Aranuth Speaks May 2nd 2014

It is interesting to note that the focus and content of the messages and advice received from the guidance realm lately are focusing keenly upon sending love and light to the planet; and not only to everything upon it but to every conceivable situation that may arise … provided that it is for the “highest good” of All.

Also of note is the ever-increasing number of groups protesting against injustices and attempts to deny them their rightful freedom and to be free from control and repression.  These groups ably assisted by Lightworkers everywhere, are achieving amazing results in human and animal care and liberation as well as in the political and social justice arena.  Times are a’changing!

Emotions play an important part in the creation of our reality simply because they empower our thoughts, words, and deeds and therefore must be carefully guarded.  If we allow emotions to run rampant and unchecked when we focus on a situation with negativity or judgement then we will receive precisely what we sent out because the universe is like a mirror and will reflect back to us what we radiate to it.  On the other hand if we stay calm and peaceful when observing the situation and then apply unconditional, non-judgemental love and light we can safely assume that the universe will reflect that back as our reality.

It is interesting to note that the guides have recently been placing considerable emphasis on the de-calcifying of the Pineal Gland.  Most spiritually aware people already know that the way to re opening the third eye is to focus the Divine Light on cleansing and activating the Pineal Gland on a daily basis.  Scientific studies have revealed unequivocally that fluoride is calcifying the gland and “dumbing” humans down.  Perhaps we will see groups taking legal action against government agencies over the forced medication of the population by dosing our water supply with fluoride.  The spice Curcumin is a noted Pineal decalcifier and cleanser.

Both the Ravenshoe and Cairns Manifestation Process workshops were well attended by interested people and prompted those attending to remember that they are spiritual beings having a human experience:  and to also remember, recall, and utilise their powers of creating and manifesting what ever they desire on their pathway in this reality.  They were beautiful gatherings and everyone expressed their enjoyment of how the day unfolded.


Greetings children.  Merlin at your service.  This evening I have chosen energies: vibrations; alterations to these energies and their subsequent effect upon you … and of course by extension everything upon your planet.  You dear souls are very much aware that you are undergoing large changes in your vibration in the vibration of your planet around you.  I’m here to advise you, to inform you, of the reason why you feel the way that you do.  The reason why you feel quite different sometimes on a day to day basis, sometimes on a moment to moment basis, and there is very good reason for that.  Dear ones you all understand that even though you are of similar physical structure you are also of a dis-similar energetic structure.  Now, that being so, indicates quite obviously that the different frequency of the vibrations that affect and surround your planet will have a differing effect on different souls incarnate because of the difference in their energetic structure.  To clarify: there has been altered energy affecting your planet and everything upon it for more years that you are aware of.  Altered energy, altered frequency, is nothing new.  Not new at all.  The only thing that could be classed as new would be your recognition of the energy that affects your beingness.  As I have just spoken every single soul incarnate has a very different energy template, so even though souls incarnate are physically constructed of the same materials the energetic blueprint that resides within their soul beingness is very, very different.  It is at varying and different stages of development and as a matter of course, a matter of universal scientific law, the energy blueprint, the energy structure, of every soul incarnate will record a very different vibration one from another.

There are souls incarnate who are quite well advanced, quite well advanced compared to or in comparison to souls who through no fault of their own have not yet achieved that same level of advancement of understanding.  The energy that is directed to, received by, and affecting all of this planet has been flowing down to you, to your planet, for aeons of time.  So far back in history that even I cannot recall the commencement of that energy.  I would like you all to understand that without energy, without the vibration, without the colour structure, the colour temperature and quotient of light structure, your planet  would not survive.  Without a continual inflow of the divine energy, the divine light, the divine vibration your blue planet, your living planet would be what is known to you as a “dead star”.  Dead meaning lifeless; without life.  Now, when we examine that further, when we examine it more closely, we can clearly see that the energy actually nourishes, nourishes and sustains your planet, your lovely living planet, and every form upon it. Everything is affected by energy simply because it is composed of energy.  So now you may understand when I say if the living energy were withdrawn for whatever reason at any time your planet would cease to exist in its present form and would simply be dead star; lifeless material; totally uninhabitable; and as such of no further use.

