Parable of Abundance

photo: AbundanceIn the beginning, there lived a Body that dwelled in the land of fresh air. The Body saw that there was beautiful, clean, fresh air as far as they eye could see with all the life-giving oxygen one would ever need. The Body also saw the impossibility of ever having a shortage of oxygen because, after it breathed it in, it breathed it out in a different form that was food for plants. The plants showed their appreciation by reciprocating and regenerating more oxygen usable for the Body. Thus, the Body lived in a state of endless supply and expected to have abundance forever.

All the cells in the Body were also very happy and content. They drank deeply from the great breaths of oxygen the Body took. No one ever thought of saving, or hoarding, for all had all they needed. The brain cells needed a little more than some of the others, but no one seemed to mind, for they all had all they wanted and needed, and since all were fulfilled, everyone was considered equal. They functioned in perfect cooperation with the realization that all cells must be fulfilled for the Body to be healthy, and the Body must be healthy for any individual cells to be fulfilled. Thus they realized their interdependence, and with this realization came sublime independence.

The Body lived in a state of perfect functioning for a long long time until one day the land of fresh air was visited by a sick Body that was near death. This Body was off color, contorted with some dread disease, the eyes were cloudy, its temperature was hot, its breaths were shallow and quick and it could barely stand.

The sick Body told the healthy one: "I have one last request before I die. Share this apple with me and I will lie down in peace." The sick Body took a bite and handed it to the healthy one. The healthy Body looked on with pity and took a bite, but when he did something strange happened. One of the cells from the sick Body hopped off onto the bite taken by the healthy one. The cell knew the Body he was in was dying but decided to start a new life in the healthy Body.

Unfortunately, the foreign cell brought with him the philosophy from the dying Body, a philosophy completely unknown and unthought of by the cells in the healthy Body.

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