Aranuth - Ravenshoe message - Oct. 10th


Environmental pollution is poisoning humans at an alarming rate. Infertility, immune system disorders, obesity, and other chronic illnesses are on the rise with chemicals partly to blame. The average person has 148 chemicals in their body and this starts in your mothers womb.  Endocrine disrupting chemicals such as phthalates and bisphenol-A are interfering with hormones and are linked to the rise in male birth defects and testicular cancer in young men. Fluoride is a toxic substance that accumulates in your tissues over time and wreaks havoc with enzymes and produces a number of serious adverse health effects including neurological and endocrine dysfunction.

Another cause for concern is the over-use of antibiotics. Agricultural use accounts for approximately 80% of all antibiotics used and is a major source of human antibiotic consumption. Antibiotic use in livestock production plays a major role in antibiotic resistance; 22% of humans antibiotic resistance is linked to antibiotics in the food that we eat.

Vested interests are stepping up their campaign to lock in extreme Internet Censorship. The censorship plan known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership which will censor and be policed will spy on us and change the way that we use the Internet in our day-to-day lives. It may disrupt our lives to an annoying extent but it will not achieve its full intended purpose.

The GMO foods issue has reared its ugly head once more. Whilst there are no peer-reviewed scientific papers establishing the safety of of GMO crops there are both clinical and peer-reviewed scientific papers showing the harmful effects of GMO crops and foods. The increased use of Glyphosate and the prevalence of genetically engineered proteins in our food correspond with an increase in the incidence of over thirty human diseases.


Well good evening children and greetings to you all.  This evening I thought that we may talk about love, light, your thought emanations, and what happens to your thoughts after you actually entertain them and release them.  Now love and light are not usually intermingled with thoughts and the life of thoughts and the life pattern of thoughts however today I thought that we might intricately blend both.  In this your present day and age; in this present time of yours, it is now most important, most important,  for all souls – each and every soul incarnate – to radiate love and light; to be aware of their thoughts, their feelings, their emotions. The totality of your beingness should be focused on universal and unconditional love and light.  You do not need us  to come from other realms to remind you of what is taking place on your earth plane.  You are in a time of trouble and turmoil; a time of transition from one of turmoil to one of peace and harmony.  Now this will not just happen …and it will not just happen over night.  It is a difficult process that will only be achieved by souls incarnate focusing intently on sending love and light to every situation and every other soul on your planet. Now I know that sounds very difficult because being in a state of judgement, which you are almost continually in – that state of judgement  - you are looking at some souls in some geographical areas, some foreign locations, and  in other nations; you are looking at them with disdain, horror, and repulsiveness.  Let us not forget that those souls are not repulsive; those souls are walking their chosen pathway and their chosen pathway has an important part to play  in the evolution of this planet… and also in your evolution because  were it not for souls you consider or deem to be evil, repulsive, and various other negative adjectives that you could apply, those souls are actually teaching you a lesson; they are actually presenting you with a lesson.  They are presenting you with an opportunity to not be in judgement of them; an opportunity for you to understand that the pathway they walk is not just for their own development, it is for the development of all.  Because all is one and one is all.  So whereas you may look at another soul incarnate, look at their actions, and possibly consider them disgusting and abhorrent, that soul is providing you with an opportunity to over-ride and overcome your judgement. Accept, accept that soul, accept the fact that that that soul is walking its own pathway and its own pathway includes an opportunity for you to not be in judgement.  An opportunity for you to understand that soul and to send, to send love, unconditional, universal love and light to that soul, to that group of souls; to that nation. So previous to this, for aeons of time now, it has been the social, the social norm, for souls to be critical; critical of the behaviour of others simply because the others behaviour does not fit the pattern of those judging or criticising.  ”They are different so they must be wrong”.  That has been the thinking of many souls incarnate for aeons of time.  There will never come a time when every other soul, every other race, every other nation, will conform with your belief systems.  So we suggest that every soul incarnate look to its own beliefs; look to its own beliefs system.  Look at their beliefs and beliefs system and see whether that is a system that is based upon and incorporates unconditional love and light.  As you are aware many souls do not achieve that; many souls have not achieved it at this point in your time.  However, the opportunity is there for you to do that. 

