Aranuth November 2013

Aranuth speaks about the ongoing changes; the absolute constancy and continuity of change  to the planet and everything within, on, and surrounding it and our universe.  Aranuth’s guest communicator and one of the more regular speakers “One” (all is one – one is all) gives us information regarding the evolution of the planet and everything associated with it:  the explanation of, and reason for, the much-needed and ongoing changes. Whilst some souls may find this information a little disturbing or confronting to their belief system the information is in no way intended to concern, alarm, or cause fear. It is offered as an understanding of what is taking place on this planet.


There is justifiable ongoing concern regarding the use and over-use of chemical compounds and sprays that not only kill “insect pests” but more importantly kill the honeybees.  Honeybees are absolutely vital to our food supply: no honeybees to pollinate the fruit and vegetables = no food! Our agricultural industry is to some extent grateful for such chemicals to control “pests”  however of increasingly growing concern to the food producers is the sharp reduction in the honeybee population and the flow-on effect on their crops. If it is not reversed now we’re in trouble into the future. None other than Albert Einstein stated that if the honeybees were to suddenly disappear  the earth would see an apocalypse within four years .

For Australian people the following information will be of assistance when doing the weekly grocery shop. I recently received communication from the SPC -Ardmona group stating that they do not use GM ingredients in their food lines. Their brands include:  SPC, Ardmona, IXL,  Goulburn Valley, and Taylors (sauces) products. An Australian company with products that are Australian grown; Australian processed;  Australian packaged.


Well good evening everyone: it is I, One, that comes among you this day.  We will speak about changes; your earth changes.; cosmic energy changes; and other associated changes.  As you are aware… more than aware… your planet in particular …this relates to you and your life… this planet is undergoing great change: everything upon it and within it is going through the same change.  The changes are not random: they have been planned for a very, very, specific reason and they have been planned for quite a long period of what you call “time”.  Now I just said that you are aware of these changes.  You are aware that changes are happening and that many of you are not consciously aware of what the changes are actually doing… or what they actually mean.  You are not aware, consciously aware, of the substance of the change and the subtleness of the substance of the change.  You do not need to fully understand it all to progress.  You really do not need to understand every little nuance to receive benefit from these changes.  You will only need understanding; and that understanding can take place on various levels.  For many of your earth years change has been happening, taking place.  Even though you are aware of the changes you have not been consciously aware that it is all part of the “change of the ages”; the planning of it; the introduction; the leading up to it, and the happening …and now the follow on.  Change just does not happen it has been planned and it will continue to change, change, change, according to that plan.  There has never been a time; never been a time on your earth plane that your planet and everything upon it has not been undergoing change.  Even though you may be aware or not aware that change is a constant.  Change is a constant!  However, we now come to the part where we have an accelerated change; whereas going back half a century in your time change happened at a snail’s pace.  A snail’s pace! The reason for that was most of the inhabitants of the planet were not ready for change.  They would not accept change.  Not only would they not accept change but would rebel against it… and they would take third dimensional physical steps to prevent change from happening simply because half a century ago the population of this planet disliked change; they wanted everything to stay the same.  Same old, same old, same old, day in day out, year in, year out.  Now as we approach the change of the ages, we in the realms, the logos, at the bidding of the Creator, stepped up the energy.  We stepped up the energy to create change.  We did not ask you if you wanted it; you needed it so we created it.

Now change is not necessarily a negative thing even though negativity is associated with change.  Change is positive; change is very positive.  Involved in that change are experiences and events which the human incarnate will view as a negative happening.  Now negative happenings, in your perceptions, includes fires, floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and many other necessary changes that had to take place on your planet: it had to take place to prompt the population of the planet to sit up, take notice, and become more aware that the pathway they were going down was leading you nowhere; it was leading you backwards.  You are not going ahead: you are not advancing and growing as was planned and as was intended  so these changes had to, just had to come about.  Now, whether or not you are aware of it, every time you have a change, what you may call a natural tragedy;  every time you have this change that specific event is the catalyst… it prompts change… it drives the change.  If they never had the Tsunami or earthquake nothing would have changed.  It would have remained same old, same old.  So all of these cataclysmic events and changes happen to your planet to prompt change; it’s a wake up call.

Now please do not feel sorry for those dear souls who lost their life, came to the end of their incarnation, as a result of that change.  We understand that in the human embodiment you will feel compassion, tolerance, and understanding.  You will send love, light, and healing …and this is good.  This is very good.  So you can see that there is change happening there.  There is a change happening to you because all of a sudden you are sending love and compassion; and all of a sudden you are sending loving energies; you are sending it to these places that you deem “in need”.  Every soul that is “taken at the flood” so to speak  specifically came here, became incarnate to do just that.  In the realms they planned their pathway the same as you dear souls planned yours.  The only exception being that they planned to come for a short period of time; to go home in a group as a result of a massive earth changing event.  Those mass of souls leaving the planet left in a blaze of light similar to an explosion which released masses of energy of which you would call negative energy; they released masses of negative ingrained energy that had to be released before that area of the planet could be cleansed and go ahead.  So those souls incarnated and may I tell you many of those souls were new, new earth souls; some only had a limited number of incarnations; they came for the short journey; for the short time.  They came, they experienced birth, life, they gave up their life on earth in a physical embodiment to leave the planet en-mass to create this mass explosion of release of negative energy.

