Aranuth Speaks: Galactic Brothers and Sisters


In response to my wondering about the future of Australia the guides arrived in the early hours of the morning – don’t they always? – to advise me of the current state of affairs. The latest information from the guides is that here in Australia we should prepare ourselves for a rather difficult and challenging ten year period ahead. The vision they presented me with was that of a large city on a dull and overcast day with people going about their business with heads down, looking depressed, and walking as though carrying a huge load.

The good news is that the vision that they presented me with depicted a partially open door through which shone an incredibly bright light eight years from now. It suggested that at that time (eight years hence) Australia will shrug off the restrictions and enter into a bright and sunny future.

We must be aware of not falling into the trap of negatively and adversely judging the situation lest we undo all of our previous good work.

Now is the opportunity to face the future with positivity and confidence; to apply absolute knowingness and belief in our ability to create our own reality. In a pro-active mode we become stronger, wiser, more accepting and loving, more intelligent, and more responsible.

The never-ending story:

There are desperate attempts by Monsanto and it’s smoothly oiled PR machine to de-link the epidemic of farmers suicides in India from the company’s growing control over the cotton seed supply – 95% of India’s cotton seed is now controlled by Monsanto. Control over seed is the first link in the food chain because seed is the source of life. When a corporation controls seed it controls life, especially the life of farmers. Monsanto’s control over the seed sector connects farmers suicides in India to farmers in Brazil who are suing Monsanto for $2.2 billion for unfair collection of royalties through patents on seed. Monsanto has become the “Life Lord” of our planet collecting rents for life’s renewal from farmers, the original breeders and food producers.

Factory farming:

This archaic method of food production just does not work. It is not just bad for farm animals, it is dirty, dangerous, and cruel to animals. Factory farming is often viewed as a cheap and efficient method of feeding the world however this could not be further from the truth. For every 100 calories of food energy fed to livestock we get back just 30 calories in the form of eggs, meat, dairy, etc … a 70% loss! Are people being forced to compete with factory farmed animals for food? It is not just the inhumane treatment of our caged and confined animals that is of concern, it is the entire unhealthy and unsustainable method of food production which impact on the environment and ultimately on our health. Whatever happened to our good old-fashioned clean, holistic, and health-promoting food production methods.

Mushroom treatment:

I was absolutely floored that the ABC, Australia’s public broadcasting media, was ordered to take down “Heart of the Matter”, a two part series on Cholesterol and Statin drugs from their highly successful “Catalyst” program, “Statin Nation – The Great Cover-up”. Whatever happened to the publics right to know the truth?

Breast health:

The birth of feminism in the late 1960′s and early 1970′s featured young women burning their bras as a counterpoint to young men in the USA burning their draft cards. Bra burning was a social statement. Now there is more discussion regarding the medical merits of those demonstrations. A Florida doctor has found that over 90% of women with fibrocystic breast disease find improvement when they stop wearing their bras. The connection between breast tumours - non-malignant or malignant - and bra wearing has merit when considering lymph drainage issues from wearing bras for too long, too often. The lymph nodes in the breasts requires movement to pump out the lymph nodes accumulation of toxins and waste materials. Not only are the breasts movements inhibited by bras thereby restricting proper lymph node draining, but the tight enclosure of the breasts further restrict lymph material flow. A one-piece sports bra for exercising and wearing a sports bra as a healthier choice for normal wear is highly recommended. The best alternative is to let the “twins” go free and unfettered.

I spy:

The worlds second biggest mobile phone company, Vodafone, revealed that government agencies in six “unidentified” countries (no prizes for guessing) use its network to listen to and record customers calls showing the scale of telecom eavesdropping around the world. In the cases of the six countries, the company said that government agencies had inserted their own equipment into the Vodafone network or diverted Vodafone’s data traffic through government systems to enable them to listen in to calls.

Flu shots:

Mercury tests conducted on vaccines at the Natural News Forensic Food Lab have revealed a shockingly high level of toxic mercury in an influenza vaccine made by Glaxo-Smith-Kline at a shocking 51 parts per million, or over 25,000 times higher than the maximum contaminant level of inorganic mercury in drinking water. The mercury level in the GSK flu shot was 100 times higher than the highest level of mercury ever tested by the Natural News lab in contaminated fish. And yet vaccines are injected directly into the human body making them more toxic and deadly than anything ingested orally.


