Aranuth Speaks: Unconditional Love: Innisfail February 2014

Aranuth speaks about how the radiation of Unconditional Love and Light to every soul, every nation, every state, and every situation, when radiated in a positive and forgiving manner, can manifest a magical outcome. Aranuth talks about how the human race, not being able to see and understand the whole Big Picture, has a tendency to judge whether or not certain souls are worthy of unconditional love; whether or not to apply or with hold that love and light. The following message is a classic in the Love and Light genre.


Personal Comment.

Dramatic changes in weather patterns all over the world accompanied by earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, fires, and floods are the order of the day at present. There appears to be frantic and frenetic earth-change energy everywhere at this time. Well, Aranuth did advise us in advance of these changes. Simply put, we just have to deal with them as best we can. Here in Queensland Australia we have vast areas of land deep in the grip of drought: the annual monsoon season is upon us and farmers and graziers are praying for a deep monsoonal trough to bring much-needed lifesaving rain.

Strange but true.

It seems like every other day that we hear or read that a cure has been discovered for various illnesses with human trials being conducted prior to full production and release to medical practitioners and pharmacies. As a running mate to that is news of exciting new inventions costing less to produce, using less energy and resources, and now ready for production and sale to the public. Much less often we hear about the drug, cure, vaccine, or new invention actually making it to the market place and being available to the public.

Is there a big black hole or ogre somewhere that magnetically attracts these new and exciting discoveries and like a stage magician makes them disappear into thin air thereby depriving the public of their use?

Excellent news.

Tunisia has passed a truly historic constitution widely heralded as a progressive and monumental document. Here is some of what these brave elected representatives agreed upon in the face of strong pressure from the more controlling and extreme factions of their parties: Guaranteed equality between men and women; a constitutional mandate for environmental protection … only the third country to do so;  A declaration that health  care is a human right with preventative care and treatment for every citizen; A democracy with civil laws that respect freedom of religion; An established right to due process and protection from torture. I wonder if Australia or the rest of the world cares enough to implement a similar constitution?

The Big Con?

The World Health Organisation is the subject of a new investigation aimed at uncovering what really took place during the 2009 global influenza pandemic which led to tens of millions of people being vaccinated for so-called “swine flu”. A joint investigation by the British Medical Journal and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism has already uncovered major conflicts of interests at the WHO whereby vaccine companies profited heavily from the pandemic and the mass hysteria that it generated. The investigation focused specifically on the emergency advisory committee that was assigned to to make official recommendations to the WHO and how to plan for the pandemic which was fraught with controversy from the start. Comprising the advisory panel were individuals highly connected to pharmaceutical companies many of whom had a vested financial interest in promoting anti-viral drugs and influenza vaccines which have been linked to causing narcolepsy and other disorders.

Big Pharma reportedly held a $4 billion stake in developing the swine flu vaccines that the WHO would later push on the public through propaganda and fear. And the reason that the WHO so readily accepted these drugs as viable responses to the pandemic is because it’s advisors, many of whom are still unknown because they were intentionally kept secret, worked on behalf the vaccine industry to see these drugs thrust into the limelight of the pandemic planning process.

Did you know.

The CEO of UNICEF  reportedly receives in the vicinity $1.2 million annual salary, a luxury vehicle for his personal use, an expense account of $150,000 per annum, and 100% health and dental care him and his family. Less than 14c in the dollar received by UNICEF actually goes to the cause.

The CEO and President of the American Red Cross reputedly earns $652,000 per annum, plus expenses, six weeks leave, medical and dental benefits for the family for life. Approximately 39c in the dollar raised by the Red Cross reaches the needy.

The Salvation Army’s Commissioner receives a salary of around $14,000 with 93c in every dollar raised being spent on the needy.

I know which charity I will continue supporting.


