Aranuth Speaks at I’fail : Breathing a new soul into life

The Innisfail channelling session was well attended and judging by the positive feedback that I  received everyone enjoyed the evening. The message appeared to restate and reinforce some previous information – not only from Aranuth but also from various other sources – which I suspect was directed towards those souls who have never been exposed to that information. Mixed in with that there was also some new information and a new “take” on existing information. I was aware that Aranuth shaped the message to cater to existing seekers of truth as well as newer seekers.
After the channelling several people approached me to say that they had seen discarnate entities and / or guides standing near to me or at other places in the room. One friend observed two beings with unusually large eyes standing one on either side of me whilst I channelled. Others reported seeing something similar.
It has been a very busy month for most people what with the unexpected change coming into their life. So many people have been experiencing anger, frustration, disappointment, and even defeat.  That particular period lasted for around three weeks before finally diminishing and ceasing to affect peoples lives.


Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha.  Well, good evening lovely lights; because you see that is what you are – light.  You are light beings.  You lovely souls are light beings embodied specifically so that you can come to this dimension, this planet of solid mass, to enjoy yourself.  Now, did you pick up on that word that I just said? Enjoy! Enjoy!  Dear ones have you forgotten it is not that long since you have been home in the realms.  I see you many times.  You come to me:  You come homen your sleep state, in your dream state, in your meditative state; you come home regularly and we talk regularly; and you receive updates on your progress regularly.  We understand, we understand that when you return to this realm of solid matter you return with …your word is amnesia… now there is a very, very, good reason for this.  You come back with amnesia so that you carry very little, very little or no memory whatsoever of your home in the realms; of your capabilities; of your powers.  If we allowed you to carry the remembrance back here with you that would rather spoil your holiday here.
Now again I say the word holiday because holiday is associated with enjoyment.  Dear ones that is what you are doing here, you are having a little holiday.  You’re enjoying – supposed to – enjoy your holiday here.  Now unfortunately, unfortunately, souls incarnate when they arrive here they carry a remembrance of what they are here for and they carry it here deep within (points to the heart).  Now you have all heard people talk about “going within”.  What we are talking about is heart.  Heart: this is where your true beingness is.  Everything associated with your beingness… now I am talking about your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and higher self.  So when you come here you have a vague remembrance of your lesson plan but many souls are inclined to become enmeshed in this third dimension; in the machinations, machinations of this third dimension.  Now dear souls, when you come here you come back with power.  Power: the powers that you have learnt and accumulated in previous incarnations and in the realms; you bring them back within you, within your heart.  within the beingness that you are that resides within your heart… so may I just clarify that a little.  The embodiment – the physical shell; that’s what it is , it is just a shell, it is just a vehicle – now within the shell you have yourself, your higher self, your beingness.  Now within that beingness is your true essence.  So if you can go back into the depths, deep, deep, deep, you will come to your essence and your truth:  Your soul self; your sovereign soul essence and truth; you would come back to truth.  Truth within your beingness because your version of truth is often times dramatically different to what truth really means;  the true understanding of truth.  Hhmm.

Now, when a soul incarnates – I shall talk about your very first time shortly – when a soul incarnates if follows a lesson plan that has been very carefully scripted by you … hahaha (points to the audience)… by your higher self, of which you are one twelfth of one twelfth of your higher self; so before you come here it’s like a movie; you wrote the script; you have seen the movie from start to finish.  There are no surprises when you come here:  you incarnate, you incarnate with amnesia, so you have forgotten the script; you have forgotten how the movie plays out; and you have certainly forgotten how it ends.  Within your true beingness… and I would like to make a point of this… within your true beingness you know the script; you know every twist and turn; you know every lesson; and you know every experience; and you know the end within your true beingness!  So, until you have accessed your sovereign self, soul essence, and truth, you will just have to take it on trust that your life is going to follow the pattern that you prescribed; it is going to follow that pattern.  There is never ever a time when you are off track.  You may wobble around a little on the pathway; you might criss criss-cross it a couple of times… and oh my goodness how many times have you went back around the other way and then come back again.  That’s pretty much normal for souls incarnate because you are always seeking to know in advance what is happening so you can put controls in place to prevent this and that from happening; and if you put; if we allow you to put controls in place to prevent that from happening then you have just blown it because you wrote all these experiences and lessons. So you, you as souls, put the barricades in front of you; you put the blockages, the barriers, all these hurdles and barriers that present on your pathway, they’re not there at random. you placed them  there for your learning experience.

