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Australia’s first female Prime Minister Julia Gillard was toppled  in a leadership challenge and replaced by Kevin Rudd, the very man she toppled in similar circumstances three years previously.
This leadership change is closely followed by various policy changes including the red hot political potato of how to resolve the vexing boat people issue.
Last year Australia admitted almost 200,000 immigrants. Of the 50,000 boat people arrivals over the past five years a significant number were found to be “genuine refugees” …the rest were simply deemed economic opportunists.

* Australia’s destiny is to be sucked into a whirlpool of “incidents”: humanitarian, economic, military, and ruffled international relations, accompanied by natural tragedies/earth changes mostly involving our near northern neighbours. Australia, like a sure-footed cat, will always land safely on its feet.

As forewarned by Aranuth and the Brotherhood…things are hotting up in the Middle East with no sign of easing tensions; in fact the situation will get worse yet before it gets better. This is a very necessary and an important part of the cleansing of the planet in readiness of the installation and alignment of the new energy paradigm. It would be foolish to think that very shortly everything on the planet will be hearts and kisses, love and light; there is a considerable way to go before the “Change of the Ages” is completed.

Exposure & Disclosure Dept:

Two top managers of the scandal-plagued Vatican Bank have resigned following the arrest of a high-ranking cleric with close ties to the financial institution. In the latest of a string of embarrassments for the Holy See Director Paolo Cipriani and deputy-director Massimo Tulli stepped down three days after the Vatican was rocked by the arrest of Monsignor Nunzio Scarano, who is accused of plotting with two other people to smuggle 20 million euros into Italy from Switzerland.
There are only a few places on the planet that are almost completely untouched by modern life. The Amazon rainforest is one of these places: deep in the jungle, there are indigenous tribes that have had little to no contact with any outsiders. But now, Peru has approved exploration by giant oil companies in these previously pristine areas.
Peru has given Repsol, a large multinational oil and gas company, the green light to search for oil in the Amazon rainforest. Repsol plans to conduct 3D seismic tests across a large area and drill at least 21 wells.
All the planned tests and 20 of the wells are located within a proposed reserve for indigenous people. who are highly vulnerable to contact with outsiders. This proposed drilling could be fatal for indigenous tribes and will only benefit outside economic interests.
A Norwegian researcher has raised serious concerns about high levels of contaminants in farm-raised salmon.
The Norwegian Health Department has issued new official recommendations to women of childbearing age or who are pregnant, suggesting they limit farmed salmon to a maximum of two meals per week due to potential toxicity
Wild salmon gets its bright pinkish-red color from natural carotenoids in their diet. Farmed salmon, on the other hand, are raised on a wholly unnatural diet of grains (including genetically engineered varieties), plus a concoction of antibiotics and other drugs and chemicals not shown to be safe for humans. Two safe designations to look for are: “Alaskan Salmon,” and “Sockeye Salmon,” as Alaskan Sockeye is not allowed to be farmed.
The rainforests of Indonesia are an ecological treasure: They’re home to critically endangered species like the orangutan and the Sumatran tiger, and they also store more carbon than the entire world emits in 9 years. Now snack and cereal giant Kellogg's has made a huge deal with a company that’s wiping these forests off the map. Kellogg's has just launched a partnership with Wilmar International, the world’s largest palm oil trader. The palm oil industry has had a devastating impact on the forests of Southeast Asia, wiping out millions of hectares of forest and releasing hundreds of millions of tons of carbon into the atmosphere every year. And even among palm oil companies Wilmar is especially terrible: Satellite evidence recently proved that it's been illegally logging protected forests for decades. Wilmar’s record is so bad that Newsweek named it the least sustainable corporation in the world -- worse than Exxon Mobil, TransCanada, and even Monsanto.
In the month of June, 50,000 dead bees were discovered littering a parking lot in Oregon USA. A week later a shocking 37 million bees were reported dead across a single farm in Ontario. After years of research, scientists have finally figured out what’s causing the massive bee die-offs all around the world, from China to the UK: It’s a class of dangerous pesticides called neonics. The corporations that make neonics, like Bonide and Bayer, are on the defensive. The EU just implemented a trial ban against neonics for the next two years.  The US will be the next key battleground. Here in Australia as well as the rest of the world we must vigilant to save the bees; no bees, no food. It’s as simple as that.
Biotech giant Monsanto has been awarded yet another victory by the U.S. federal government thanks to a recent Environmental Protection Agency decision to allow larger traces of the herbicide glyphosate in farm-grown foods. Despite a number of studies linking exposure to the chemical with diseases including several types of cancer, the EPA is increasing the amount of glyphosate allowed in oilseed and food crops.
…And yet… Monsanto faced a surprising setback after U.S. federal authorities refused to approve a new generation of genetically-engineered crops that could survive an unprecedented use of herbicides. At stake is the future for a variety of corn, soybean and cotton crops that have been genetically-engineered to resist two heavy-duty pesticides, namely 2,4-D and Dicamba. Both Monsanto and Dow have been hoping to get the go-ahead to sell these crops, but ordering further testing will set the release date back to perhaps 2015. A number of farmers and environmentalists have opposed the selling of crops resistant to these chemicals, because the result could likely mean dousing fields with pesticides in unprecedented levels. An international protest planned for later this month against biotechnology company Monsanto is slated to span six continents and include demonstrations in dozens of countries around the globe.

