Aranuth Speaks Ravenshoe March 2014

Guest communicator El Morya speaks about the urgent need for souls everywhere to radiate Love and Light to every corner of the globe as an antidote to the seemingly endless aggression, division, repression, controls, and several other negative aspects of our present life.

  It is interesting to note that several recent channelled messages have spoken about the need for Love, Light, Forgiveness, and Healing Energy all across our planet.  It seems obvious that now and into the near future the planet and its inhabitants are going to really need to apply themselves to the emanation of unconditional Love and Light.

During my recent attendance as guest speaker at the Cairns Spiritual Centre my guide El Morya came through and spoke briefly about the need for Light and Love to be radiated as often as possible, singly and in groups, to the entire planet.  The people at the Cairns Spiritual Centre are a beautiful group of souls who not only made me very welcome but radiated a lovely group energy.

Upraised energy effects:  Many of us are quite obviously becoming somewhat detached from this third dimensional level of expression and rising in vibration into one of higher and finer frequency.  The first noticeable thing to recede is the memory of events, happenings, places, names etc on this level of solid matter.  Quite a number of people, myself included, often have difficulty recalling or remembering events, places, times, appointments, names of commonly used items and foodstuffs and a whole plethora of things normally consigned to, and easily retrieved from, our memory banks.  Alzheimers it ain’t.

The Malaysian Airlines flight 387 disappearance and resultant on-going search gave rise to a great number of theories regarding its in-flight disappearance.  Some of these theories were plausible, some ridiculous, some belong to realm of science fiction magazines, and some bear careful consideration.  The whole truth when it is revealed will probably lean more towards the almost unbelievable.

All over the world the people are rising up and demanding an end to the chemical interference in our water and food chain.  GMO’s, pesticides, fluoride, and many other potentially harmful chemicals are being blamed, and some rightly so, for many ailments, diseases, and birth defects. One assertive and outspoken Australian woman challenged her local council regarding adding fluoride to the city’s drinking water by saying “how dare you forcibly medicate myself and my children by adding fluoride to out drinking water”! She’s got a valid point there!

Mayans have won a huge battle to ban GMO Soy Crops.  After two years of litigation, and arguing that the planting of GM soybeans was in direct opposition to traditional beekeeping practices, and that it was in violation of their right to a healthy environment, the Mayans won their case.  It sets a new legal precedent and looks like it is now time for change; people before profit.

The “Manifestation Process” workshop that I conducted in Innisfail on Sunday 30th was a wonderful day with those in attendance expressing enjoyment and positive stimulus.  The meditation following the workshop presentation was deep and meaningful with several people having never-before-experienced spiritual encounters. Magic energy!  The Health, Healing, and Harmony premises was a perfect fit to hold a spiritual workshop with its wonderful ambience.

Another Manifestation Process workshop will be held in Ravenshoe on the 13th of April, with another one being planned for Cairns early in May.


Good evening dear souls, welcome: welcome again.  I welcome you to a continuation of our previous message … and messages even previous to that.  The message, the continuation of the message that I bring concerns a very, very important aspect of your life here on planet earth.  You have all heard me speak many times, quite a number of times, about the power; the absolute power of Love and Light.  You have heard me speak of the dire need, urgent need, for Love and Light; for accelerated Love and Light in even greater quantities, greater volumes of Love and Light to be radiated all across and into your planet.  There is a great need for this planet, your temporary home, to be held in a cocoon of pure Light, the Creator’s Light, the most powerful energy force in the world.  The most powerful energy force ever encountered by souls both incarnate and discarnate.  The power of Light, the power of Love.

You, each and every one of you, are a division or a subdivision and descendent of the Creator.  You are composed of the Creator’s Light and Love so, you are Love and Light.  Your basis, your structure, your base energy essence, is Light and Love.  That is what you are doing here incarnate at this time on this planet.  You are here to re-discover that you are Love and Light.  You are here to not only discover but to use, to practice, your ability to use this Light and this Love for the betterment of yourself, the advancement of yourself;  the betterment of your community; your nation; and of course the entire planet.  When you became incarnate the Creator agreed to give you free will choice so that you may experiment at will if you so feel inclined with your ability to use the Light, to use the Love, to use that power to manifest, to create, anything your heart desires.  Unfortunately, with each new wave of souls coming in the evolution of those souls, many of them who came in with a large degree of amnesia, actually magnified that level of amnesia to such an extent that they have somewhat forgotten or have totally forgotten what their mission here on this planet was designed for.

