all that no longer serves you and aim high.
What is it that you want?  You may ask for anything and provided it is for your highest good, that it is beneficial to you on your pathway, it will become manifest.
Now what will become manifest and quite speedily so is when you ask for advancement.  Ask for any thing you wish that is going to advance you as a spiritual being.  Ask them to assist you to regain your powers.  Ask and it will be given you.  There are so many things that you can do to speed up your development.  Things that will carry you forward at a manageable speed and manageable rate.  Do not look back unless it is for a brief period to calculate how far you have come.  It is far more beneficial if every soul incarnate held to their highest ideals; held onto the highest spiritual ideals.  Ask, ask the higher beings, the great beings of love and light for advanced knowledge.  Ask them.  Summon them.  Ask them to assist you to achieve your ideals.  What is your ideal? Your ideal, if it’s not already so, should be firstly to come to the realisation absolute that you are an energy being.

As an energy being you are only here in this body on this planet of solid matter to learn and to experience.  It is to find your way home.  Now you chose to come here for the learning experience.  You chose to come here for the lesson.  Behind it all you chose to come here to re-discover your true self.  Re-discover your true beingness.  Re-discover that you are a powerful being; a powerful entity; a powerfully energy being; and when you discover your reality, your heritage, your source, your essence, when you discover that you are an energy being and a very powerful one then you move on to using those powers to create a better life for you on this planet; but not only that to promote a better understanding; to call in greater knowledge; advanced knowledge, advanced understanding, so that you will become a fully realised being; a fully realised powerful energy being while embodied on this planet of solid matter.  When you have achieved that then no longer will you be required or even wish to return to any level of solid matter because there will be no reason to; you will have learnt how to come from physical matter back to energy and then when you have achieved that you shall start all over again.  But the only thing is that you will not be in a physical realm.  You will go to other higher vibrating realms where you will learn more; you will accumulate more knowledge and understanding; you will gather to you greater powers; understanding of how those powers work; and then you will create other worlds and you will create a vibrational space or a world that you wish to experience in.  You will create your own space and you will fill it with everything you desire. And you may go into that world and have everything that you desire until such time that you feel you wish to progress and move on to a much higher, higher again, vibrating realm.

Now let me tell you this … there is no end to the realms.  There is no end because everything is in a continual expansion.  It’s in a state of continual expansion.  And you will create other levels as you become more proficient.  As you become proficient at creating your desires you will create other realms, other worlds.  You will create that space for yourself.  So out there, out there in the field of all, shall we say, the field of all, there are many, many spaces that you will create many; many more because you will create a space that you will enter into and learn.  You may have many, many, different reasons or desires.  You can create whatever it is you wish, to step into, to enjoy; step out of it and then dissolve it.  It will no longer be there because you will create another one.  But that’s a long way ahead of you yet. Its’ a long long way but everyone has to start somewhere and you have already started eons ago, eons ago you started on that pathway, on that journey, and now where are you on the journey?  You are here! You are on a planet of physical matter. It is everything surrounding you that you see with your physical eye; it appears solid, appears a planet of solidity, however, you have all reached a stage now where you can see past solidity and you are starting to see what it is behind that fa├žade.  You are starting to see that this planet of solid matter is illusory; it’s an illusion; it was created for you; it was created as your playground, your learning ground; everything is here for your learning, your play, your development, your advancement, and it will continue to do so.

