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Aranuth Speaks: The Precious Children. Feb 2014

An unnamed angelic communicator with smooth and gentle energy arrived without fanfare or prior notice to deliver a message urging us to pay attention to what the children are saying and modelling. The communicator stated that the new children, many of whom are already here incarnate, are assisting with the installation of the new paradigm.  It would be wise for parents, carers, teachers, and educators to pay close attention to what the new children are here to teach them. Many old, outdated, and no longer applicable methods and systems are still being taught with the requirement and expectation that the children will conform or be judged to be in need of therapy or medication.


So very much is fomenting and taking place all across our planet as a result of the much-needed energy change that is required to ensure the decay and removal of the old dynamic of control and subjugation of the masses. Protest groups are springing up all over the planet gaining in power and revealing in…