Now everything: every single thing that happens in your life, your town, your state, your nation, your world; every single thing presents an opportunity to you.  It presents you with an opportunity to understand what the Allness and Oneness really means. Oneness and Allness is simply that; no separation; there is no separation, there is no” I am better than you” or “you are better than I”.  There is no division; there is no partitioning; there is only oneness.  Now when we consider all of the issues in your life every one of those issues as I have just mentioned present you with a golden opportunity; a goldenopportunity. The universe is out there holding that lesson, that experience, that opportunity; the universe is holding that out to you as a gift… as a gift!  And the reason it is a gift is because it is a gifted golden opportunity for you to throw out all of your old hand-me-down, erroneous, and ingrained beliefs; to throw out judgement and criticism; to throw out ostracism; to be one, to feel one, to be at oneness with everyone associated with that situation and you should be at one-ment or at one-ness with it simply because there is only Oneness there is only Allness… other than that it is fake, it is fraudulent.  So at this point in your time and taking into consideration some of the issues of confrontation and aggression that is continually and constantly plaguing your nations;  if only every soul incarnate viewed that as an opportunity to display their understanding, their compassion, their tolerance… and above all their unconditional love; when you reach that point the whole planet and every soul upon it will have risen at least two levels, at least two levels.

Now concurrent with that, I would like to talk to you about your thoughts.  Your thoughts have lives. You have a thought and you breathe life into it. You have a thought and you are birthing that thought.  So the act of thinking that particular thought is the act of birthing that thought.  Thoughts have lives!  The reason why thoughts have lives is because thoughts have power.  Thoughts have the power that you gave to it.  It was you: it was the soul incarnate that gave birth and power to that thought.  Again, you are all aware of the power of your thoughts, the creativity of your thoughts,  the power behind the creativity of your thoughts.  When you wish to manifest something in your life where does it start?  It starts as a thought.  It actually starts within your heart as an underlying …err.. underlying yearning, desire, or need. Then it becomes thought about, thought of,  and you dwell upon that thought; so as you wish to create and manifest you are aware of and know the power of your thoughts to become manifest. It is the same process as the power behind your thoughts to hurt, harm, betray, and ridicule:  the thought will do whatever YOU have designed and intended it to do.  So what is your design?  What is your intention? Have you designed and intend your thought to be one of tolerance, compassion, understanding and love? Or have you designed and intended that thought to be one of ridicule, hurt, harm,betrayal or repulsiveness? What have you designed your thought to be?  Hurtful, painful?  Careful: thoughts have life! 

Now when you think that thought it does not just go out into the ethers and into the universe and disappear.  We have just spoken about the power of the thought, the creative power to manifest things.  Now just because you have a positive thought and you wish to create and manifest it doesn’t mean that that is the only thought that has life and continues to live.  Every thought has a life and continues to live! Now when you continue thinking various thoughts through the day, your thoughts are going out there, out there, out there, and believe me the whole ether, the whole thought space within that level is becoming quite cluttered.  It’s becoming cluttered with so much thought of negativity and hatred and divisiveness that some of that space which contains the thought that is like an ocean;  it is a space as large as an ocean. it is starting to resemble a rubbish tip: a rubbish tip of negative, painful, hurtful thought forms.  Be very careful what you think! 

Now, what I am going to impart to you is that those thought forms have lives and if they do not receive any further assistance, help, or power they will gradually over a period of what you call time, wither, wither on the vine simply because you have stopped empowering them.  You have cut off their life blood.  If you continue down that pathway of negative, painful, hurtful thoughts and you are continually feeding the thought, you are nurturing it, keeping it alive and powerful and damaging.  So, it is part of the human experiment for you to think such negative thoughts however, part of your learning is learning not to give  power, sustenance, and nurturing to that thought… so you can allow it to wither…to wither.  Now, in that ocean of thoughts, if you can imagine a level, a vibratory level,  and within that level – without delineation of parameters – there is this space that contains all of those thoughts.  It contains positive uplifting thoughts and it contains the negative aspect as well.  It should be only the positive, loving, uplifting thoughts that you nurture and in that space the positive, the positivity and the love and the light associated with those thoughts well, it will gradually overpower and neutralise the negative thoughts so you are not just attempting to create what you call your heaven on earth you are also creating it’s twin;  peace and positivity in the ocean of thoughts.  Tricky?  Hhmnn. Spoken about before? No. Ever heard of that before? No.  The reason why, the reason why is that it is only at this point in your development that you are ready to receive this information and knowledge and are quite capable of acting upon it if you so choose.  Free will choice here my dears, free will choice. We can come to you from other realms; put this knowledge and information before you; but we may not influence you.  We may not influence your free will choice.  So now you have an understanding of what happens to thought forms.  Having now received that knowledge there is an encumbrance there because it is now up to you to ensure that your thoughts are all of love and light and positivity.  You can never plead ignorance because you are now aware of the life that thoughts have.  So, use that information wisely, use that knowledge very wisely. 

