Aranuth Speaks: The Precious Children. Feb 2014

An unnamed angelic communicator with smooth and gentle energy arrived without fanfare or prior notice to deliver a message urging us to pay attention to what the children are saying and modelling. The communicator stated that the new children, many of whom are already here incarnate, are assisting with the installation of the new paradigm.  It would be wise for parents, carers, teachers, and educators to pay close attention to what the new children are here to teach them. Many old, outdated, and no longer applicable methods and systems are still being taught with the requirement and expectation that the children will conform or be judged to be in need of therapy or medication.


So very much is fomenting and taking place all across our planet as a result of the much-needed energy change that is required to ensure the decay and removal of the old dynamic of control and subjugation of the masses. Protest groups are springing up all over the planet gaining in power and revealing injustices  and demanding an end to the old paradigm; demanding freedom for all. Unfortunately many souls are being violently oppressed, imprisoned, wounded, and even killed by the “other” forces who attempt to maintain a vise-like grip of total control of humanity. Be that as it may: every soul incarnate is here doing precisely what they incarnated to do.

Various health conscious groups from many states and nations all around the world are continuing the battle to stop the spread of GM seeds, crops, animal feeds,  and especially foods for human consumption, and to have them permanently listed as a “a danger to health”. So very many people are demanding to be given back the right to decide for themselves what type of foods and beverages should be available in their supermarkets and food stores; how such foods should be grown and processed without the heavy hand of suspect alliances between governments and big business usurping the right for people to decide what and how to feed their families.  Organically grown and produced foods are quickly gaining ascendancy on the list of most popularly purchased foods and beverages.

Organised attacks on the natural health and healing industry using false and distorted figures and data intended to cause fear and uncertainty by Big Pharma, doctors, hospitals, and government health departments continue daily. Proven natural and herbal remedies that have saved many lives and healed many people over many centuries are again under attack being labelled “unsafe”, “not scientifically proven” by these groups … if there was no big profits in it then we could safely assume that the natural health and healing industry would be left to continue on its way. Again governments and big business are colluding in an attempt to usurp our right to choose our own health and healing pathway.

Believe it or not the locals in Mt Isa far western Queensland are wary of taking a dip in Lake Moondarra after a large snake was photographed eating a freshwater crocodile which was bigger then it. The snake accommodated the croc by expanding its jaws and filling its stomach to the max. One helluva feed! Burp!

Over the next month I will be presenting intensive one day workshops for the people of Far North Qld on the Process and Principles of Manifestation. The first workshop will be in Innisfail on Sunday March 30th, followed by another in Ravenshoe on Sunday April 13th. Additional workshops may be arranged according to popular demand. Further information regarding workshop times and venues  is available by contacting me at  or


Well good evening dear souls.  I have come to talk to you about your most precious resource.  Your children.  The children of the world.  Souls both old and new becoming incarnate, are already incarnate, and are on their pathway on advancement, expansion, growth, and understanding .  At present the children of your world require much more support than what they are currently receiving.  The current crop of children incarnate on your planet right now contain many advanced souls.  Many advanced old souls who are here right now and not just to further their own education and advancement but to assist, to show the way, to other children and adults alike.  If only the adults would take the time to stop and listen.  All too often we in the realms observe adults turning a deaf ear to what their children are saying, what their children are asking, and what the children are modelling, because you see many of the children of today are very old souls; very learned and experienced souls who are well advanced and much more advanced than most of the adults surrounding them.  These children are talking and modelling an entirely different way of thinking, expressing, and being.  Many adults ignore; ignore these children.  They do not give them one solitary minute to express themselves and do not allow themselves one solitary minute to consider what the child is saying or modelling. 

The adults of this planet really need to take a step, a positive step, into the future instead of being stuck in the old belief system, the old way of doing things, the old methods, and ingrained beliefs  The adults need to look past that, step past that, open themselves to take in new ways, new ideas, new ideals, new methods … and many of your recently born children are here to show you the way if only you would listen.  Some of these gifted children have a lot to offer this planet; they have quite a lot to offer life on this planet; not just in human form but also in animal form because many of these children have a propensity and an ability to communicate with animals.  They understand the animals life; their breeding seasons, their evolutionary systems.  They understand as much about the animal as the animal realises about itself. And these children who are aligned with the animals are showing the world that each and every one of the life forms on your planet deserves to be held in a level of honour because every animal has something to offer this planet. 

The human who for many years has considered animals to be an inferior life form with a life that can be snuffed out at will simply because they are considered to not count.  Be not important.  So exterminate them.  We do not exterminate any of God’s creations.  The animals themselves in the main work closely with the environment and work and live closely with nature, the nature spirits, the nature devas, and humans without endangering any other species or the planet itself. 