***At this point the gremlins got into the recorder to prevent us recording and replaying to anyone except those attending in person.***  Tape resumes recording.
…..into the script as part of your learning; as part of your unfoldment; as part of you going within to search for the powers to overcome obstacles; and as you overcome one obstacle and remove one barrier, you roll along your path and you will find another one. So again, you put your powers into operation.  Now, now we are getting somewhere; now we are realising “the universe can present whatever it likes to me and I will overcome”.  I will overcome: why? Because I have the power! Why do I have the power?  I am light!  I am part of the Grand Creators light. And being part of the Grand Creators light means that I am of that light and will handle that power! I can use that power, and I can experiment with it by writing parallel and concurrent lifetimes and pathways.  And what you see as a succession of lives are in reality parallel lives.  Hmmnn.

So you keep writing the script: you know that you place this obstacle there and when you come to it you use your powers to remove it. Unfortunately, unfortunately, far too many souls incarnate come to an obstacle, a barrier on their pathway, and instead of sitting still, going within, asking the question, talking to the power of your higher self, talking to the Grand Creator; ask, that is all you have to do is ask. Ask! Ask for help; ask for assistance; ask for knowledge; ask for the unmasking of your power.  That is what you were originally designed to do. However, being in a human body there are other considerations other than your spiritual unfoldment.  Now spiritual unfoldment is part of your pathway as well as your physical but too many souls forget that and they respond not to the stimulus; not to the stimulus of the power within; they respond to the stimulus of the mental, the emotional, and the physical.  May I remind you that your body is very, very, temporary. You have all had numerous, numerous incarnations, and at the end of every one you shed your physical body.  You shed it.  So it is not enduring. What is enduring? Enduring is… err..the only thing that endures is the power within, the soul essence and truth.  That’s where the power is! That’s where the enduring power is; that’s where is the stimulus and stimuli emanate from, should emanate from; and not from the mental, emotional; the flight or fight. Go within.  Go within.

 Now from time to time there are souls such as are here from the Brotherhood of the Crystal Light, the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the Crystal Light – in the realms there is no gender however we present to you as a gender because that is what you relate to –  you relate to “he” or “she”.  ”him” or “her”.  In the realms there is no gender.  However to present to you as male or female.. that is quite okay.  So with the Brotherhood, the Sisterhood of the Crystal Light – we are an autonomous group within the Brotherhood of Light who have been given a special charter to come to souls incarnate with knowledge, information, and guidance in a simplistic form using your day to day language.  We don’t come with high faluting theories and processes that make you scratch your head and say “what was that all about”?  We tell you in your own words.  And that is what we are doing here tonight.  We are talking through this medium; giving it to you in your language, in your own words, and what you are hearing is not from just I alone who is within this body, occupying this space at present;  it is from me, and it is from every other one of the Brotherhood here tonight… and it is a collective thought.  The collective thought expressed.  That’s for your information.

Before we go any further I would like to take you back: I would like to tell you the story; the true story, truth; I want to speak truth to you.  Whom or what do you consider to be God, the Creator, the Supreme Being? Ha! What or who do you consider that to be?  It is not a trick question.  The power is the love and the light.  There is no old grey headed, long bearded man, sitting up there strumming away on a harp.  That is not God: that is not the Creator; that is not the Supreme Being.  The Supreme Being is more of a …err…in your language, a level of intelligence; but it is intelligent and it is power.  Now, if you were to see the Supreme Being you don’t see the outline of a human body: what do you see?  You see the most brilliant light that radiates the power of love that is so incredible that you will fall to your knees in tears.  That is the power of the Creators light and the Creator’s love, and the Creator’s light is interchangeable….love with light; it is one and the same.  If you want to tap into your supreme beingness, your soul essence and truth, you call for the love and the light;  simply that.  Because that is where it all comes from. That is the source.  That’s the source!  Now we understand that many of you have been brought up with the belief system that says  oh you must talk to archangels, or great beings who once walked this earth; well if you choose to do that, do so.    Do you wish to do that? Do so.  There are no rules you know.  But what I am here to tell you is that you don’t need to select any one individual being unless that advanced being has a special gift, a special talent that you would like to acquire.  So if you are looking for someone to expand and intensify your power of your light within your beingness you call to Lord Lanto.  Lord Lanto.  You invoke Lord Lanto. You ask him to come to you: you ask him as a brother or a sister would he please radiate powerful, expanded, intense light into your soul beingness and truth so that his power, his light, expands yours…and therefore shifts you up the dimensional scale; empowers you and makes you more capable of solving the little problems on your pathway such as barriers, hurdles, potholes, or whatever.  So if you wish to call one of the higher evolved beings who did walk this planet… how many people call Yeshua, the man you call Jesus?  Many call to him.  Many call to the lady Kwan Yin: many call to the Mother Mary: and many call to other great beings of love and light who are not so well known… but they are known to you.  That is fine, that is good.  But you are not confined to that level.  Please do not look at that as a ceiling  It is not a ceiling: you don’t just talk to your angels and that is as far as you go… that’s only one step up.  So you can talk to your angels, your archangels, you can go to all of these highly evolved beings which we call the Community of the Ascended Masters.  And you can go on from there if you like.  You can go to the power of love and light; the Source….  There is no higher or greater power.  Choices, my dear friends.  Choices. They are your choices; so make the choice .  Well, what do you want to bring into your life?  Do so.

