Aranuth Christmas Message

Aranuth speaks about Love and Forgiveness at Christmas and suggests that everyone practice love and forgiveness all year round instead of only at this time of the year. If all souls incarnate genuinely sent out unconditional love and forgiveness to all of the world all year round then the problems of this world would diminish greatly and our world would move into entirely different paradigm.


Food allergies have become a global epidemic and conventional medicine has no cure. reports are that food allergies  have increased by 50% between 1997 and and 2012. Since the 1990′s when GM foods were first approved there has been a dramatic increase in food allergies, asthma, ADHD, and several forms of cancer.

So called “experts” retained by Big Pharma are again attacking the natural health and healing industry. Vitamin, mineral, natural, and herbal supplements that generate large amounts of money are in the drug companies sights. Nutritionists agree that if we eat a a balanced diet of fresh, organic, and chemical-free foods the number of our illnesses would reduce or disappear altogether.

The World Cancer Research Fund has completed a detailed review of more than 7,000 clinical studies covering links between diet and cancer. The bottom line is that processed meats are dangerous for human consumption and consumers should reduce or stop eating all processed meat products. Processed meats include bacon, sausage, hot dogs, packaged ham, salami, and virtually all processed and packaged red meats. They are usually manufactured with a carcinogenic ingredient known as sodium nitrite. Sodium nitrite results in the formation of cancer-causing nitrosamines in the human body. A 2005 University of Hawaii study found that processed meats increase the risk of pancreatic cancer by 67%. The recommendation is: always read the ingredient labels and don’t buy anything made with sodium nitrite or monosodium glutamate.

The good news:

The lycopene content in tomatoes has been linked to the reduction of certain types of cancer like stomach, oral, and prostate cancer. They have even been shown to improve cardio-vascular health and combat osteoporosis. Another benefit of tomato consumption is it’s ability to prevent breast cancer in post-menopausal women by helping regulate blood sugar and fat levels.

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority has refused to issue a permit for the dumping of 3 million cubic metres of toxic dredge spoil inside the Reef’s World Heritage Area. Instead they have given themselves more time to assess the damage the project may cause. The delay is a sure sign that decision makers are feeling the pressure from the community to do the right thing to our Reef. The increased number of coal-carrying ships passing through our pristine reef waters also pose a threat to the Reef.

My auto-biography, many years in the writing, has finally been completed and is at the proof readers prior to being offered to any interested publisher. Originally it was intended to be a record of my life and times to be handed down to my descendants however along the way I was prompted to make it available as a published book.


Well good evening children:  It is I, “one”,  here again to be with you on this day as you prepare for your festivities.  We in the realms thought it appropriate to talk to you about the importance of the love vibration.  The importance of the forgiveness which accompanies the love vibration which you radiate and send to your family and friends at this time every year.  As your time passes it becomes more and more pertinent that you send more and more of the love vibration accompanied, accompanied, by the vibration of forgiveness.  From where we are we observe individual souls incarnate emanating, radiating, sending out the love vibration and attempting in many instances to genuinely overcome, overwhelm, transmute, any forgiveness problems; any problems you call past or present.  At this time of the year there is a genuine attempt to send love which we would like you to consider to be unconditional love because if the love is unconditional then it already embraces forgiveness.  Not simply forgiveness for those others who trespass against you but forgiveness of self, forgiveness of your own sovereign self;  for what you quite judgementally consider to be folly or past stupidity… or not well thought out past actions.  We have told you many, many times, that everything is in the now moment.  We encourage you not to look backwards, not to go into past moments;  recall, or relive episodes, particularly negative or unhappy episodes in your life which at the end of that experience you should simply have released, let go.  There is absolutely no value whatsoever in carrying past hurts and betrayals. 

What we would also like to talk to you about today is why is it that it takes a time such as your Christmas to prompt you to send love, and light, and forgiveness, all across your planet.  We wonder why?  Why are you not doing this every moment of your daily life?  Why do you save up love and forgiveness for this one time of the year and then fold it up and put it back into your cupboard again until next year?  You know, you understand, love is All There Is.  So the more love and light and associated things such as forgiveness, understanding, compassion, tolerance, etc… why are you not focusing on that every day of your daily life?  We would like to tell you that the way forward for you is the peaceful inner, inner peace way for you to walk you pathway is to walk it in peace and love and to radiate peace, love, forgiveness, understanding, tolerance; radiate all that out to not only all of the planet but All That Is.  All That Is.  We understand that many humans incarnate are blinkered, blinkered;  you can only see a portion of the true reality of the nature of things.  When I say the nature of things I am talking about not just your physicality, your humanity, your spirituality, your ecology, your flora, your fauna; we are also talking about other levels, other dimensions where souls exist in a different form.  We are talking about your entire universe and the cosmos.  That is what I mean when I say All That Is.  Because even beyond that there is more which I will not go on to details at this point in time.  Suffice to say at this time when you consider love and light and forgiveness and send it, radiate it, to whatever degree you find yourself capable of; and many souls find themselves capable of only sending minor degrees of love and light because they send it conditionally instead of unconditionally.  We do not wish you, we do not advise you, to put conditions on your love because love will not tolerate your conditions.  Love in its purity will not be sullied by human conditions.  It …hmm… does not have the capabilities of understanding the true nature of love and forgiveness. 

