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The year of 2014 will bring a number of changes to the planet, individual nations, and states; as well as opportunity for change in the average persons life. The old “past-it’s-use-by-date” paradigm must be cleared away to make way for the fresh, new, exciting energy which brings an enhanced way of living and being. It is of immense importance that we cultivate absolute positivity in every aspect of our daily lives through our thoughts, words, and deeds.

The  advice has always been that when confronted by a situation that prompts the population to rise up in protest about the inequality, unfairness, injustice, or downright violation of human rights the best way to resolve the situation is by being positively for something; not negatively against something. Sending love and light positively for a peaceful outcome is much more powerful than negative thoughts, words, or deeds against the situation.

The world:

Several large democratic, industrialised, and technologically advanced n…

Big Idea 2014: You Will Transform Your Own Biology

To date, one of biology’s greatest achievements, mapping the human genome, is only just beginning to translate into medical advances. But in 2014 there will likely be more headlines about another type of study in genetics that is already impacting everyone.

We are referring to a different aspect of our genome which radically revises a model that is decades old, dating back as far as the original discovery of DNA. In the original model, the effects of our genes were considered to be fixed and unchanging, controlling every aspect of our physical makeup, behavior, and susceptibility to disease. Not just eye color, height, and other physical characteristics were predetermined by inherited genes, but perhaps all kinds of behaviors, from criminality to belief in God.

The new model, however, portrays a more fluid, dynamic genome that responds quickly, even instantly, to all that we experience, including how you think, feel, speak, and act. Every day brings new evidence that the mind-body conne…