Acting on impulse I sent an e-mail to the Sanitarium Health Foods Company asking if they would unequivocally state that they do not use Genetically Modified ingredients in the manufacture of their food lines. – No reply.

The Good News
Scientists in Yungaburra on the Atherton Tablelands Nth. Qld.  (my neck of the woods) have made an exciting discovery in the treatment of various cancers using a rainforest derived vaccine. Scientists have identified a compound in the fruit of the native Blushwood shrub that appears to "liquefy and destroy cancer with no side-effects", according to latest research. Found deep in the remnants of a 130 million-year-old rainforest, the fruit extract may yet hold the secret antidote to Australia's No.1 killer disease.
Clinical trial results have proven to be positive and exciting. "The biggest tumour we treated was the size of a Coke can in a dog, and that animal is fully healed and healthy."
The Tasmanian Devil, an animal prone to facial tumours, has been responding positively to this vaccine derived from the Blushwood tree found in the rainforests of the Tablelands. Human trials are planned for the immediate future.

The red planet Mars and planet earth will be the closest in recorded history on the 27th of August this year. The next time that Mars and earth will be this close is the year 2287. During August and up to the 27th Mars will become progressively larger. On August the 27th Mars will look as large as the moon to the naked eye.
What wonderful sight for our children and grandchildren to observe.


“Be content with what you have;
rejoice in the way things are.
When you realize there is nothing lacking,
the whole world belongs to you.”
Lao Tse



The first message on Friday August 2nd following my recent eye surgery was titled “The Unreality of your Reality”.  Unfortunately at the conclusion of the session I discovered that I had not set the “record” function correctly. A few people were disappointed that a text version would not be available and enquired if the guides would repeat the message.

At a small meditation group a few nights later the following message was recorded….

New message:

Hahahaha …ahhaha; (It is Aranuth himself.)
So you are feeling the effects of the energy are we?  Does the energy have you ensnared or have you ensnared the energy? ….Hahaha. Remember, remember children, you have asked for this.  How many times have you asked for this; how many times have you called to me for more energy, more powerful; not later… but now! 
So, your wishes, your dreams, have all come true.  You are getting the energy you so richly deserve… and what you have asked for.  You are more, more than well aware that you have nothing at all to worry about.  Do you think we would stand back and allow the energies to run riot with your system?  Of course not! We are there gauging it; we are controlling it; we control the flow; sometimes we ease up, and sometimes we open up the flood gates. It depends on how much we think you can handle at any one time; and don’t forget, don’t forget, there are so many, so very many of you wanting to run ahead of the pack aren’t you?  Like the hunting hounds you need to run ahead of the horses and you are, you are running willy-nilly ahead wanting more, and more, and more; and when we give you more you ask “what is happening to me”?  Hahaha.  We warned you: we told you; we warned you!  Oh how many times have I said to you in your sleep state, in your dream state, in your meditative state: how many times have we come to you and have spoken to you?  All of you: many of you; a great number of you; we come and we explain what is happening.
So on another level; in your beingness; in your bubble; in your energy bubble; not here in this unreal reality but in your true space; in your bubble; in your energy bubble; we come to you and we explain to you what is happening; how it is going to happen, and what the benefits will be. You understand that completely. However, we understand that when you return to your unreal reality that you have amnesia and you cannot carry it in your conscious mind; but you do carry it in your subconscious; you carry it within your heart; you carry it within the light that surrounds your heart; the light that is your heart; that is your beingness; that is your energy; … that is where you carry it. 