Now love and forgiveness and all of the other values that I have previously mentioned do not come to you like a clap of thunder.  They do not dawn upon you suddenly; they come upon you quietly and gently.  It is a quiet, gentle, somewhat drawn out process of drawing to yourself not just the true meaning but the ability, the genuine heart felt ability, to experience and express love and forgiveness.  The genuine heartfelt ability to radiate, to send out, love and forgiveness to All That Is. 

You may commence your lesson by sending love and forgiveness to family and friends.  You may continue to expand your experience by sending it to other states, other nations, other groups.  Once you have achieved that; once you are comfortable with the fact that you are genuinely radiating the love vibration to all, all of your planet without restriction, without judgement, then you may go on to send it to other realms, other levels of the universe; to the cosmos which includes what you call your galactic brothers and sisters. Because unbeknown to you you are already the recipient of a considerable volume of love and light that is sent shall we say, sent to you,  from the galactic realms as well as other unseen levels and realms.  Not to be forgetting that you have passed over souls who were the recipient of your love in a physical incarnation who are now residing in another level, another vibratory level, who wish to come through the veil and offer their love to you.  You are somewhat aware of but not always consciously aware of that… and sometimes in need of a prompt.  When we look at love as the All, the All, love is light, loves is the All, when we look at that; when we understand that is that love, that light, that supports not only this planet but all life upon it and many other planets and universes and levels.  It is the light and the love that creates, nurtures, and supports everything that is part of All That Is.  So is it not folly for a soul incarnate in a human embodiment to put conditions on love, light, forgiveness, tolerance?  Is it not erroneous; is it not erroneous to think that you may partition love and light and send portions of it only to those whom you judge to be deserving of it and be withheld from other souls incarnate who are simply walking their chosen pathway and whom you have passed judgement on, and judged to be not worthy of your love, your light, your understanding, your forgiveness.  Do you see how this holds you back?  Do you see now that you are the one that are holding yourself back?  You are the hindrance to your own development and advancement.  Do you understand that? You in the physical are responsible for holding yourself back. 

And so there are souls, entities, groups, such as the Brotherhood of the Crystal Light who choose to come to you: this is our task; this is our commitment; this is our contract.  To come to you time and time again, bit by bit, divulging pieces, selections, of knowledge and wisdom a piece at time so that you may absorb, ingest, and hopefully work with them.  That is why we as individual and groups come to  you; we come through the veil to mentor you.  That’s what we are doing you know.  We are mentoring you.  You chose to become incarnate and complete an experience and lesson plan which included not just finding your true self, your true powers, but using them; using those powers not just to assist yourself but all of mankind, all of the planet, All That Is.  So you see, at this time of your year when you have your annual festivities which prompt you to consider love and forgiveness,  those few days each year really are not sufficient.  They should be there as a lesson for you to learn that if you can radiate love, light, forgiveness, tolerance.: if you can exemplify all of those higher ideals, all of those higher values, would it not be to your benefit to do that every moment of your life in this incarnation; every step along your pathway? 

You are more than aware of the state of aggression that exists between various nations, communities, races, religions; you must be aware that the situation is quite unstable.  And from where we are, quite useless!  It is achieving nothing! The human race needs more individual light workers: they need more individual love and light emanators; radiators.  The last thing humanity needs is to be looking over their shoulder, looking back, carrying past hurts and betrayals, and “getting square” with other nations whose population had nought to do with those past hurts.  However, should you make a valiant effort to radiate love, light, and forgiveness to all the world unconditionally the world will benefit greatly from that love energy; and more and more souls will feel more secure, happier, and less tolerant of the aggressive activities of their governments.  They will call for peace: peace and understanding: peaceful co-existence is what’s required here. Allowing every person and every nation to walk their pathway without judgement. Walking peacefully… that is what you wish to do.  That is what most of the population of the world wishes to do: and you can enhance that considerably simply by being aware in every moment that it is the love vibration that will, shall we say, save this planet; because if the love vibration lowers itself to a certain level your term is “then all hell breaks loose”.  You do not wish to return to that situation ever; and the way to ensure that that situation does not arise, does not gain power or momentum, is to send love and light to All That Is.  I thank you dear children, I will come again.  I am One, Oneness.  Thank you.

This will be the last channelled message for this year 2013.  The messages will resume in January next year 2014.

Love and Blessings, Malcolm.

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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