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The Gathering of Lights 2014

The Gathering of Lights 2014

Hosted by J J Dewey, Author of The Immortal,
The Lost Key of the Buddha and much more.

Learn your Past Lives, How to change yourself through handwriting, the spelling of your name and much more.

The time of this year's gathering is approaching. If you plan on coming please let us know as soon as possible.

We have reserved June 20-22 (Fri-Sun) for the gathering date again this year; similar to the time we did last year at the same location.

The 2014 gathering will start Friday June 20 at 6 PM and the meeting room will open around 5 PM. If you arrive on the 20th instead of the 19th you can save a day's room rent.  The gathering will officially end around 5 PM Sunday the 24th. Usually some of the group goes out for food and drink afterwards.


The Theme of the Gathering will be ... Change Yourself, Change the World.

JJ will cover topics such as:

• Why we change.
• Do my actions really make a differenc…

Aranuth Speaks: Interim Newsletter

Here in North Qld, Australia, cyclone Ita surely caused more than a modicum of concern to the people of Far North Qld who have suffered from category 5 cyclones in the recent past.  Ita came in as a category five and crossed the coast a category four cyclone with destructive winds of 280 Kilometres an hour accompanied by torrential rain.  The cyclone lost intensity as it passed over land and was reduced to a category 2 storm distributing torrential rain to large areas of the far north causing flooding to many towns and rural centres. As usual it was totally unpredictable altering course at random and keeping forecasters on their toes competing with each other for predictive accuracy.

Queenslanders are usually pretty much prepared for and used to the annual monsoonal and cyclonic weather events however when a cyclone is imminent they still become anxious and skittish … with good reason!  It has taken years and truck-loads of money for some areas to recover from Category 5 cyclones Larry…

Aranuth Speaks Ravenshoe March 2014

Guest communicator El Morya speaks about the urgent need for souls everywhere to radiate Love and Light to every corner of the globe as an antidote to the seemingly endless aggression, division, repression, controls, and several other negative aspects of our present life.

  It is interesting to note that several recent channelled messages have spoken about the need for Love, Light, Forgiveness, and Healing Energy all across our planet.  It seems obvious that now and into the near future the planet and its inhabitants are going to really need to apply themselves to the emanation of unconditional Love and Light.

During my recent attendance as guest speaker at the Cairns Spiritual Centre my guide El Morya came through and spoke briefly about the need for Light and Love to be radiated as often as possible, singly and in groups, to the entire planet.  The people at the Cairns Spiritual Centre are a beautiful group of souls who not only made me very welcome but radiated a lovely grou…