Yes, good evening everyone.  I am Aranuth. It is my pleasure, my pleasure to deliver this evenings address on behalf of the Brotherhood of the Crystal Light;  the Brotherhood and Sisterhood if you would like to apply gender to them.  What we have come to speak with you about this evening is a very, very simple process that is quite misunderstood, quite misused, not understood .. not completely understood.  What we would like to talk to you about is the most powerful energy in this realm … or any other.  We are talking about Love.  We are talking about the correct definition and application of Love.  Now, love and light are unconditional; Unconditional Love then is inherent in what you term the Divine White Light; the Light of the Creator. The powerful Light of the Creator could or can be exchanged with the word Love because they are interchangeable.  So the power of the light, the power of your Creators Light drives everything. 

If the light were withdrawn even momentarily your entire planet would fall into chaos.  If the light was withdrawn permanently that chaos would extend to this planet which would no longer exist.. and nothing on it would exist.  That is the power of light.  That is the power of Love.  Know you this: light is the essence of the building blocks of your entirety; your entire human system; physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  It is the power behind your DNA.  It is the power behind your cellular structure.  It is the power behind the smallest division of your cellular structure. Your earthly scientists call it “quark” yet they do not understand it.  Well the power of the light can be divided even more because in the realms even “quark” seems to us what 3D solidity is to you.  Without the light nothing exists!  Without the light you cannot create anything at all.  You must have the light. It is your sustenance, the sustenance and the nourishment of all that is. 

Now, I have already advised you that Love is interchangeable with light, and light is interchangeable with Love.  So, how do you, individually and collectively, how do you advance, grow, expand, improve your lot on this earthly planet? Improve the planet, the environment, every sentient, and insensate thing on your planet?  We have already advised you that it is driven by, and sustained by, light.  Driven by and sustained by Love.  Now, know it or not, you have the power to use light in every aspect of your life; at every tick of your clock you can use the power of light.  If we leave light to one side for a moment and we go to love: now, I have already defined what love is.  Now Love is applicable to the feelings that you have for other souls incarnate: the same sex, the opposite sex, your children, your family, your friends, you have this deep abiding love for them hhmmnn?  You have this deep abiding love for some of them  because you do not know yet how to use, how to apply, unconditional love.  Hahhaaaa ….. Because you are the one who gives love to those that you feel deserving and withhold, withhold love from those you do not feel are deserving.   Judgemental! hmm. We have to rid ourselves of that don’t we?  Being judgemental. 

We have judgemental thoughts, words, deeds, etc so how can we be in the realm, the vibration, of unconditional love?  Unconditional light? hmm.    The driving force in your life here is light and love, love and  light.  So now if we have a look at your perception of love: if we look at your perception of love and how you choose to apply it,  how you choose to apply it to family, friends, etc. etc.  How you choose to apply it to your pets, your animals.  You even choose to cover planets, flowers, herbs,  fruits, and vegetables with love… and so you should.  And so you should. 

I know this is an old sounding statement but you are the original love machine …Hahahahha.  You are the original love machine.  You are the original expresser of love and light, light and love.  So that’s what you are, a human love machine.  Now, let us talk about application.  Application of love hmm.  Application of love without judgement.  Application of unconditional love without judgement.  When you get into the love and light vibration at first, at first it seems quite difficult, very difficult.  It is only difficult because it is what most people would consider an aberration to normal physical expression on this planet when it is not an aberration at all. It is the driving the force.  It is the driving force of everything.  Nothing exists without love and light.  So we’ll let the Creator and the Logos and the Ascended Masters .. we’ll let them look after the light quotient for the time being.  Because the application, the drive, the aspect, the initiative, is all back to you as human beings.  You are the one the that will express it.  You are the ones that will drive it because if you don’t you won’t have it in your life except in small increments or as a reflection of light. 