We have spoken previously I believe regarding the unreality of your reality.  Once more: once more we will delve into that.
Souls incarnate occupy a level it is a construct: the level that you occupy has been constructed specifically for you to experience, to learn, to grow. Whilst you are in the realms; in your energy beingness; your ability to learn and grow - whilst it is unlimited - cannot supplant your experiences and your lessons available to you in this unreality; this unreality! 
Now this unreality, as I previously have said, is a construct: now taking into consideration every single thing that any soul may require to experience and to learn from, to work their way through; to grow from, to be come soul enriched, this was all taken into consideration before we constructed this solid matter dimension reality… which is an unreality… it is what your reality is. Your true reality is in the light realm; in the beingness; the beingness light realms.
Now if I may say: this reality is only one of several. Have you every considered all of the other realities… hmm? Let me put it this way.  You have concurrent lives: you have parallel lives; you also have dream lives; the lives you dream, you dream them; all of these lives exist in a reality: in another reality; another unreality. Can you imagine each of your parallel lives, each of your concurrent lives, each of your dream lives, and including this “present time incarnation life”: For simplicity, consider that each of those lives was a moving film starting with your birth and ending with your return home to the realms.  Like a moving film it is unreal: it is the unreality.  So, all of your previous lives: all of your concurrent and all of your parallel lives; your dreams; all of these lives are similar to a moving film; a moving picture; not real. 
So, in your physicality you desire to go to a moving film: you go there, you enter the theatre, and you become engrossed in and part of that film. When the film ends you come back out.  There are so many films that you can choose from. 
You can choose from quite a number of lives / films; and over an unspecified period of time that number runs into thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands. So you can choose any one of those… and you can visit that moving film which you know is an unreality, it’s a moving film; constructed; it’s a construct; so you can visit any one of those constructs but when you leave the film house you go back to your perceived reality …and so it is with your many lives, your many incarnations.

So when you are home in the realms, in the light realms, there are all of these unrealities, these moving films that you may choose to visit, the only difference is that it is your film… its about you… its about your pathway… its about you as an energy being… as an energy essence experiencing all of these things and learning from them just like you can go to a moving film and experience what is happening to the actors, to the players, on screen. And you attempt to identify with that! That is a de-facto way of experiencing them personally. 
Now in the realms: when you come back into an incarnation, it is not a de-facto realm reality; it is a reality; it is the unreality!  So the unreality is where you come to watch, to observe, to feel, to sense, to experience, to learn, to grow; that’s all there for you. If souls incarnate did not want to participate in an incarnation, in a constructed unreality, you wouldn’t be here. You would not be here at all. 
But as souls you thirst: you thirst for advancement; you thirst for knowledge; you thirst for experience; you want to dive into the experience and the lesson and all of these things that are fully provided for in an unreality: and you know that it is an unreality as you dive into this pool, this pool of experiences; you dive into it willingly; and you swim, and you tumble, and you dive again, and you enjoy, and you learn, and you grow in this pool, in this unreality. And then when you have had sufficient; when that reality has timed out for you; you come home; you come back to the light realms.
When you come back to the light realms you come back to reality. 
Now then: having said that; I would like to touch further on the subject by advising that everything that is happening in your unreality was created for you as individuals, and created for you as a mass; as a mass of souls; to experience, to dive into that experience, take out what you will, to learn from, and to grow from; so should you look now at areas of unrest; areas where souls are having their lives tortured and terminated; this is not happening at random or by accident; it is happening for every soul incarnate to experience and learn from.  This is what you wanted to experience. 
If the giant mass of souls did not wish for such things to happen such as wars, pestilence, disease, earth changes; if you did not desire that; if you did not ask for it or wish for it be included in your unreality then it would not be there. 