It is the human animal that does the most damage to this planet.  Often times it is because of ignorance; ignorance of how this planet works and evolves.  Often times it is because they do not care, and at other times they will destroy the planet for short term gain.  All humans on this planet are here to learn to live with the planet: to live with mother earth; to live with the seasons; to live with the animals; to live with the ecological and weather events.  They are here to learn to live in harmony with the planet and not try to upset the harmonious balance of the planet.  Not to exterminate the animals and other life forms which they consider to be vermin.  Adults, adult humans incarnate, are here sharing your planet with a myriad of other life forms seeing and unseen.  Very few human incarnates have the ability to look through the veil and see their brother and sister life form: other life forms; the nature spirit and devic kingdom.  There is so much that remains unseen by humans.  It is now time that human awoke to the fact that they are here as a temporary resident not as owner of the planet.  The planet and its resources are here to be shared by all … now and into the future.  Not to be grasped, sold, or exterminated by the present planetary occupants.  And it is because of this that many great souls, many advanced souls, are here now on your planet; are coming to your planet to show the way.  To tell you their story.  To model how to be a good responsible planetary citizen. 

Some of the children are already here working diligently to bring about this change  Some of the children are being impeded by your drugs, your vaccinations, your chemicals, and chemical additives.  All these things are making life on this earth so much more difficult for the advanced children to accomplish their task. The new child, the new breed of children, children of the light, children of a higher light quotient, children of greater soul enrichment, are here to show you the ridiculousness of your outmoded, outdated, confining, and controlling systems.  The children are not laughing at the adults; they are not laughing at these outdated systems.  They are here simply to show you the way; the new way of living, expressing, and being.  There are so many ancient outdated practices that can be released, can be released quite easily to allow new information, new knowledge, new systems, to flow in and be of far greater benefit to this planet and every life form upon it rather than the old, stunted, outdated mode. 

Into the very near future you will observe children freshly into their teens raising the consciousness of this planet.  Some of these young ones, young powerful ones, young highly advanced ones, are responsible for leading the way, showing the way; they are calling to you “listen to me”; “listen to what I have to say”;  ”I can show you the new and better pathway”. If the adults and those in positions of authority will only listen.  Listen and give fair consideration to what the younger ones are saying.  The younger children have a different cellular light structure to many of the other older human embodiments.  The new children have a new very different cellular and DNA structure.  They have no blueprint  They have no tribal blueprint or memory simply because that belongs to the old outmoded systems.  The new children do not rely upon any outside, outdated, outmoded systems to survive, to express, and to advance on this planet.  If only you would stop for a moment and watch these children; listen to what they are saying; and when you hear something that is of value to you, then implement it in your life by including the children in decision making  The decision makers of your governments  do not always have the best interest of the planet, the environment, or other life forms at heart.  The children understand totally that All is One and One is All.  The new children understand that on this planet and this vibrational level nothing can be separate; nothing can be separated.  There is no separation or isolation in Oneness.  No separation or isolation in Oneness.  So the new children when they arrive here on this planet they already understand and accept that.  Unfortunately, many of the adult population refuse to even consider it let alone accept it and adopt it. 

Into your future you are going to be witness to many great changes.  Changes that are seen and unseen.  Changes you will be aware of and changes you will be totally unaware of.  The new children know that they do not have to fit any pattern.  They know that they are sovereign individuals with the power to alter, change, create, whatever world they wish.  They are coming with the knowingness of creation and manifestation, and also knowing that this will be done in harmony with the Creator’s Grand Plan.  Nothing of substance, nothing of lasting substance, happens without the Creator’s input and permission.  There is so much the new children understand that many older souls incarnate will leave this planet, depart this earth, without ever understanding.  The children of now and of the future are already shaping your world.  They are already there shaping your future and they are doing a magnificant job.  They are so efficient that they are doing it in such a manner that apparently few other souls are aware of them, of their existence, and of what they are doing; what their task here on this planet is.  The new children are going to lead the way: the new children are going to lead you out of war, aggression, terrorism, and chaos  They are going to lead you through this dangerous ground.  They are going to lead you to a life of peace of harmony; of understanding of equality of all; and so my mission here this evening is to inform you of the existence of the new children and to ask you to pay attention to what they are saying; to look carefully at where the new breed of child of human is leading you.  They are chosen by  great beings of love and light at Creator level.  They are chosen, hand picked, advanced souls who agreed to come here to show you the way.  The very least that you can do is to give them the time and space to carry out their task. 

Your education system is in need of an overhaul.  Your education system is so archiac so burdened, so burdensome, and in many instances not applicable.  It needs to be changed.  It needs to be altered.  It is badly in need of a make-over, a refinement.  If the educators listen to the gifted ones; if the educators and those in authority listen to what the gifted child is saying; then the gifted child will lead them to a much more exciting, adventurous, knowledgeable, and equitably changed educational program.  That in itself is a very tall task: however, the new children, the advanced souls masquerading as the new children, will achieve the result that they were tasked with.  It will be no easy task but it is an achievable task.  And we in the realms can see that the task has already been achieved.  All that remains is for it to become manifest…  and so it will… and so be it. 

So dear souls, my mission here today is to give you this information and ask you kindly take the time to stop, listen, ponder, what the children are saying; which direction they wish to take your society in and make it a much more fairer and equitable system.  I thank you for listening to my address.  It is a pleasure and an honour to be here among your lights and to be accepted as a light being amongst your light beingness.   I humbly offer my thanks and my blessings.  Good evening to you children.

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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