It was designed for you to discover, re-discover, that you are a great being of Love and Light.  That you can use that enormous unequalled power of Love and Light to manifest, to create, whatever it is that you desire with your main desire being to infuse your entire planet with Love and Light before you as an individual unit or perhaps a group decided it was time to come home to the realms triumphant; time for you to come home knowing full well that you have achieved your mission.  You have achieved your target; you have achieved what you set out to do.  And that was to incarnate on a third dimensional level of reality and express your powers to such an extent that you could actually transform any and every part of that third dimensional solid matter reality.  This dimension was supposed to be like clay in your hands.  You came here with a level of amnesia.  Your mission was to recall, rediscover your powers and apply those powers to re-mould, reshape, manifest and create, an entire new planet.  A New Earth. 

You have heard the expression “the New Earth”? That is what you are supposed to be doing.  Creating a New Earth.  And in creating a New Earth that also encompasses this reality which after you apply your powers singularly or as a group you will transform it into a New Earth simply because you will not allow any lower vibrations to become manifest in your new creations.  Now, it is not exactly the stuff of science fiction magazines, however, it does have what you could consider to be a scientific application because any time that you use energy it is done in a scientific manner.  You may be doing it from your higher self, from your essence, your inner being-ness, from who and what you are; you may be doing it from there.  However, this is a scientific process that takes place to achieve what you wish to do.  Do you understand?  You have a desire to create a better world for yourself so you recall, rediscover, your unlimited powers and you use those powers to mould, shape, and create, a New Earth.  What you are doing is applying scientific principles to that creation / manifestation scenario.  You can manifest and create any thing you wish provided that you apply yourself to the task; provided that you have total knowingness and believe that you posses the unlimited power to do that; to achieve that task; and so you do it.  The actual “doing” of it is in line with a scientific principle.  So, it’s not all of what you wish to draw from the ethers to create it; it is the science of it that accomplishes that.  It is the science of it that creates or alters atoms that clump together and create a reality.  I think I have said that simply enough.

You are aware comprised of atoms;  you are all composed in your physical body of atoms.  If the atoms spin high enough and fast enough you become invisible.  If the atoms spin slowly they clump, they bind, and you have (clap, clap)are you listening? … solidity!  That is a scientific process.  So is manifestation and creation.  You as a great, powerful, beings of Light know that you possess the secret of how to apply scientific principles to manifest and create whatever it is that you wish.  Knowing that, we in the realms consider that perhaps the greater majority of souls incarnate may be remiss in the application of their powers to alter, change, and improve your planet.  Too many souls incarnate apply their creative powers to other pursuits such as making money, building businesses, building huge empires, so that they may build a huge ego which will take them even further away from the beingness that they are.  They are being seduced! They are being seduced from the task that they incarnated to achieve.  Money, wealth, fame, notoriety, interaction with attractive members of the opposite sex, adulation, all of these things seduce a soul incarnate to draw them away from their task of delivering and expanding the Light on Earth.  Every soul has free will choice.  If you choose to go down that road then that is all very fine because that is your choice.  It is not your mission!  It is not your task!  It is your choice!  So we ask you to consider choosing again.  We ask you to consider making other choices;  making other choices that align with your task; your mission here which is to create a planet of Love and Light and so expand yourself, grow yourself as a being of Love and Light.

You can choose and choose and choose or not choose at all.  All is in allowance.  There is no judgement.  We in the realms certainly do not judge you because we are held in the Creator’s Light -  not in a place of negativity or judgement.  We are held in the purity of the Creators Light, and in the purity of the Creator’s Light we find such ideals as compassion; tolerance; understanding; Love. All of these ideals are part of the Creator’s Love and the Creator’s Light.  This is where we reside; this is where we would wish for you to come back to and perhaps reside with us – providing that you have performed your task; you have completed your mission here to install and instill the absolute power, beauty, intensity, brilliance of the Creator’s Light.