Taking into consideration all that I have just said you will now understand that at your individual level it is incumbent upon you, on you only, to recognise your personal energy, the energy flow, the energy blend, that nourishes and sustains you; and so it also follows that it would be in your best interest for you to continually develop that energy. The universe is always expanding: there is no time when the universe will stand still, become stagnant, stunted, and in the end be without life.  So now we come to you dear souls incarnate and we look upon your pathway, we look upon your journey, we look upon your life as it were, your life on this planet, and now we have also the chance to consider each souls individual advancement; advancement by using the energy to evolve, to grow, to expand, at a rate commensurate with the expansion of your planet, your universe, and yes the expansion of All That Is.  So, for the All That Is and the universe and your planet to grow, expand, evolve, and become a shining star as it were;  to achieve greatness of love and light, the ultimate may I say, for that to happen requires a grass roots approach to expanding the energy of all this, of Oneness, the energy of creation … because that ‘s what you are, energy, you are the Creator’s energy.  You are the energy of creation in living form.

So, taking all that into consideration souls incarnate should now realise that they have an enormous power at their disposal.  There is enormous creative power there for their recognition and utilisation.  You have the energy so use it.  Use it carefully: use it wisely; and use it positively and constructively.  Because dear ones you create your own reality.  You are the creator on earth.  Who else would be creating on earth other than you?  The Creator’s energy does not create individual and specific projects, infrastructure, and other things; the Creator energy is simply a pool of power for you to tap into and create.   You whilst embodied here on this earth plane are the Creator the Creator is not outside of you; the Creator is within you.  You are the Creator on earth manifesting in a physical body … that is who and what you are.  So, that being so, most souls incarnate may struggle from time to time to become understanding and comfortable in the knowingness and belief that they are the Creator embodied.

All too often, souls incarnate have doubt.  They have a deeply ingrained level of disbelief.  Disbelief such as “how can an embodiment such as this be a Creator? Why do you ask that question?  Why do you doubt?  Why do you think you are here on this planet at this time?  Why do you doubt that you are and can create anything and everything that you so desire individually and collectively?  Do not doubt that you are great powerful creator beings.  You hold in the palm of your hand, in your mind, in your higher mind deep within your soul self, the essence of your beingness.  You are grand creators.  Why would you doubt?  Do you doubt because your creations do not become manifest with immediacy?  hmm?  Perhaps it may be more beneficial to you if you considered right timing; alignment; and cohesiveness with the plans and the creations of others, other prominent souls, not to mention having a cohesive existence with the Divine Creators grand plan.  It is not for you to judge.  It is not for you to stand in judgement of when and if, and right timing for the manifestation of your desires but to simply project your intent, your desire, out to the universe and let the Creator’s Divine grand plan decide when is the appropriate time for your creation to become manifest.

That is not always the case in every instant.  However, there is the over riding, the over riding condition, that whatever it is that you wish to create must be in accordance with the universal laws of creation and with the Grand Creator’s plan.  There is no reason why you should not apply yourself diligently to creating your reality because not in every instance will the Creator’s grand plan take precedence.  Your desired creation will become manifest providing that this is not interfering with the Creator’s plan, and I will tell you that that does not happen with great frequency.  There is so much, there is so many intentions, desires, that you may have that will undoubtedly become manifest and so you should simply continue on your journey creating whatever it is that you desire whenever you desire it.  There are a great, great number of prospective creations in the “field of all”, in the Ocean of All Thought, of all thought forms  Most of them are in alignment and will become manifest and add greatness to your individual lives provided that you ask the Creator knowing that it will come into your reality at the appropriate time if it’s energy form is suited to your journey and your personal energy structure.

So dear ones never doubt your capabilities.  Remember even the worlds greatest inventors had what you call failures: that did not deter them from continuing to create.  They knew within their totality that provided that the item, the issue, whatever it is that they were wanting to create, would become manifest in this reality in right timing and in accordance with the Creator’s grand plan.  So, I would suggest consider pondering what I have just divulged: take out what you understand at this moment in time; and know that you will come into a further level of understanding and ability to create and co-create in concert with the Creator into your future.  There is no such thing as failure.  Failure is your word.  In the realms, in the higher vibratory realities, failure does not exist.  Things simply ARE; and so I Merlin, thank you for allowing me to enter your energy circle to address you on this evening.  I wish you success; I wish you love; I wish you light.  Simply because that is All There Is.

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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  1. I couldn't agree more on this, good truthful post Malcom.


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