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The year of 2014 will bring a number of changes to the planet, individual nations, and states; as well as opportunity for change in the average persons life. The old “past-it’s-use-by-date” paradigm must be cleared away to make way for the fresh, new, exciting energy which brings an enhanced way of living and being. It is of immense importance that we cultivate absolute positivity in every aspect of our daily lives through our thoughts, words, and deeds.

The  advice has always been that when confronted by a situation that prompts the population to rise up in protest about the inequality, unfairness, injustice, or downright violation of human rights the best way to resolve the situation is by being positively for something; not negatively against something. Sending love and light positively for a peaceful outcome is much more powerful than negative thoughts, words, or deeds against the situation.

The world:

Several large democratic, industrialised, and technologically advanced nations will experience a continuity of civil disobedience, confrontation with governments, institutions, and multi-national corporations as the people struggle to throw off the yoke of control, suppression of truth, and the manipulation of the masses.

The Middle East and Africa will continue to be a hot-bed of unrest and aggressive activity causing great concern to world leaders and prompting numerous calls for intervention before a catastrophe of immense humane proportions takes place. Send Love and Light to the world.

The world recently witnessed the passing of elder statesman and a great man, Nelson Mandela who advanced the cause of coloured people the world over. This world could do with a few more leaders in his mould.

Interesting to note:

Independent Senator for South Australia, Nick Xenophon, will be introducing legislation to protect Australians from unwarranted mass surveillance with the legislation being directly based upon recommendations just released by a US Presidential Committee. The report recommends that metadata should be held only by telecommunications providers and that the government must get a warrant before accessing any individuals metadata. “This is a key recommendation which must be implemented in Australia” Senator Xenophon stated.

Franken-fish: Genetically Engineered Salmon which are designed to grow twice as fast as normal Salmon, would be the first “transgenic” animal allowed into our food supply. According to the rhetoric of the Salmon’s creator this new fish is a technological solution for reducing fishing pressure on wild Salmon, creating jobs, and diminishing the carbon footprint of producing seafood. A review of scientific literature tells a far different story, one full of downsides for the consumer, the environment, and  fishing economies throughout the world.

The Japanese Government affiliated Fisheries Research Agency just announced on January 10th that it had caught Black Seabream fish contaminated with 12,000 becquerel per kilogram of radioactive Cesium – an amount 124 times higher than the safety standard. Two other Black Seabream caught were also found to substantially breach the safety standard. Some 40,000 tonnes of fish per year appear to be affected by the Fukushima radiation leak and are dangerously contaminated with high levels of radiation. The majority of these catches are destroyed.

Good news:

The Tasmanian government has imposed an indefinite moratorium on genetically modified crops in that state. “Large chunks of the community are concerned about their food and I expect in the future our GM free status will play a greater role in our ability to market ourselves” stated a government spokesman. Hopefully every other state in Australia will follow Tasmania’s lead and totally ban genetically engineered food.

Health news:

For those people who suffer adverse effects from long-term use of aspirin there is a safe alternative available.  Nature’s aspirin, Rutin, is a flavonoid that proves the old adage of “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Rutin is found in many fruits and vegetables such as onions, citrus fruits, and apples especially the “Cripps Pink” variety also known as “Pink Lady”. It is also available in a safe supplement form approved by the TGA from most health food stores.

Approximately one-third of all pharmaceuticals are derived from plants’ active ingredients. Although companies cannot patent the whole plant in it’s whole form they can patent the plant’s individual ingredients. Although profitable for drug companies it has a downside because many times the active ingredient does not work as effectively as the whole plant. According to tests carried out in Germany, St. John’s Wort, the entire herb, kills the aids virus in a test tube while Hypericum the isolated active ingredient does not.

New information:

The guides arrived around 3 a.m. a few days ago and have advised me that “the oceans are angry”! Angry at the increasing pollution; treating the ocean floor as a rubbish tip for dumping obscene amounts of toxic and dangerous items onto the sea floor; angry at the numerous oil spills; the destruction of the marine environment; the ongoing attack on ocean dwellers such as whales, dolphins, walruses, seals, otters, and numerous other species. The level of pollution has accelerated dramatically over the last three decades as run-off from farms and coastal cities has increased. The largely concealed extent and effects of the radiation leak from the Fukushima plant is now adversely affecting all forms of marine life for thousands of miles in every direction. While the guides did not state it, I felt the distinct impression that this was a cautionary word of  advice from the guides that we may see sea-floor tectonic plate movement resulting in earthquake activity, tidal waves, tsunamis, flooding of low-lying islands, and possibly some islands being inundated and rendered uninhabitable. While this is not good news it is a timely reminder to the world that we have to live in harmony with the planet or risk dire consequences. We owe it to our children, grandchildren, and every other life-form to leave a legacy of a clean and healthy planetary environment.

The next full Aranuth channelled message is due at the end of this month; Jan2014.

Peace & Positivity,


Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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