Now then if we were to look at your colour situation all across your planet we see friction, aggression, violence, intolerance, it’s quite a list; quite a list.  I do not say that with a positive or negative spin, I say that as a “fact”.  So all across the planet, everywhere you have wars, terrorism, divisions, soul against soul, family against family, there is a shocking and sad lack of the Creator’s Light and Love.  Your current wars, aggression, all of these things are a manifestation of the total lack of the Creator’s Light and the Creator’s Love and the souls incarnate who will not radiate the Creator’s Love and Light, they will not express it.  They are not prepared to fulfil their duty of focusing the power of the Creator’s Love and Light on those situations and in those situations there are many, many unhappy and confused souls caught up in an aggression or confrontation or a war for which they do not desire and have no taste for; in fact they find it very distasteful.  Many of them find that they themselves as an individual or small group do not have sufficient power to turn the tables, to take the situation from one of negativity and spin it 180 degrees and spin it into a positive direction.  And so we in the realms knowing that every soul on this planet has free will choice and constraining ourselves, restraining ourselves, from usurping your free will choice, we stand by and watch and radiate Love and Light to not only every soul incarnate, every living thing, but also to the entire planet and all that composes it.  That is the limit of our charter.

It is up to you souls incarnate to take up the banner now; it is up to you souls incarnate to hold up the standard, to become the standard bearer, to march confidently forward knowing, absolutely that you have the knowledge and you have the power to manifest anything that your heart desires and you know that you will apply the scientific protocols to bring that about, to make that happen. That is once you have the absolute knowingness and belief that you have the power to change or alter any object or situation.

We are not in the fear business; we speak factually.  Having said that you are well aware of the incidents that are happening all over your planet.  You are aware daily of atrocities, of crimes, wars, adverse weather events, earth tragedies, human tragedies, floods, fires … it’s all happening.  The huge economies of your planet are balanced  on a knife edge: let me tell you there are large economies that can fall very quickly if the wind changes course; if the political wind changes course.  And of course on your planet you have your controllers; you have some very, very powerful controllers who have taken control of your entire monetary system, your governments, your religions, your industries, almost every aspect of your life is interfered with and controlled by some of these controlling souls who greedily grasp power and wealth to themselves.  They are not invincible.  Souls such as that have very little Light quotient.  They do not have much Light power because they do not want to go down that avenue.  You are the ones that have the real power.  You are great beings of Love and Light and within your soul being-ness you have enormous power.  And behind that power you may call upon a force such as the Brotherhood of the Crystal Light to which I belong, which wields such great power of Love and Light. Not to take charge of your planet but to ensure that your free will choice is carried out, is met, is triumphant.

Dear souls, we ask you; do you want to be controlled, down -trodden, depressed, repressed? Or do you want to be in control. Do you want to have the power to define your own destiny?  You have it!  Use it!  At this moment in your time their exists a window of opportunity for souls incarnate all across this planet to sincerely radiate Love and Light to take charge of their own destiny, to take charge of their evolution and development of their own planet; to take this planet and turn it into one of beauty; to transform this old planet into a New Earth.  Gaia, mother Gaia would dearly love that.  Mother Gaia is crying out to be returned to her pure, pristine, original condition and it is in your power to see that that happens … if you so desire.  So if you wish to be part of the movement that takes this planet and transforms it into a place of beauty, a place of Love, a place of Light;  shall we go as far as to say, shall we say heaven, your idea of heaven on earth? It can be that if you wholeheartedly desire it and facilitate that outworking.  Even one individual single soul has within them great power.  You have that power.  You are not shackled or bound;  no one. There is no power that can take your power.  No one can take the power of Love and Light away from you or any other.  It does not and will not happen simply because those who desire, those who crave power, wealth, and control over not just a few but entire nations, they are barking up the wrong tree.  They are definitely an unsuitable candidate to be a repository of the Creator’s Love and the Creator’s Light.  So they may as well give the game away right now.

Not only that, but their days as controllers are numbered.  The Creator knows the number.  The days of those controllers, the greediness, the avarice, the extreme avarice-ness , all of this will fade away; it cannot stand in the way of the truth of Love of Light; and so I wish to tell you that I am honoured; I am honoured to be chosen to come to this medium;  for him to speak my words, the words of my Brotherhood, the words of some of the higher masters, the Logos; I am honoured to be the simple messenger.  I am honoured to be in your presence.

You are all beautiful beings of Love and Light.  When you come home I will be there at the table with the Brotherhood to welcome you.  So I would like to ask you to do your best.  Remember who and what you are.  Remember what your task is here.  Remember the mission that you accepted and carry it out.  We love you all; we support you all.  You never walk alone!

Thank you and Good Evening.  I am El Morya.  Thank you.  Good Evening.

How would you like to watch the video of this channeling session? Watch it right here.

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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