Do you want love in your life?  You really should because it is driving your life.  Consider a life without love.  What sort of life, what sort of incarnation would that be?  A life without Love.  So with love, what do we do? Do we apply it judiciously? Do we quell the fire of love? Or do we quantify it? Or do we express it in every thought, word, deed?  We are love! So what is our true pathway.  What is our true expression? Love!  Love!  That’s what you are here to do, to learn that love and light is the power and the only power. Nothing matches it. Nothing matches it!  Nothing comes anywhere near it.  Any other energy form is puny compared to the power of love and light. So to bring it back to a human incarnate level yes, as we spoke, you have love for family, friends, pets, animals, the environment .. and so on.  But it is more than that.  It is much more than that.  If you look across your planet at other nations, at other states, other races, other religions, do you apply your love emanation to all of them equally without fear or favour? Or do you radiate love to those that you have judgementally thought deserving.  Ah .. how do you as a human incarnate know whether or not another person, another race, another state; how do you know whether or not they are deserving of love?  They all affected and governed by love and light the same as you are.  They have their own quotient of love and light.  They have their own blessing of love. And when you look at other souls, other states, other nations, other races, what do you see?  A mirror of yourself!  Because there are people over there, on the other side of your globe,  your planet, who think that you don’t deserve love either.  Is that fair? Is that fair?  Or are most souls presently embodied on this planet withholding love because they have judged one worthy, and another not. 

If every soul incarnate on this planet at this time chose to radiate love unconditionally; just radiate it; your planet, your light, and everything associated with this planet; with life on earth; would change in an instant, bang, (claps his hands) just like that!  That’s how it would change because the power of every soul incarnate… if they used that power and it was the power of love… it would be a love tsunami.  A world-wide altering love tsunami.  How do we solve the problems of the planet? Direct love to the situation.  How do you as souls incarnate deal with war, aggression, terrorism, criminality etc? Radiate love to that situation.  Because if enough souls radiate love to that nation, that state, that situation, that what ever; if every soul incarnate radiates love the whole situation changes in an instance! (snaps his fingers) just like that.

We in the realms know that it would be erroneous to expect the population of the planet to rise up and magically, suddenly, and radiate and emit an incredibly high love vibration.  That would be a little fanciful.  However, we in the realms can see that every soul incarnate on this planet at this time even as a seemingly insignificant, or what you would judge insignificant, individual can make a difference.  You can make a difference.  Now we are not just talking about making a difference by radiating love to “that mob over there” or “the mob down the road”.  What we are talking about is radiating love period, full stop. You don’t have to qualify it: you don’t have to be selective; you don’t have to be anything.  Just radiate Love.  Emit Love.  Every situation that you encounter minute by minute in your life radiate and apply Love firstly.. then wait.  Wait to see if your potion, your medicine of Love healed that situation or that person.  Love can alter it in an instant, bang! Yes.  However, all souls incarnate may not be at that level yet but they can radiate such power of love that the situation changes instantly. You can radiate love that will become manifest in that person, that group, that race, that state, that nation, that situation; it will become manifest and will assist with a peaceful, loving resolution of it. 

So you really don’t need to be judgemental.  We understand that on this planet of solid matter a certain amount of judgement is required.  Your ego requires a certain amount of judgement to get you from point A (birth) to Point B (terminate, death.) however, it’s the way you apply that judgement.  If you were judging something in a positive manner, that’s okay.  If you are applying judgement in a negative manner then you are not only not helping the situation you are preventing it; you are putting up barriers, road blocks, hurdles, which will stop it from ever becoming manifest.  Perceptions and attitude … perceptions and attitude.  So in your daily life in your dealings with your family, yes, you do have times of crankiness, but you still don’t stop loving your family; there are times where your friends do annoying things; what you perceive to be annoying; but you don’t stop loving them.  You may apply a level of judgement in how much love you are going to give them …. ahhahhaa…. but love is still there.  Now in each situation in your daily life, should you take a negative, a negative and doubting attitude of a person, a situation, or whatever, you are not going to achieve anything … and you could possibly exacerbate the situation.  You do not have to be in any form of judgement, positive or negative; simply allow, trust, and apply love.  Let love be the poultice.  Let love be the poultice that you place on that person, situation or whatever.  No qualifications; just radiate love and release it and wait to see what becomes manifest.  If enough souls on this planet commenced, maybe even once or twice in your day, radiating love, unconditional love, to whatever irks, annoys, or confronts you; if they apply that love poultice, once, twice, each day; if every soul did that there would be a remarkable change coming over your planet.  Let me tell you that remarkable change is already coming over your planet; remarkable change has been for decades coming over your planet.  Remarkable change will continue to flow over and flood your planet. 