You now are outgrowing this playground, it’s time to move on.  It’s time for you to let go of this physical, this physical life, this physical existence, this one of solid matter because what you create is as solid as the matter that surrounds you.  No matter where you are, what level you are on, you created it and then takes on solidity; the form of solidity as you know it here on this realm.  It is one matter that you can create and dissolve at will.  So where we are no? You are now required to move ahead quickly.  It is for your benefit for you to spend much more time in quiet contemplation; in meditation.  It is time now to fill in those gaps, those spaces, and instead of letting your mind entertain you, you need to go within.  You need to go within your true self.  You need to call to higher beings.  You need to ask for assistance, for help, for advancement.  And if you ask, it will come.  It will be given you. It will be given you.  Now looking into the near future, the very near future. All of you here if you have not already commenced you will soon commence seeing other things that are replacing what you have always viewed as your solid matter.  So around you, you have all of these things of solid matter but you will look through the veil.  You will look through the veil and see that it is an illusion and you will look through this matter, look through this vibrational veil, and see there is more beyond.  Seeing is step one.  Going through into that other dimension is step two.  Step two is where you are up to now.  If you spend sufficient time in quiet contemplation, meditation, communicating with your higher self, with the Creator, with the masters, ask them to assist you to gain the power, the ability, to see past this illusory realm, to see into the next level, the next vibration.  Ask them to help you to transmute and transform your physical body so that you may move into the next realm and be part of that realm. This realm will become a memory, and it will become a distant memory, and then it will cease to exist for you.  It will be as though you were never, ever, been here because it’s all changed.  The illusion, the dream, is over.  You are in another reality.  So that’s where you are right now.  Do not worry about others around you.  Do not worry about what is happening to your planet.  Everything is in Divine Order.  Remember this is an illusionary realm; what is happening to your planet and all around you will no longer be of any relevance to you.  It will no longer be of any relevance because you will no longer be in it.  You won’t be in it!

Already many of you are spending a lot of time in other realms.  Your dream state, your sleep; your meditative state.  You are spending time in other realms.  As you advance you will spend more and more time in other realms and less and less time in this one until as I said you reach the point where this realm no longer exists.  You will be in an entirely different realm to this one.  You will function as a spiritual essence, as an energy being, in another realm with no memory of this one because you have let go of the illusion.  You let go of what no longer serves you.

Into the very, very, near future you will find yourself affected by the changing energies.  Do not look at the change in the energy as being negative or of having a painful effect on you.  It is all designed to lift you up and move you forward.  Your embodiment will learn to deal with the changes in the energy.  You can help the embodiment by telling it that the change in the energy is beneficial for it because you still have use of this embodiment yet.  You are not just going to step out of it right now … you have a little way to go yet.  But as the energies are changing do not be concerned.  Do not be concerned with the changes of the energies or the way they affect you and the planet around you.  Do not be concerned.  Move ahead.  Keep you eye on development.  Keep your mind focused on development.  Walk the pathway of advancement and development.  Remember, you are going away from third dimensional matter.  You’re heading back to who and what you really are.  So, I would ask of you … keep your eye on the ball.  Know absolutely that you are progressing.  Do not allow the things of the third dimension to anchor you, to hold you back, to hold you down.  These perceived changes are exactly that … perceived.  You can walk straight through.  All those blockages, all of the barriers across your pathway are perceived.  Just walk through it.  Walk ahead.  Walk on ahead.  No barriers; the blockades, the rocks on your pathways, walk through them.  Walk through it.  Do not perceive them as a barrier or blockage.  Just walk through it.  You can do that.  And there are many things that appear to hinder your progress, to block you, to stop you; walk though it! You are above that; you’re past that.  Keep going.  Don’t allow negative thoughts of this solid matter dimension to anchor you and hold you back.  Carry in your mind all the time that you are a being powerful, a powerful energy being.  You are a light being.  You’re only here inhabiting an embodiment on this dimension as a learning experience.  It is time to move on.  So, keep in mind, fill the spaces in the mind with thoughts of advancement.  Every spare moment in your mind call to the masters, the guides, the higher self.  Tell them you are ready to move; ask them to assist you to keep you moving; to keep you advancing, and it will happen.  It will happen.

I thank for being here on this day.  This is not the end.  This is not the end.  I will return many times yet to help you, to guide you.  This is only the beginning.  I will be returning to talk to you many, many times.  I will be the one that reaches out to guide you.  The moment you think that you are going to fall I will be the one that will reach out and lift you up and point you in the right direction.  Thank you for being here.  Thank you for listening.  More importantly, thank you for absorbing and putting into practice what I have just spoken about.  Thank you children.  Enjoy your beautiful day. Good Evening

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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