Hahahaha …. Well good evening children.  It is I, Aranuth, that comes once more to visit you.  I trust you can see some of us, perhaps all of us? (referring to unseen beings) I have brought friends with me this evening.  The friends that have accompanied me are not from your accepted spiritual realms.  Even though they have the same ideals and goals for not just you souls incarnate but for your planet and everything upon it they are of a parallel stream shall we say.  A parallel stream of evolution.  Now the parallel stream, I use that term, parallel stream, it is what you would term of galactic origins.  Now often we in the realms here when speaking of galactics many times you are mistaken about your galactics; they are not what you perceive them to be.  However, they do exist: not in just several forms but in many, many forms.  They are many galactics as you call them, there are many galactic realms and space … as you say .. space brothers and sisters; entitites from other realms much more advanced than your realm and they are here to help you.

Now for those of you who have the eyes to see you will notice that there are not just you physical incarnates here today; there are many others from the spiritual streams; those from through the veil.  We have several ascended masters behind me and all are part of the Crystal Light Brotherhood.  Not only that, we are accompanied by those from the galactic realms who would like to make themselves known to you and also make known to you what their task is;  what they will be contributing to your planet and your life in coming times.

Now the person that I have beside me who will be feeding me shall we say, feeding me some information is from a realm that you possibly have never heard of and it is called Que’ran (pronounced Qay-rarn)  Now these Que’ran’s are a very peaceful, peace-loving nation; race as you might say.  The Que’rans have a charter to assist, to assist us ascended masters from the spiritual realm to embed peace on earth.  Peace.  They are here to help assist with embedding peace on your planet, in your time frame; not after you have left this earthly level plane but in your time right now.

It is not only happening now, it has been happening for quite some time.  You are unaware of it except for the others who can see not just behind the veil but see through several layers of the veil.  Now where we are at this point in time is: your planet has been undergoing dramatic changes for a considerable period of time.  As it undergoes these changes; it has been making numerous, numerous changes, changes of every colour and every vibration.  You are being bombarded with changes and challenges from all corners.  Now the human race as it were, the human race as a whole, are not armed, personally armed to counter these challenges.  There are also energy incursions being made by beings who are not  here for your benefit … that is certain.  However, those beings are being contained and rebuffed; rebuffed.  Of course it takes a superior force to rebuff them and we from the spiritual realms often times ask for assistance from other races, other nations, others beings of various energy levels and energy composition  because you see, you are energy, all is energy, all is one, one is all. However, there are variations, variations in the composition of the energies so we have these wonderful beings from Que’ran who are here, have offered, have held their hand up to assist us to embed peace on your planet, in your time.

Now from time immemorial, these entities, shall we say those beings, who have been prompted and driven by the insatiable need for power, insatiable need for wealth, these beings only have their own self interest at heart and certainly not your best interest.  Unfortunately those beings come to this plane to discover for themselves that being here having their own self interest at heart is a road to nowhere.  They come here to do an entire incarnation, an earthwalk, packed with experiences and lessons and at the end of that term, that lesson, that life, they discover it was all in vain.  All in vain.  Because they were not in the knowingness that there are many great beings of love and light from various realms, as I have just spoken, who opposed them and so those beings would you say with negative aspects, those beings find out for themselves; it takes them one whole incarnation plus several more sometimes to learn that your planet and the universe is there for all.  It is there for one, it is there for all.  They are part of the oneness, they are of the all ness, they may share in it but they not take all of it.  They share in it.  So now those beings learn a hard lesson.  Many of them return to your planet in another incarnation to attempt once again to thwart the Creator’s plan.  They do not have the knowledge.  They do not have the power.  They will never succeed however, they are learning their lessons. They can make things quite difficult for incarnates, physical incarnates, and so we have them coming again.  There is another wave of them here on your planet now who are attempting to take control of everything: they wish to subjugate you; they wish to keep you in slavery as it were.  They wish to own everything, to be everything, to have everything, to control everything and that is a path to nowhere.  They will learn that in time.

However, going back to the Que’rans: this Que’ran group is a very select group: it is a very small group; it does not have the scope, the breadth, the width, the depth; it does not have any of those parameters enjoyed by many other galactic races such as you might call Sirian, Pleiadian, so on and so forth.  However, those from Que’ran, they have peace and love in their heart and they wish to instill peace here, embed it here on your planet for your benefit not for their benefit.  Your benefit.  Of course they receive a benefit as such simply because they have succeeded in helping you.  They have succeeded in helping this planet.  They have succeeded in helping the population of this planet and they feel that they have a benefit there because they have assisted you to embed love and light on your planet.