Now the change: the change is based in love and light because it is the only true power.  Love and Light is the only true power.  So change as it comes into your life is driven by love and light.  And change comes into your life to assist you to change, to help you in your evolution; whether it be a physical or a spiritual evolution the energy of change is there to help you.  The energy of change can be accelerated by various degrees by you accepting change with love, looking at a situation and perceiving that situation and radiating love to it. Radiate love for a resolution. 

Now the resolution that you see if you apply judgement, you may not perceive the correct effect of change simply because when change comes to you and you judge it as good, bad, or anything else you don’t feel the full benefit of change and the full benefit of change thereby does not assist you as it should do.  Change is happening everywhere right now and it is change focused on an apex of love and light.  Things have to change. Things have to change!  Your planet has been stagnant for eons of time; it is time for the love and light to get in; to shine into those dark corners. Lighten it up with love and light and in comes change.  With the love, the light, comes a change in you.  You respond and reciprocate by radiating love and light.  It is not exactly rocket science: all you have to do is accept change knowing that it is for the better.  Change is here for not just you but the entire planet.  It’s there for their highest good.  If it was not for your highest good we wouldn’t allow it to happen.  The Creator, the Logos, the Ascended Masters, we would not allow that to happen.  We allow it to happen, we assist, we accelerate it because it is for you highest good. 

Now having said it’s for your highest good, let us have a look at the other side of the coin.  If you go into judgement, what is that judgement based on?  Because I can assure you, you as souls incarnate do not know what your highest good is.  You are totally unaware of what your highest good is.  Individually or collectively.  You cannot see the whole big picture from where you are.  You cannot see the whole big picture at all.  You cannot see or know what is for your highest good.  Others such as I and the Brotherhood of Light, the Brotherhood of the Crystal Light come to you to advise you that we can see what is for your highest good; we attempt to advise you of what to do, what to choose, what pathway to walk to achieve your highest good.  So we ask you to trust. If you do not trust us; if you do not trust the Logos; if you do not trust the Ascended Masters surely you can trust the Creator?  Surely you can trust the Creator!  So surely you can trust that everything that is happening in your life on this planet is for your highest good … even though you are looking at it from a limited perspective.  Your limited perspective is only one tiny piece of the jigsaw puzzle in the whole big picture.  So you have no way of knowing the whole big picture simply by looking at that single jigsaw piece.  So we ask you, we advise you, have trust, have faith.  Even when it does appear that things are not as well as they should be it is all working towards an outcome … and that outcome is for your highest good.  So if you wish to get smooth, fast travel to the point of your highest good, radiate unconditional love and light.  No negative judgement; totally unconditional; radiate the love and the light and be aware that you are also the recipient of the benefit of the love and light being radiated by others to you and to your planet.  hmmnn. 

Well dear souls I feel that we as a group have given you sufficient to ponder I do not doubt that when you return to your homes and go into your sleep state the information that we have given you will continue to play.  When you walk out of these premises it doesn’t stop at the front door, it stays here in your mind, (points to his head) here in your heart (points to his heart area) whether you are consciously aware of it or not.  While you are in your sleep state, your dream state, your meditative state, it is still playing and it’s all for your benefit.  It’s all for your benefit.  So we would ask you to consider what we imparted to you this evening if you so choose and we do hope you will choose put it into positive action and reap the benefits even though they may not be clearly visible to you.  There are great benefits to be had. 

I thank you for coming from your homes to listen to I Aranuth and the Brotherhood and the Sisterhood of the Crystal Light.  I thank you; we are honoured to be in your presence because know it or not, you are all future ascended masters; you are on your way to mastership, future ascended masters and I address you as such.  I speak to you as such.  Thank you and good evening dear souls.  Thank you.

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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