Now, I promised I would tell you about your very first incarnation.  How does it happen?  You have this power; this intense power of love and light.  Now, between the Creator and any other vibratory realm there is a very, very, fine membrane: the finest of the finest membrane.  The Creator energy breaths ( audiable in-breath and out-breath) it breaths energy into the Allness; the Oneness; the totality of everything.  Ha! Now, with the membrane breathing in and breathing out we come to the out-breath and we go “ahhhhhh” and the Creator breaths out a miniscule pin point of light; that’s you …ahhaha… that’s you!  Miniscule pin points of light: that pin point of light gently floats through the ethers that fill all space into the hands of  very, very, highly evolved beings.  They stand there like this (shows holding hands out with palms up) and they gently, ever so gently, catch the  miniscule pin point of light; and they draw it away to what on this realm you would call a soul nursery.  Soul light nursery.  So these advanced beings gently guide this floating light to this nursery where there are absolute millions of other lights.  Now those lights are nurtured: they are gradually empowered, expanded, by the Creator’s love and light; the power that breathed them forth continues to expand them.  Every woman who has given birth to a child knows she births the child and it will grow.  She will nurture it: it will grow and expand and become tall and grow strong and healthy  That is an analogy and a very simple one.  Now these young souls when they get their light to a certain power and achieve a certain amount of readiness to intake intelligence, it is allowed to incarnate. At that time great beings of love and light will select those sparks of light that have now grown and advanced; they will now select them, take them to a place where they will teach them, talk to them, endear them with love, light, and give them basic knowledge and rules and prepare them for their very, very, first journey. And the journey is in here (points to stomach) into the womb.  Now, those lights before they go into the womb, their guides, the great beings around them who will be with them for all of the forthcoming incarnation help and advise them.  Help them with their choices. So they have to choose parents, and they have to choose parents in a geographical location that suits what that young soul would like to achieve.  So the parents must have certain genetics or DNA pattern: they must live in a certain geographical location; and they must be able to supply this young soul with everything that it needs to develop.  Then, that spark of light enters: enter; conception! When does life begin.  Conception! Instant of conception!  The very instant of conception: that is when life enters.  Now, that spark of light enters, has a wriggle around, gets comfortable, familiarises itself and comes back out and it talks to the guides and tells them what they are experiencing.  They ask them for help, guidance, assistance… and then back it goes. It will go back in there and it will stay there for a few weeks and may choose to come out again; may not.  After possibly, after possibly the second month that new young soul is there to stay.  It is there for the duration.  And it develops in the womb of course and comes to birth: when it is birthed it already has its life pathway laid out before it.

Now, in the early incarnations that soul does not have a lot of memory about it’s beingness, soul self, truth, essence. That comes, that develops, with each successive incarnation.  It may surprise you to know that some of you have been here for a hundred, hmm hmm  hundreds of 9ncarnations.. and each time you learn a little something different because you come back under a totally different set of circumstances.  Different parents: different geographical location; different DNA; different genetics; different everything.  Because you just don’t learn one thing from an incarnation and then say “I now know it all”.  There are unlimited, let me assure you, unlimited pathways.  So you are still on one pathway of an unlimited number of pathways; and you will still follow the same process except you are not being breathed forth from the membrane by the Creator any more.  You pass over: you go back to the realms; and you go back to a level commensurate with your learning, your experiences, and what you have attained because when you go back you go back with soul enrichment.  Ahhh, soul enrichment. I will simplify that: soul enrichment; we look at you and… have you read in the Bible where it said “by your lights you shall be known?..  That’s what you emanate: that light..that is you.  That’s your soul essence.  Ahha… that’s you! So we have this soul essence.. what we are talking about is not the body… we are talking about the light, the light, the love and the light. And we look at this light and we can see the colours.  And the colours, one glance tells you everything about that soul.  So there is no hiding anything in the realms I can tell you… ha ha ha …because everything is open for  everyone to see; there is no judgement. Souls come back to the realms and are we judging them by their different colours? No we are not.  They are simply having learning experience: they are gathering to them soul enrichment; and they come back to the realms. And there they find some beings like I who are in the role of ..hmm …teacher, lecturer, mentor and we help prepare them for another incarnation.