Now in coming days you are going to continue to experience various challenges, various difficulties, and I might remind you that the way to confront all challenges and difficulties is with acceptance, love, and light.  No judgement!  No retaliation!  That is of a negative aspect.  You do not have to retaliate: you do not have to get even; you do not need to punish anyone.  Everything is in Divine Order.  Every soul incarnate is walking its own pathway for its own purpose and its own experience.  Its own experience and purpose is one of learning.  They are learning that the universe and the multiverses are powered by and consist of the Creators love and light.  That is it.  There is no thing.  There is no power greater than the Creators love and the Creators light.  Many souls incarnate are yet to learn that.  They are yet to discover that, and of course many of them are learning it the hard  way.

Into your future, and you do have a future, a future without fear, without fear, without negativity.  What you see is a façade; what you look at in your reality; what it appears to be is simply a facade because do not be forgetting that your media loves nothing better than spreading fear.  They love nothing better than stirring up fear, perpetuating it, that’s what sells.  That what sells.  Doom, gloom, negativity.  fear.  So that’s what they promote and that is a façade; that’s a facade: behind that , behind that is the true reality.  Behind that is your true reality.  What is your true reality?  Where do you come from?  You were breathed forth as a spark of light from the Creator’s force … so you are light.  Everything is light.  Everything is composed of light.  Anything that is not of the light cannot and will not exist for any longer than is necessary.

Now sometimes we use these shall we say, negative and fear aspects, for a very, very good purpose.  It’s a learning purpose for all souls incarnate.  Nothing is wasted.  So while the fear, the doom, the negativity, is out there, that’s your challenge, that’s your challenge.  So you are confronted with this as a challenge.  Challenging you to rise above it.  Challenging you to recognise, to realise, that that is not the way of the Creator and as such cannot and will not last.  It will crumble and fall away.  What will last is the continuation of the light.  The power of the Light.  The power of love. That will always win, always succeed, and darkness must recede from light.  Universal truth: darkness must recede from light.  So we bring the light in and when we bring the light in all that which is of the dark must recede and the light will drive the darkness back into oblivion.  Oblivion.

So now on your planet you are being challenged somewhat.  The biggest challenge is for you to see behind that negative façade; that one of fear, and doom, and gloom.  Look behind that, see and know, know that the light always wins because nothing else can beat the light and the light wins all of the time.  So while people are looking at negative aspects of various situations and various places in the world, they should be looking behind that.  They should be knowing that these negative activities are put before you to present you with an opportunity to see, and know, and believe, and put into action the light.

How do you put the light into action?  Through your positivity.  Through your positivity.  If you are and remain positive in the light you will always overcome any challenges of what is called or perceived to be the dark.  Now don’t forget I just said all of those challenges of the dark are there for you.  It’s a learning tool for you.  It’s a learning tool. It allows you to look at it and know that is not of the light, know that you have the power, you have the light, know that you have the ability; like a supreme alchemist you have the ability to go beyond, go behind all that negativity and implant light.  Apply light.  Apply the principles of light.  Power of the light.  It goes on, and on, and on, and the light continues to expand.  You, if you use the light will continue to expand.  So what are you human incarnates doing here?  Learning to grow and expand in the light, with the light, as light, as light beings.  As powerful, positive light beings.  That’s your task.  That’s your task.

Now into the future you will have a continuation of what is perceived as negative happenings that are having  a down trodden effect on the population.  You can step around that, you can overcome that.   Because it is you, it is the light workers who are in charge.  It is you that are in charge.  You have the power, you have the light  So when a situation arises that is rather distasteful, perhaps being perceived as tragic, I would suggest to you that you examine that situation, that tragedy, that happening.  I would suggest that you examine it very, very carefully.  Put it under your microscope and see what constitutes that tragedy.  When you look deeply into it you will see every aspect of that supposedly negative fear: tragedy is a grand opportunity for the planet to grow, to glow, to go ahead.  So do not form negative opinions of what you perceive to be negative happenings.  Have a look and ask yourself what lesson is that revealing to me.  There is always a lesson in it.  Don’t take it at face value.  Look deeper into it; look behind it.  Ask yourself what is this going to teach me.  What opportunity is this going to present me with.

