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Aranuth Speaks: Unconditional Love: Innisfail February 2014

Aranuth speaks about how the radiation of Unconditional Love and Light to every soul, every nation, every state, and every situation, when radiated in a positive and forgiving manner, can manifest a magical outcome. Aranuth talks about how the human race, not being able to see and understand the whole Big Picture, has a tendency to judge whether or not certain souls are worthy of unconditional love; whether or not to apply or with hold that love and light. The following message is a classic in the Love and Light genre.

Personal Comment.

Dramatic changes in weather patterns all over the world accompanied by earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, fires, and floods are the order of the day at present. There appears to be frantic and frenetic earth-change energy everywhere at this time. Well, Aranuth did advise us in advance of these changes. Simply put, we just have to deal with them as best we can. Here in Queensland Australia we have vast areas of land deep in the grip of drought: the annual …

Aranuth Speaks: The Power of Love & Light. Jan 2014


The January Ravenshoe channelling session was well attended and the message was a very important and potent one.  Aranuth bluntly stated that our future is firmly in our hands and it is up to every soul incarnate at this time to focus love, light, and positivity of purpose on the world situation to bring about peaceful and harmonious co-existence and assist with the installation of the new paradigm.  Read the full message below.

Aranuth’s predictions of social unrest and mass protests for the year of 2014 are already proving ominously correct.  The people of the world are rising up in protest in numerous countries, states, and nations demanding their basic human rights, freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, truth in government, and unrestricted access to clean, unpolluted and uncontaminated water and food.

While the positive aspect of the people of the world desiring and agitating for a peaceful, happy, and healthy life free from manipulation, control and oppression is to be a…