Aranuth Speaks – Non Judgemental

Today we have much useful information to impart to you;  Information that will assist you on your pathway mainly through the medium of understanding.

When you fully understand an issue, the issue then becomes much easier to deal with.  When you fully understand an issue the issue then, for you, releases all potency.

In recent times, in times past, we have come to you to forewarn you about coming planetary events.  We did not come to prophesise tragic incidents or any form of what you call tragedy simply because what you term tragedy or tragic events and happenings to us on other levels, in other realms, see it as  part of the ongoing unfoldment of your planet.

To nominate various instances and classify them as tragic is simply another form of judgement.  From where we are, we do not have judgement.  There is no reason to have judgement because we see everything that is happening is in Divine Order.  If things are in Divine Order there is nothing to judge and we would not reasonably term them as tragedy or tragic.  In recent sessions, visitations shall we say, when I and others from the Brotherhood have been here to speak with you we have forewarned you that there were events brewing at that point in time which would culminate in an upheaval of various proportions which would cause many of you to go deeply into fear and also cause you to slide back into your judgemental role;  judging a situation that you know very little about.  Judging a situation whereby you know very, very, little of the real truth and so it is far better to simply be the observer, the dispassionate observer.  Distance yourself from that event, that happening, that incident, and just observe what is happening to  you, to your planet, all around your planet, and instead of reverting to the old habit of going into judgement it is far more beneficial if you were to simply send light to that situation; to that area.  Send light and love which is one to all of the planet, to all of those situations that you know that are happening and similar situations that you do not know are happening.

There are many, many, things which are hidden from you.  Your media, your print media, your electronic media, all tell you the story that they have or others have concocted to be spread posing as news. It is misinformation: it is deliberate misinformation clothed in the respectable apparel of “news”.  There are many, many, souls incarnate and the organisations that they belong to who wish for various reasons to control not only other souls incarnate but control every possible thing.  Perhaps I should say control things, everything that they possibly can.  If these controllers actually recognised the power that they have and an effective way to use it they would then attempt to control everything that you could imagine.  They would wish to supplant the Creator.  They will never supplant the Creator because they will not be allowed to access those powers.  Those higher evolved beings who can access incredible creative powers worked to that level by exemplifying the various and very highest level of all … of all the higher ideals.  They exemplified firstly, unconditional love and light which also translates to and affects every other ideal such as compassion, tolerance, love, understanding, healing, protection … all of that is covered by the one umbrella of love and light.  If it is not of love and light, does not find suitable accommodation within the umbrella of love and light, then the end time clock is ticking for them.  You may have noticed that everything of the highest ideals, everything that is based in and structured with love and light survives.  It continues forever.  That which is of shall we say a heavier, more restricted, repressive, darker energy has a time line leading to self destruction.  Unfortunately, as part of the outworking of what is happening on your planet, before we come to the end of the time line of those darker, heavier, energies, there are a lot of people, the animals, the economy, the ecology, all of these things are affected adversely by that energy which is not of the light.  Any and every thing that is of the Creators highest and finest light will always survive, expand, and grow. That which is not of the Creators highest light …. the end time line like a clock is ticking.  There will be an end to that.

Now having said that to you, looking around here today, I see several of you souls incarnate are already shall we say “up to speed” on that: you already understand what I am talking about.  Several of you souls incarnate here today have just indicated to me that you know; you know absolutely; the difference between the Creator’s light and shall we say lesser, heavier, denser light; and you also know that every situation is similar to a flower;  it grows and expands, opens up to greet the light.  It does not do so to greet the dark.  Now I hear, I hear the vibration amongst you, you are now saying “I understand that for my own advancement, for my own completion of expression on this pathway here in this incarnation, it is best that I, this soul, this essence, be totally of the love and the light because that’s where growth and expansion is”.  Provided that everything, every single thing you do, is in love and light then you are automatically aiming for the highest possible outcome.   It is a pity that numerous souls incarnate have not awoken to this simple truth.  For eons of time souls have repeatedly incarnated here and repeatedly forgot that the pathway is lit by the Creator’s light and love.  However, that is all part and parcel of your experience, of your expression, of your lessons on this pathway.  And so, you are here to experience every aspect of creation, of life in this realm, on this planet.  You are not meant to forget who and what you really are.  The powers, the creative powers that you have, and most importantly the Creator’s light and love is your beacon.  It is your homing device.  If you wish to come home safely and successfully you need to be looking at that beacon.  That beacon is the one that calls to you.  “Safe passage, this way, this way”.  So regardless of what you do, what you experience, the lessons that you learn; regardless of what you do it is most important that you keep in your mind the Creator’s light and love which is your beacon.