Now as a soul incarnate we can understand; we can fully understand where souls; feeling souls; sensitive, compassionate, and caring souls; you look to what is happening all over your planet;  the starvation, the deprivation, the wars, masses of lives taken in one fell swoop by tsunamis’ and earthquakes; we understand that you care; that you feel compassionate, but you must temper, you must temper your care and compassion with the knowledge that it is unreal. It is happening in an unreality: and like the moving film it was written into the unreality; it was part of the script; and yes the script is available to be varied from time to time throughout, shall we say, the making of this moving film unreality. 
You see the mass consciousness can affect the ebb and flow, and the turn and the twist, and the high and the low, of all of these experiences. 
Why do you think we allow that? Because it is for the development of you souls… which is why you are here!  You are here: the unreality has been constructed; the script has been written; the actors, the players - which are you - have arrived; you are on stage; cameras! action!
It’s all happening: it’s unreal; but it was scripted like a moving film for you to experience; for you to learn from.
How do you learn? Well, with care, compassion, tolerance, understanding; all of these things. It arouses all of these things to arise within you; and you send out care, compassion, love, and light. What are you doing? You are attempting to use your powers of love and light to alter the script. So to take a script from one life / film that could be classed as “horrible” to one that is something classed as beautiful you do not want the horror and the tragedy in your film, in your unreality, in your construct, so you have come into the unreality, into the construct, knowing the script with one thing in mind, advancement, development, and how to achieve that by using your power of creativity. You are here to create: you wish to manifest peace and harmony, co-existence, peaceful co-existence; so that’s your challenge; that is your challenge; that is what you are doing here.
Have a look around: this world seems very solid, very real; when you have finished this incarnation you will come back to the realms of love and light and you will realize that this world is an unreal construct …just like every other one you have participated in similar in manner to a grand actor who has acted in numerous, innumerous films. So you act, you play your part in all of these incarnations; each and every one unreal because it is not part of the reality. You come out of the reality into the unreality to practice, to use your powers, to expand your powers, to confirm them within yourself and expand them within yourself. 
The love and light are interchangeable.  Love and light is the greatest power every devised; and that great power is you as souls; as individual souls incarnate who can harness and master that power. You can change not only this unreality but many other unrealities which are to follow… hahahha.  
Did you get that? Which are to follow! …hahahha. 

Okay, all of you souls incarnate, you are here in your unreality trying to alter and change it working individually, in groups, and as a mass, … hmm.  Now, once you succeed in this unreality: once you become competent at creation, manifestation; what is your next challenge? Ahhahaaha… You want to do another film do you? …ahahaha. You want another construct in another unreality? … hmm. And you want another script; and you want to be in there as an actor, as a player, regardless of whether you are a bit player or the star of the show; you want to be in there and you want to use your powers which are already advanced to become even more advanced? So, in an unreality you will script more and more difficult lessons, more and more difficult experiences that contain a lesson for you to overcome once again with your powers of manifestation and creation …which are sourced, sourced, in love and light. … hhmmmnn? Hahhaaa. 
Are you enjoying this children?  I certainly hope you are because I am! …Hahahaha. 

Now then, back to the energy. Oh my goodness; oh my goodness, what do you think the energy is doing? ….hmm? …tricky… hmm?
So, you wish to advance; you wish to get to a stage where you can master, harness, and control the powers of creation and manifestation? Well that’s what you’re doing here! So, you are doing the best you can but somehow you feel a little bit stymied, stuck,  hmm?  What is it that you require to be able to complete your task of altering and changing the script in this unreality?
What is it that you require? Hmm… ahha …More power, more enlightenment, more understanding, more ability to create and manifest; more, more, more.
So what did you ask for? More! What did you ask for? More power, energy, strength, …a hahha …well, we are giving you the strength of the energy aren’t we? … ahahahaha…. Yes!  However you do well: you all do well; we in the realms watch you in awe, in wonderment, and we do have a chuckle to ourselves when we see you run up a blind alley and say …Uh - Ohhh ….where do I go from here? What do I do with this energy that’s giving me the shakings and the quakings? …hmm.  Absorb it: absorb it!