Having now identified that as an opportunity for me to exercise my power will I have the courage and the determination to take the path of the light and overcome that particular happening, tragedy, whatever.  Always look not in a judgmental manner but as an opportunity to grow and once you start looking at it as an opportunity to grow you disempower the perceived negativity attached to it, to that instance, to that issue, that happening   So you can take the wind out of its sails so to speak by looking at negative happenings across the planet and saying “I see you for what you really are”.  I look into you and I see you for what you really are.  You are a learning opportunity for great number of souls.  You are presenting me and many other incarnates such as myself with the opportunity to dig deep into my bag of tricks, pull out all my powers; use all those powers to turn one of negativity to one of positivity.  So in every happening there are North Pole and South Pole.  Reverse the polarity and you reverse the situation.  Reverse the polarity, so you go from perceived negativity back to positivity.  And positivity wins every time. It always will.  Because positivity is of the light and the light is the greatest power ever known not just on this planet. not just in the universe not just for the multi-verses but for everything you can conceive of as creation.  And you are part of creation.  You are not only part of creation, you are the creator.  You are the creator. Now is your chance to put your creative ability, your creative powers to work.  Put your creative powers to work.  You have the creative power; it is powered by the light; you have the light.  Put it to work.  So when you are confronted with what is perceived as adversity overcome it because you know being a creator and being of the light, the light will always win and you will overcome that.

You may not overcome it instantly or tomorrow or next week because many of these things have a time line to run.  But you will overcome it.  You WILL overcome it.  And as long as you stay in the mode of positivity. the mode of creativity in the light you must win every time.  It’s a universal truth.  The light wins every time.  If you want to be a winner get into the light. Use the light, use the creative powers of the light.  Wow, I am in full voice today am I not?  Use the power of the light in every situation, every aspect of your life.  Every breath you take ensure that every breath is powered by the light.  Every in breath you intake the light.  Every out breath you exhale the light.  And why should you not, you are light beings.  You are beings of light encased in this solid matter, this body; you are light first and foremost.  Light.  So I suggest that you start using the light start using the positivity of the light and its the power of the positivity, the absolute power.  Use the absolute power and the positivity of the light and you must win because there is no other outcome.  There is not other outcome.  The only reason why it does appear that the darker forces are winning is because those of the light are not applying their light to the situation.  Whether they are dodging their responsibilities , whether they are in fear of their own power, for whatever reasons you have the power so you use it.  So we now we bring it back down to a very earthy, earthy level  I would suggest to you, everyday in every situation, examine what is happening in your life, the life of your community, the life of your nation, your planet.  Examine what is happening.  Understand that why it is happening it is presenting itself as a lesson so it presents as a lesson.  Presents as an opportunity and the opportunity is there for all souls incarnate to practice the use of their own power; of the power of their own light; and know absolutely, know absolutely that you are not only a winner, you are the winner.  You are the winner because you are of the Creators light; if you are the light you are a creator.  If you are a creator you win.  You win.  That’s as simple as that.

Now then, not to put fear into you: you will find in the coming times there will be many, many attempts from all different quarters and angles, to control your nation, yourself, every aspect of human life.  There will always be those, they will always fail because they are all on a very short time line.  They are all on a very short time line.  Nothing of the dark, nothing of the negative has a long time line.  By now in your daily life surely you would have realised that shall we say, your perceived bad times, don’t last, they don’t last long at all.  They come into your life as an opportunity regardless of whether you take the opportunity or not and they are going to leave your life after a short period of time.  Everything that is of a negative has a short time life.  Everything that is of the light of the positivity, continues on, and on, and on albeit being interuppted for a short period of time the negativity always has and always will.   So I would suggest to you that you view happenings not as a negative but as a positive; as an opportunity for growth for you to grow. an opportunity for you to use your powers positively; you will always come up with a good outcome.  The outcome will always be good.  The outcome will always be positive.

And so children before I take my leave I would just like to remind you once again that you will have continuing help from the Que’rans and not only that into your very near future you will become more and more aware of galactic activity.  You will become more and more aware of the activities of various races from various galactic realms.  There are no harm in them.  There is no clear and present danger.  It is those that are of the light who wish to make themselves known and the Que’ran are the quiet achievers.   The Que’ran are quiet achievers.  and they shall be there to help you at every turn on your pathway.

And so I thank you for being here this evening.  I thank you for hearing my words, reading my words.  I do hope that you will go forth in the light with positivitity and light and love.  So good evening children.  Thank you.  Good Evening.

If you like to watch the video of this channeling click below.

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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