Aranuth Speaks: Interim Newsletter

Here in North Qld, Australia, cyclone Ita surely caused more than a modicum of concern to the people of Far North Qld who have suffered from category 5 cyclones in the recent past.  Ita came in as a category five and crossed the coast a category four cyclone with destructive winds of 280 Kilometres an hour accompanied by torrential rain.  The cyclone lost intensity as it passed over land and was reduced to a category 2 storm distributing torrential rain to large areas of the far north causing flooding to many towns and rural centres. As usual it was totally unpredictable altering course at random and keeping forecasters on their toes competing with each other for predictive accuracy.

Queenslanders are usually pretty much prepared for and used to the annual monsoonal and cyclonic weather events however when a cyclone is imminent they still become anxious and skittish … with good reason!  It has taken years and truck-loads of money for some areas to recover from Category 5 cyclones Larry and Yasi and no one wants a repeat of that.

While we are experiencing nature’s awesome power perhaps now is an opportunity to experience consciousness and reality from a higher-self/ soul perspective.  Perhaps we could designate a day or two while the cyclonic weather holds us captive to live without technology.  Wake up when we feel refreshed, rest and sleep when we feel tired, eat what we like whenever we feel hungry whether it is meal time or not, and participate in activities such as meditation, contemplation, and introspection that do not require an adherence to a time-defined element.


The Manifestation Process Workshop that I had planned to conduct at “Enuma Elish New Earth Sanctuary” Ravenshoe on the 15th of April had to be postponed because of the wet and windy conditions associated with the cyclone however it has been rescheduled for a later date.  These workshops are proving popular with numerous participants enjoying the day and happily competing with each other to manifest bigger and better things in their life.  Hopefully workshop participants will keep me informed of their progress.

The missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370 has given rise to dozens of theories regarding its disappearance most of them implausible or fantastic to say the least but still intriguing.  The passenger list and contents of the cargo hold attracts much speculation.  Malaysian Airlines are maintaining a wall of silence and steadfastly refusing to place the lists in the public arena thereby accelerating suspicion of a cover-up or attempt to conceal the truth. The search area is centred in a wide expanse of ocean some 1,450 miles north-east of Perth with multi-nation search operations based in the city of Perth Western Australia.

The “Blood Moon” of April 15th with accompanying Lunar Eclipse and the upcoming alignment of the Cardinal Grand Cross and its effect upon the planet is creating considerable interest and fanciful predictions of sudden and dramatic changes to our consciousness.  My guides advise that there will be changes in consciousness but such changes will be implemented gradually and not be one of “sudden impact”.  Consciousness raising (are commentators calling it an ascension upliftment?) is a given and is part of my guides predicted alterations and modifications as part of the ongoing energy change process however, it will not be a physical upliftment into a different dimension as some incorrectly expect, or an epiphany of suddenly finding oneself in a totally different higher vibrating dimension.  It is more a case of “steady as she goes” through the continual, ever-expanding energy change.

The “Change of Ages” climaxing on 21/12/12 rang in and heralded such changes and this Grand Cross Alignment is a part of the ongoing process of change.  The lead-up to the Change of the Ages (21-12-12) gave birth to an unprecedented number of “doom and gloom, end of the world” scenarios all of which proved to be totally incorrect.  Such planetary and altered energy events provide fertile ground for imaginations to run wild and fanciful theories to abound.  It would serve us far better if souls incarnate all across the planet ceased projecting fanciful thought/mind scenarios and got out of the way and let the universe complete its task of implementing the Creator’s Grand Plan.  The guides advise us to not judge the situation: do not become emotionally involved; simply observe and send copious amounts of unconditional love and light.

Be still, quiet, peaceful, and allow the Creator’s Grand Plan to unfold.  One is All; All is One; All is well!!

It is quite obvious that the guides prompted me to awaken at all hours recently to write the methodology and protocols for the “Manifestation Workshop” so as to assist as many people as possible to use the energy change process to participate in co-creating a better life for themselves.  The manifestation process is a rather simple one but can be deceiving in that it requires total belief, commitment, and adherence to the protocols for co-creating and manifesting the things that you want in life. I am looking at economical ways to make this process available to followers world-wide.


In the recent past Aranuth and his Brotherhood have warned us of an ongoing number of approaching world events such as earthquakes, fires, floods, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions that were/are drawing near and that we would be advised to send love and light to these situations.  As a running mate to such earth changes there will be more outbreaks of hostilities between warring parties and nations which the Angelic realms were trying to keep a lid on, as well as a greater number of protest groups world wide agitating for freedom from Government, Military, Religious, and organised financial and multi-national business controls.

“We the people” will win, however it will take focus, vigilance, and determination to defeat the controllers.  We are seeing daily the result of these protest groups successfully achieving their goals of freedom and personal integrity and sovereignty.

Right now as I write there are hostilities, earthquakes, tsunamis, and cyclones happening before our very eyes compliments of our TV screens and News Bulletins.  Governments are attempting to restrict and control the population with lies, deceit, and forcible acquisition of lands, water, and mineral  deposit rights to the detriment of the people.  Right now is the time to send out continuous prayer requests for assistance from the Creator and the Guidance Realm; not prayer as in reciting or chanting over-and-over again rather vacuous and out-dated words and phrases but as in radiating heartfelt appeals to the Creator, Ascended Masters, and the Angelic and Guidance Realm for assistance to manifest the free world that we so greatly desire.

Prayer requests should not be sent out with a negative attachment such as “death, destruction, and a pox upon greedy Governments and controllers” but rather “Peace, Love, Light, Happiness, Abundance, and Freedom to the entire planet”. If enough people focus upon and radiate those ideals then “we the people” will certainly manifest heaven on earth.

The next channelled message is due on Friday May 2nd and will be direct e-mailed to subscribers and posted on my website as time allows.

Rainbows and Rose,

Peace and Happiness,


Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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