So they change; there’s change; there’s the reason for the change.  Now, all across your planet these events are happening.  All across your planet these events are happening!  What I am here today for is to bring you an understanding of why these events are happening.  Well, as I have just spoken the greater majority of those events that you would call earth tragedies such as in cyclone, typhoon, floods, earthquake, whatever actually is the driving force for change.  It is not by accident that you see certain geographical areas that have repeat change.  It seems as though change has come to visit them several times.  There is a reason for that because each time that event happens or re-appears it is to release more energy, release more negative energy.  The energy is not just on the surface of the earth or the planet, it is sub-surface too where you cannot see, you cannot feel, and you cannot be aware of.  But that energy needs to be released.  This is the way that Mother Earth releases and this is the way that it has been planned.  So now we have change on several levels on your earth change level; we have all of these cataclysmic changes and happenings and events… I have just explained to you why.  The people who are taken come back to the realms which is part of their planned pathway.   Rather than feel sorrow for the departed perhaps it may be better if you felt sorrow for those left behind.  Felt compassion for those left behind.  Those that passed over are home safe.  They’ve completed their earth walk: the ones that are left behind have to deal with the loss of loved ones, loss of personal possessions and residences, loss of finances, loss of support, they have to deal with a lot of that.  And that again was already written into their pathway.  It didn’t just happen. It didn’t just happen at random.  That was part and parcel of their pathway.  However, those souls are still incarnate; and being a human incarnate they still require assistance. So you can send assistance to the survivors by sending copious amounts of love and light and understanding and compassion.  There is the change!  The change was an earth change!  The ones left behind suffered personal loss  and those sending them loving light and compassion and tolerance and material things and money they are also undergoing a change.  You’ve changed.  You now feel more compassionate towards those people.  You want to send love, you want to send assistance, you want to help.  So change does not just happen in isolation.  It has a ripple effect; a flow-on ripple effect.  The ripples go out, and go out, and go out.  Now when we are talking about that we are talking on a human population level.

Let us now look at it from a governmental level.  Where governments realise the tragedy that change has caused they realise that particular geographical area, state, country, or nation requires help and assistance; not just from your population but also at government level.  So now governments – we have another change coming through here -now those governments who were previously in a suspended state of aggression are now working with each other.  They’re working with each other sending aid; helping those left behind after the tragic event; those poor souls that are remaining here and experiencing the effects of that tragic event.  So the governments are starting to work together instead of working against each other with friction; they are starting to work with a degree of understanding.  Now the change rolls on:  the change rolls on.  Those governments who were previously barely on speaking terms are now communicating daily; they are not just communicating daily but are realising that that event, that tragedy, in that area, could very possibly happen in their own country, in their own nation, and they understand the devastation that would have happened to them had it happened to their state or nation. So now governments around the world are starting to realise that they have to work together cohesively: they have to take notice of each countries economic situation, their ecology, their economy, their way of life and to see that they have sufficient food and water.  These countries are working together now because they understand that next time it may be them and they may not get off scot-free; they will require help. And now the change goes on with those governments using their military not for killing but for the distribution of water, food, and medical supplies…so the change goes on.

You can see now the ripple effect and how change affects various aspects of life on your planet.  Nothing happens in isolation; nothing!  Nothing happens in isolation!  No matter what happens there will be a ripple effect whether it’s pronounced or hardly noticed.  The ripple effect is there.  So when you look upon what you call earth tragedy you are actually looking upon a beautiful happening that is bringing the people of the world together in love, in light, in harmony… and that is what you are working towards.  That is what you are supposed to be doing here.