Now many, many souls incarnate actually choose shall we say, the choice is theirs, in many situations they choose to judge other souls incarnate harshly and unfairly.  You cannot know what every soul has chosen for their experience on their pathway.  So again, do not judge simply because you do not know  There are souls incarnate who are undergoing extremely difficult; extremely difficult and sometimes dangerous experiences and lessons on their pathway … that is what they have chosen. It is important for them to remember that the Creator’s light is their beacon regardless of how deep they are in the mire of negativity , depression, repression etc; and no matter how deep they get into it, the quagmire of the darker light, they still hold within them the light, the beacon; the beacon is always there.  They will transit their experiences in a much safer manner providing that they keep that light burning: provided that they keep that at the forefront when they are undergoing these lessons and experiences.  The light will draw them out of that safely and securely.  Safely and Securely.

Now it was some time ago when I came through this medium and informed you all that we of the Brotherhood were going to cease delivering warnings of approaching difficult situations, life’s storms as you would say, because many people were going into fear and negativity.  The information was not having the desired affect.  We had hoped that you would use it to understand , however, in the human condition  many of you chose fear; and because of that fear you became judgemental; and when you put the fear and judgement together that situation took on a life of its own and expanded and expanded until it became something it was not.  We will always be coming to you to give you fore knowledge of what is brewing on your level; what storms are approaching and guidance on how to approach the situation and how to survive.  The Brotherhood would like to tell you at this point in time.  You are SAFE! your planet is safe.  Your entire realm is safe.  Regardless of the negativity the misinformation: regardless of all of that, your planet is going to survive.  It will be okay.  Everything will be fine.  There are areas on the planet which are undergoing at present major and massive upheavals. It is best once again, it is best not to judge.  Do no accept your daily news at face value.  If you are not directly involved and have advance and in-depth knowledge of the situation, which you don’t, sit back, send love; send love and light to that situation.  Let the light and the love take care of it.  You as an individual, as a sovereign soul incarnate, cannot greatly affect the outcome of any such situation however, you can send unconditional love and light and it will have the desired effect because while that situation is out-working, and may I tell you if you look behind your news, a lot of these situations as you might say, are out-workings, have been out-workings for some time, and will take some time out-working.  It has to go through the out-working process to reach a level that brings peace and happiness to all and as such that situation requires as much light as much unconditional light and love as can possibly be focused on it.  The more light and love, the quicker and the more lasting is the situation and the effect on it, the resolution of it.  So again, in your quiet times, in your spaces, in your quiet spaces, send Love and Light to the situation and then let it be.

I do recall speaking of spaces once before.  I recall speaking to you about the spaces in your mind which many souls choose to fill with fantasies to entertain themselves. That is a human condition, however it is far more productive if in those spaces, those little quiet times where you are not involved in any specific activity, when you have that space use it to send unconditional love and light to all of the planet.  All of the planet.  That is the most productive thing that you can do and rather than fill your spaces reading the social and gossip pages of magazines or entertaining yourself via your mind with all types of  fanciful scenarios, it is far better to use those spaces creatively.  Send love and light uncodntional love and light to all of the planet and everything on it and within in.  Send unconditional love and light without judgement and see the rewards that you will reap.  You will reap rewards for that.  The fact that you are doing the work of the Creator does not mean that it will go unnoticed and unrewarded.  It will be noticed it is being noticed.  It will be rewarded because it is being rewarded.  I think that shall be sufficient for this days lecture.  I thank you all for being here on this day.  I thank you all for having achieved, having reached a level of advancement whereby you are prompted to strive for more truth, knowledge/understanding.  I congratulate you on having attained that standard.  I congratulate you for having already made the decision that you are going to push on, press ahead, look for advancement, look for more knowledge, look for more understanding, look for more guidance.  You are all going in the right direction.  You are all going in the right direction.  I encourage you to continue to do so.  And so once again I would like to say good afternoon.  Thank you for being here.  Thank you

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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