Aranuth Speaks: The Power of Love & Light. Jan 2014


The January Ravenshoe channelling session was well attended and the message was a very important and potent one.  Aranuth bluntly stated that our future is firmly in our hands and it is up to every soul incarnate at this time to focus love, light, and positivity of purpose on the world situation to bring about peaceful and harmonious co-existence and assist with the installation of the new paradigm.  Read the full message below.

Aranuth’s predictions of social unrest and mass protests for the year of 2014 are already proving ominously correct.  The people of the world are rising up in protest in numerous countries, states, and nations demanding their basic human rights, freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, truth in government, and unrestricted access to clean, unpolluted and uncontaminated water and food.

While the positive aspect of the people of the world desiring and agitating for a peaceful, happy, and healthy life free from manipulation, control and oppression is to be applauded the negative aspect of the accompanying physical violence, shootings, bombings, burnings, looting, and other destructive activities is distressing and disastrous to say the least.

Aranuth advises that our mission as physically embodied advanced beings of light is to show the way and rise above the dross and negativity of unrest and chaos and radiate the highest frequency of love and light to the entire world.


Ha,ha,ha,ha… oh well: Good evening everyone; good evening to you all.  I feel there is no need for me to introduce myself after all of this time.  You know me as your brother.  Today the message I bring to you is one of change.  This year is destined for large changes.  It will be up to each and every soul incarnate on this planet as to the scope, the length, the breadth, the depth, and the intensity of that change. 

I would like to tell you that this is, for you, a golden opportunity; a golden opportunity for your advancement.  Not just for advancement of your singular soul-self but advancement for the population of your entire planet… and as a follow-on, advancement for Mother Earth herself.  One cannot advance or recede without taking the other with it in concert; in lock step if you will.  This coming year of your time will not only be one of change it will present opportunity for change.  As I said it will present a golden, a golden opportunity for change.  Now why I say that is, this is your opportunity to participate, to be a participant, in change.  Be a participant in the evolution of mankind and your planet.  The days of sitting down twiddling your thumbs and waiting to see what will transpire is over and gone.  It is now time for every human soul, every human incarnate, to stand up, hold their hand up, and volunteer to be part of the change.  Volunteer to be the catalyst for promoting change.  Now change will happen regardless of whether you are awake or asleep.  Change will happen in its own time.  But if you wish that change to be one of continuous positivity for the benefit of humanity then it is time for you to take up the task.  Now its not back-breaking work you know: what we are suggesting to you is as these opportunities to participate and bring about change arise then is the time for you to sit quiet, contemplate what it is , contemplate what change you want, what change you desire in your world, in your life.  Not just sit quiet by yourself but wherever possible, form groups; groups small or large for the specific purpose of sending out the vibration of your desire; the changes you desire to make manifest in your life on your planet.  You do not realise the power that you have.  You do not realise, you do not fully realise, the power that you have at your disposal to bring about that change; to be that catalyst and be the driver of that change.  If you wish to sit still and do naught, that is okay; however, understand this, there are other forces who will be pushing for their own agenda to be the change. 

The agenda of other forces is not necessarily beneficial to souls incarnate.  In fact I would go as far as to say that it is detrimental.  These forces that wish to control you, control every single aspect of your life, will be there pushing their own agenda.  The number of souls incarnate greatly out-number “the others” and if all souls incarnate singularly or in groups decide to sit still and send out the vibration of what it is that they wish to change in their life, in the life of their nation, their country, their planet.  What is your dream for now and the future?  What is your dream for your children, for your grandchildren, for all of your descendants?  What is your dream of life on the planet that you wish to bequeath to them.  Is it not worth standing up for that dream?  Is it not worth sending out the energy of manifestation so that your dream may come to pass?  Your dream is very similar to the dream of practically every other soul incarnate so you do not have to word-for-word describe and publicise your dream because most souls incarnate have the same dream.  Which makes it so much easier for you to empower your desire for that dream to become manifest.  It is so easy because there are so many of you sending out the energy to drive that dream, to make that dream become part of your earthly reality.  If you could look into the future as I do you would resolve, you would make a resolution right now, to start promoting your dream. 