So change doesn’t happen for change’s sake.  Change happens for a reason.  Change doesn’t happen for negative reasons.  Change happens for positive reasons.  And it is beneficial to every single soul incarnate to realise the positivity in the change and be part of that change.  Now, it’s not just earth changes that are happening.  There are other changes happening to you and around you in your societies.  In the coming years you are going to see more and more expressions of people power.  You are going to see more and more protest groups.  You are going to see a proliferation of groups both large and small who will protest.  They are driving the change.  Where you have the controllers: they control your life through your financial system, your food, your water, your trade, your government, your military; they are lower entities who are in positions of power and wealth  and influence. Today the population of the planet is becoming awakened.  And what they are awakening is a sleeping tiger.  Because you are going to see a proliferation of protest groups most of which will be of a well organised and yet peaceful group.  They are well organised, they are well-informed, and the drive behind that is their desire, their heart-felt desire for the world to express fairness and equality to every soul on the planet regardless of race, colour, creed or whatever.  You are going to see the controllers again; again the controllers are attempting to interfere with your currency and your exchange of currency; your trade; your payment for trade exchange in dollars.  The controllers are going to attempt to alter that to a situation where your currency simply becomes figures in a ledger or on a computer screen.  The money doesn’t exist! It only exists as a figure on a screen or in a ledger which can be wiped off like that (snaps his fingers loudly).  The controllers are attempting to gather to themselves precious minerals, metals, jewellery, art works… etc, etc, which can be exchanged for currency:  and while they are accumulating all this including valuable, irreplaceable works of art they are taking from you with a promise of money but you don’t really have anything of value …just numbers on a screen… and a ledger which can be wiped off at any time leaving you with nothing.  The people of the world will see this coming: they can see the controllers attempting to maintain control over the population by controlling their money, their food, their water, their technology.  Those controllers are here doing a service to you people.  Their actions – even though you may view them as abhorrent - those actions and their repetitions; the repetitive nature of what appears to be of excess greed and want of power and control is the catalyst that is waking you up.  It is the catalyst that is prompting you to stand up and say, enough, enough!  No more!  You are not controlling us! You are not controlling our world, our food, our water.  You are not controlling that.  This planet is for every soul upon it.  Not for a handful of lower vibrating souls who wish to gather everything to themselves.

So you see the positivity again in that the more the controllers resist and put in blocks and hurdles, the more the population will protest.  So again, you have changed.  The controllers are doing you a favour in fact because they are prompting you to try harder and harder for fairness and equality for all souls across your planet.  In terms of war, you are going to win because it was designed that way.  This whole thing was designed to wake you up.  Wake up! Wake up!  Spread love, light, tolerance, compassion, and understanding… ha-ha-ha … that’s what you are here for! 

You are beautiful energy souls; high energy beautiful souls encapsulated in a physical body.  So you have come here to learn; you have come here to advance; you have come here to evolve; you have come here to become what you truly are in the realms… replicate it here.  If you are a being of great love and light; a wonderful creative being with all of these wonderful high ideals and values…well that’s what you are doing here.  You came here to express that as an individual, as a group, and as an entire world population.  That’s what you are here for.  You are not here to play cards and drink beer.  You are here to develop.  You are here to express the highest possible values while you are incarnate. Now once you do that; once that  you have achieved that; it’s game over.  You can go home now: switch the lights off; let’s go.  This is what you are doing here.  You are here not to walk around virtually dragging yourself… “oh negative poor me. I’m tired, I’ve had enough of this”….  ”It’s the other fellows over there,…they started it…they are responsible”.  No! Now it’s starts and ends with you.  You come here as beautiful, highly advanced souls with all of these high ideals.  You slip into a body; you slip onto this  planet… and that’s what you are supposed to do.  Express.  Become yourself whilst embodied.  Become yourself whilst embodied.

At this point in  time, and this point of evolution, naturally the body thinks it comes first.  The ego protects you from much harm: the mental is the way that you negotiate and navigate your physical life; and most of the cares and concerns pertain to this physical body… be that as it may be.  That is part of your incarnation: that is part of what you have to conquer.  You have to come to the realisation that everything is sourced, based, driven, by love and light …which are interchangeable.  Love and Light.  So what should you do,? Walk your pathway with honour with honesty; head up, heart centre open, radiate your light, radiate your love and light, apply that to every situation with a good dollop of understanding, and another dollop of compassion, and another dollop of tolerance.  So this where you are now at.  Right at this critical point in time change has gained momentum: it is gaining momentum. It is rushing forward; you are driving it; you are riding it; you are the change!  You are the change! You are making it happen.  The change will continue for as long as souls incarnate express a desire to become who and what they truly are… on this planet. 

There is no need to fear for the future.  Absolutely no need to fear the future.  Everything is in Divine Order.  Nothing is going to happen that isn’t planned …and when you consider it …what can happen? What can happen? What on the face of it appears to be a negativity, if you look behind the curtain you will find a positive aspect.  So if you play your part in the “change of the ages” to change this planet to heaven on earth; what you call heaven back in the realms – the love, the light, the beauty, the peace, and harmony… all of that what you call heaven – you want to bring to earth.  You want to instil it into the earth: you want the earth to become that: you want earth to be what you call heaven on earth;  to be one and the same… and it can be.. provided that you walk your pathway with honour, integrity, honesty, radiating your light to all to all on the planet.

If you do that you are fulfilling your obligation; you are fulfilling your individual obligation; and if we get sufficient individuals fulfilling their obligations on their life pathways then the ultimate change happens.  Fear not: fear not if you hear, see, or read in your media of happenings across the world in countries undergoing dramatic change; not just change in the earth’s crust but change in society itself.  Change in the rules and regulations that society is based upon.  All of that is in the mix. The reason why it is in the mix is because it requires change.  So know that, all change is beneficial: fear none of it; support all of it.

I think that will suffice for this evening.  I feel that we have given you plenty to consider. I and my brothers wish you well: we wish you love of course and we radiate our love and light to you to support you on your pathway. 

Thank you.

Thank you, and good evening.

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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