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Help us decide the next step in the "Our Land, Our Business" Campaign

We’ve cracked open the door. Should we creep, step or burst through?

Something pretty great has happened. Because hundreds of organisations and thousands of people like you around the world signed the petition to end the World Bank's destructive Doing Business rankings, a crack has appeared in their armour.

I delivered the Joint Statement - along with some fresh soil representing the millions of small-hold farmers around the world who have been displaced by these policies - to the doors of the Bank itself in Washington DC. After initially being refused, I was met by some of the key officials. They were very polite, said a couple of extraordinary things – like the fact that they don't think it is their job to change the economic system that drives inequality, they just implement the Business Rankings country by country - but agreed to meet farmers groups to hear more.

Talking is essential but not enough. We were clear with them: we will help them listen to our partners but we are…

Our Land, Our Business

Thousands of people have already watched this video and joined the campaign to abolish the destructive practices of the World Bank.
The Bank is already in reaction mode because of the momentum we're picking up.

Will you help us spread the video so everyone knows what the World Banksters are really up to?

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Aranuth Speaks May 2nd 2014

It is interesting to note that the focus and content of the messages and advice received from the guidance realm lately are focusing keenly upon sending love and light to the planet; and not only to everything upon it but to every conceivable situation that may arise … provided that it is for the “highest good” of All.

Also of note is the ever-increasing number of groups protesting against injustices and attempts to deny them their rightful freedom and to be free from control and repression.  These groups ably assisted by Lightworkers everywhere, are achieving amazing results in human and animal care and liberation as well as in the political and social justice arena.  Times are a’changing!

Emotions play an important part in the creation of our reality simply because they empower our thoughts, words, and deeds and therefore must be carefully guarded.  If we allow emotions to run rampant and unchecked when we focus on a situation with negativity or judgement then we will receive precisel…