I would like at this point to clearly outline the partitioning between your thought forms, the ocean of all thoughts, the field of all thoughts, and the level, the space within the level that you call Akash;  the hall of records, the Akashi records.  Now there is a very clear delineation between the Akash which is a record of every incarnation that you have every had, every experience, every lesson, every happening that you have been involved in;  every incarnation is stored in the Akash.  Now it’s not there as volumes of books; it’s more you could say like a microchip storage because each individual souls record are of similar size to the head of a pin… and they are all contained within this space, within this level, and those who have the power and permission to do so may examine any one of those records.  Because each souls record is a very private and personal record very, very, few souls incarnate are allowed to see the completeness of that record.  There are some who may be permitted to access the records for the purpose of assisting a soul incarnate to deal with current life issues or understand where concurrent or parallel lives or past lives…ahhh… how incidents from shall we say past lives  continue to affect a soul in this incarnation or in a following incarnation.  So, the Logos do give certain .. ahhh..souls permission to access the Akash for that purpose; to assist that soul to understand why and what is happening to them and assist them on their pathway.  So, please do not confuse the Akash with the field, the sea, the ocean of your thoughts. 

Now concurrent with that, may I take this opportunity to explain to you about how the thoughts and the Akash, affects your aura.  Now this is quite simple; quite simple. Your aura is simply your coat of many colours. Every entity has a coat of many colours which is called “aura”.  According to the individual colour, blend of colours, hue, the blend of colours indicates various lessons, various soul ripeness and enrichment that you have undergone, achieved, or have drawn to you. So looking at an entity’s aura tells the story of their…err..shall we say life at one glance.  You look at the aura, you see the blend of colours, the mix, the hues, and you while in the realms know instantly, you know instantly where this soul is at on its pathway; what the soul has endured; what it has learned; what richness and ripeness it has gathered to it.  That is your true aura.  I say true aura! This is the aura of your true beingness because this is who and what you are.

Now, in your embodied state, your body is also surrounded by an aura which is not; not in any circumstances; a replica or copy of your true aura, of your energy beingness aura, Your energy beingness has its own colour.  That colour or blend of colours; that composition of colour; is in no way emanated or radiated by souls whilst they are incarnate. Now where a soul incarnate weaves thoughts into this and the  physical body shows a colour pattern which they call their aura – this is their physical body aura.  If that soul incarnate sends out kind, loving, caring thoughts, whilst they are doing that, whilst they are dwelling upon love and light and understanding; while they are empowering that thought the colour around their physical embodiment will reflect that as it happens at that point in time.  At another point previous or possibly later, if that soul is in a state of anger, and sending out angry, negative, hurtful, and aggressive thoughts so to will the aura surrounding the physical body reflect that …and you only reflect that temporarily because as the anger subsides so too will the power of that colour of your bodily aura subside and change colour.  So the aura that surrounds most souls incarnate at any one point in time in their daily incarnate life will vary. It will vary quite dramatically in some instances but it will not be sufficient to have a dramatic effect on the coat of many colours of your true beingness.  The only way that it would affect the true colour of your beingness is if you are going down a pathway of either radiating light, love, and understanding; or negativity such as aggression, pain, hate, or torture for a long period of time… an extended period of time. And if you were feeding it for that extended period of time there is a delineation not clearly defined or observed by the eye but it does exist.  Because you see all of these things exist in a space within a level, within a space, within a level, within the Allness, within the Oneness.  The Allness, the Oneness, can never be filled to overflowing: there is just Oneness and Allness.  We have brought this information to you on this day so that you may consider your pathway, how you are going to walk it, how you are going to deal with the different issues, situations, and experiences.  You have that knowledge.  You have the understanding, and you have the underlying knowledge of that understanding… and it will serve you very well provided that you put it into practice; not part time or temporarily but put it into practise constantly so that it becomes your way.  It becomes your way. What becomes your way? Tolerance, understanding, care, compassion, and continual emanation of unconditional love and light because it is the unconditional love and light applied every single second of every single minute, of every single hour, of your life that is going to lift you call it into ascension, It will lift your planet up; it will lift so much up that it is beyond your scope of comprehension to understand how that flows forward. It all starts with you! No judgement, no criticism, simply accept it with tolerance and love and if you do that continually in this life, in this incarnation, you will benefit immensely.

I am El Moirya. I thank you for hearing these words; for opening your heart; for opening your beingness to absorb the content, the knowledge, that we have just given to you.  I wish you love. I wish you peace, I wish you harmony.  Good evening dear souls.

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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