There is much unrest on your planet: so much conflict; so much aggression; and behind all of that are what I will term, “the others”.  I do not need to speak of the others agenda: you are already familiar with it.  To simplify things, you could if you wish, simplify it in your own mind as “the ongoing battle between the forces of light and dark”.  That is not a correct, not a very correct description, but, it is applicable; it is applicable.  So where you are now you actually hold your future in your hand.  You hold your future, your families future, your descendants future, the future of this planet, you hold it in your hand, individually and collectively.  We in the realms work diligently to bring about whatever it is that the popular mass wishes to become manifest on this planet.  We cannot usurp your free will choice.  We cannot alter or cause you to alter your choice.  What we can do is assist you by giving you as much power as we can for you to use in your quest to make this blue planet your dream, your dream planet.  Now it will happen.  It will not happen while groups continue to shatter and splinter and work individually for and against.  It has to be organised : it needs to be an organised finely-focused charge, intent, desire, to create the dream and thereby live the dream. 

This year, you will be tested: you will be tested!  There will be times when you will go into negative judgement which does not further your cause.  No negativity! No judgement!  Just put forth your desire, your dream, and support it whole-heartedly and we from the realms will support you whole-heartedly in your quest to manifest that dream. I am not giving away any secrets when I say that there are very powerful and influential souls incarnate in various places around the world who are working for peace.  They are working for peace and harmony.  Many of these powerful and influential souls are struggling against the tide.  They are struggling against the tide in their endeavour to be an important aspect of the peace process.  You can lessen their struggle by empowering them.  They are pushing, holding the tide back; you can give them strength by adding your strength to theirs to add your desire, you intention, your wish, your demand if you like, to bring about peace and harmony on the planet.  Yes you have Great Beings out there who are attending to that task.  You are the troops on the ground who will provide the impetus, the power, the energy, to support these beings who we might describe as your generals; your generals in this conflict.  Each of these beings who are trying hard to promote peace and harmony is your leader.  It would be of great benefit not only to you but to the entire planet if you support your leader.  Support the leader who wants peace and harmony: they want freedom, they want equality, they want all of those things that each soul is entitled to. 

There are “the others” who will if they can, steal your entitlement because of their greed.  We will not stand in judgement of them.  I have described them factually not stood in judgement of or denigrated them; it is just a transmission verbally of the facts.  Everything, you all know, you well know, everything is composed of light and love which is interchangeable as it is one.  So your task is to spread light and love equally without fear or favour across the planet, to all of the races, to all of the nations without discrimination; just send out the love and the light.  Ask the Creator to take your light energy and empower those those leaders who are attempting to bring about peace and harmony on your planet. 

So, I have shown you the big picture and now I will show you the little picture. Because you are a singular individual soul does not mean that you are without power.  You will always have your power.  We suggest that you stand in your power and look after your area, your community, your group. Promote peace, love, and light.  If you do this as a singular soul that is laudable: it if you can attract others to join you in a group for that specific purpose to contemplate, meditate, whatever you wish to name that process, if you are able to gather around you a group of like minded souls then the combination of your lights, the combination of the energy of your lights, will greatly escalate, greatly expand. You may be divorced from the decision making process of the world but you are not divorced from sending out the energy to promote the dream of the world you wish to have.  You are never excluded. Because you do not have a seat at the negotiation table does not mean that you are dis-empowered.  You still have your power; your group still has its power.  The combination of all groups focusing energy for the same result still has power.  So for this year ahead, as it unfolds, I would encourage you, I would encourage you to do your bit as you so wish.  No one is being pressured into this because that will have a negative effect: you have to do this of your own free will, your own volition; you have to be the one to volunteer to serve because that is what you are doing; you are serving all of mankind and your planet.  And the way in which you serve is to continually send out love and light to manifest the dream world that you wish to have…  so it is all there before you.

Being a level, a vibration, a world of free-will choice you may choose whether or not you wish to participate in the process of manifesting a dream world.  It is possible.  It is very, very possible; it is very, very achievable.  And please allow me to tell you that you really don’t know the power singularly and combined that the souls on this planet have at their disposal.  If you can all focus on the one dream it will happen and it will happen (snaps fingers) snap; it will happen. You can change the world.  You only have to have the desire to do so.  If you choose, you can continue on in the same rut that you have had for the last several thousand years but if you wish to really advance, this year, then this golden opportunity is your chance.  This is your big chance.  I would suggest you grasp it with both hands and apply your heart, your soul, your energy, your complete soul essence, the power of the essence that you are; apply it to the dream world, the peaceful world, the harmony world. 

There are…  there are several highly evolved beings working right now as I speak..  working on this issue. I am being called to assist them so I shall bid you good evening. We leave you with love. Thank you.

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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