Now before I come to the end of our little chat this evening  I want to come back to the word I first used – Enjoy!  Enjoy!  We realise that there are a great number of things happening on this planet, in this vibration, under this matrix, that are not what you could consider to be of the highest or finest light.  Bearing in mind that every soul, every soul’s thought, word, deed the action of every soul incarnate, is part of their pathway; that’s what they came to do, to learn, and to grow from.  So if you have someone who continually short changes his workers, that is what he came to do.  If you have someone who steals, that’s what he came to do. If you have someone who heals, that is what he came to do.  That is their pathway; that is their lesson; they are experiencing and learning from that the same as you are.  So when you hear beings, highly developed beings, saying do not judge! No judgement! That’s what they mean.  You are judging a person for working their way through their chosen experiences and lessons.  You are also working your way through your chosen experiences and lessons.  So, please do not judge.  Just allow, allow, just allow it! That is pretty deep for souls incarnate at this point in time  but I am putting emphasis on that. Continually focus on non-judgement; being an observer; observing non judgementally; just observe these people walking their pathway, learning their lessons the same as you are.  However, having said that I would like to remind you that you are here to enjoy your pathway.  Enjoy, have fun.  You are not here to worry, to get concerned, deep facial lines, grey hair, physical shakes,  depression; you didn’t come here for that because it doesn’t count. You are not learning anything from that.  You might have put it in your pathway but it is only there for a learning experience; it’s only there to show you that you don’t go there! You don’t get into that! You are bigger than that; you are above that; you are more powerful than that; so overcome that.  If you don’t like it, cut it, get out, stop it, move.  There is so much in your life that you can do with “A” = no judgement.  ”B” = allow, allowance, allow people to walk their pathway;  ”C” = remember your own power; you are part of the Creator, you are a creator, you are a manifestor.  You want something? Go out and get it; go after it.

Now let me tell you this, manifesting is not saying “abracadabra” and everything changes and everything falls into your lap.  That’s a fairy story.  What you want to manifest is what you focus on: what you focus on expands.  So you are walking your pathway what do you want to do?  Do you have an obstacle on your pathway? Is there a rock or is there a barrier? what is it?  Remove it! How do you remove it? Focus on that! If you focus on it, do you climb over it? Do you go around it? Or do you wait for the power, the guides, the  higher beings who assist you to remove it? You have to go after these things; you cannot sit for long and wait.  It is all very good to sit in meditation and focus on something that you want to bring into your life but if you don’t back that up with positive thought and action there is not a great chance that it is going to manifest: so what you need to do is decide for yourself and be very, very, truthful, be very, very, truthful with yourself because your inner being knows if you are telling fibs to yourself so be very truthful.  What is it that you want in life? What is it that you want to do? What is it that you want to bring in?  Okay, make the decision; you got it? Focus on it. Live it, be it, and go out and do something to promote it.  Now there are many instances where you don’t have to go out and promote it; it will come gliding in simply because that was part of your pathway; that was written; but in the majority of instances you need to do a little more than just focus.  When you become more enlightened and more advanced you will be able to do that.  Just focus, create and it, it will be there …but you haven’t reached that level yet and until you reach that level you maybe have to do a bit more than just think or focus on it: you will have to go out there and chase it.  Bring it it. Bring it in.  hmm
Well dear souls I feel that I have given you enough this evening to cause you to ponder for some time into the future. Hopefully, hopefully you will retain, retain the information that we have just given you. Hopefully you will decide for yourself what you can use, what is applicable to you right now on your pathway and implement it.  Now if you decide on a course of action and you implement it and it becomes part of your reality, you grow, you expand; because you know that you have done it once and you can do it again and again and again.  So if I had to make one closing statement I would say, sit still, be happy, enjoy your life and above all and listen within and have the courage to act upon what you are receiving within.
My name I am One.  Good evening souls, good evening.

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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  1. Good informative blog, all one needs to do is remember who they truly are.


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