I know: we know; it’s not all that comfortable is it? In fact it can be very uncomfortable: the shakings and the quakings can be something horrid for the physical body to endure; but with you the essence, the energy that you are, that inhabits your body; you are in charge of that body; you called for the energy change; we gave you the upgraded energy; we gave you the increased power; you have have a body and your body now has to deal with it.  You can deal with it as an energy being but your physicality is having trouble. Don’t forget; your physicality is disposable; is it not?  Is it not? At the end of this incarnation you will drop this body… hmm … dispose of it; into the rubbish bin it goes. So, your physical body is disposable but until such time as you drop this body when you come to the end of the incarnation - as planned - you have to make do with this body; you have to support it and nourish it, and of course you will have to deal, you will have to deal with the physical, the emotional, and the mental shakings and quakings as you convert this body to a body of higher and finer light that you as an energy being can comfortably work with. Ha! 

Think on this: think on this; an advanced being of love and light; a powerful, powerful, very powerful being of love and light… what would they want with a gross dense physical matter body that has no advanced senses or feelings? You wouldn’t want it.  How does a advanced master of the light come into this unreality and achieve all the things that you have set for yourself; all the tasks that you have set for yourself? Hmmnnn.  One of the tasks is to bring your body with you; as you advance so too must your body. 
If you want to keep achieving things in this life: if you want to turn everything into love and light; if you want to shine the light into all the dark places; you have to go into that dark place and you have to experience lots of things and its your body that carries you into a lot of these places and things so you have to upgrade the body. You have to continually improve the body so that you can continue to improve yourself.  Hmm. Sounds tops- turvy doesn’t it?

It is a fact that while you are incarnate you must draw more light into the body: you must draw more, more, more light into your body. 
We in the realms have answered your call; you want more light into the body, you want more energy. The Creator is beaming more, and more, and more, light of higher, and higher, frequency; greater, and greater, intensity to the planet, to everything on it; mainly it is to focus firmly upon you; because you are the grand masters of the light who are going to change this entire unreality; this whole construct; you are going to change it. 
Once you have achieved that, you step back out of this unreality; it is of no further use; you have completed your task here. The experiences and lessons of this unreality has been completed and everyone can go back to the realms; and in time you may choose another unreality; another construct with a whole new set of conditions; and let me tell you in advance some of the things you will choose you would not even be able to perceive or conceive of in this reality at this present time; and were we to tell you of the challenges that you would mount for yourself you would not believe us; not in this restricted reality. But you will go on and on, and you will achieve greater things, and you will continue to expand, you will continue to grow, you will become not just grand masters of the light you will become the intelligence of the light, you will become light intelligent; you will become the light! You will become the intelligence of the light.  Now that’s another tricky one for you… hahhaa.

Dear souls it has been a fun evening: I must say it has been some time since I Aranuth have had the opportunity, shall we say opportunity?... It has been some time since I have had the opportunity to talk with you in this manner preferring instead to allow several of the other members of the Brotherhood, the Sisterhood, to develop their communication skill. I have stood back to allow others to come forth, practice their skill at communicating their message to you souls incarnate. So now you understand that it is not just you souls incarnate here; you grand masters here; that are learning … even in the …shall we say advanced, ascended master community you still learn; not because you have to, but because you desire to do so.  You have the grand desire to keep on learning; to keep on growing; to keep on expanding; and when you get to the stage when you have achieved light intelligence, the intelligence of the light, when you have achieved that and become the light intelligence you will then will create something further advanced …and expand on that. 
And as you are aware, the Creator’s light knows no boundaries, no perimeters, no parameters; it is boundless, infinite. 

Well thank you dear children: it has been wonderful to be here this evening.  It has been quite fun; quite fun; and yet instructive to you. Hmm?
So, continue on as you have been and I know you will be continuing on; and we will be continuing on too because we will be there beside you all the time and we will be building, beaming, more energy to you; more, and more, and more.  More, and more, powerful; more, and more, precise; because this energy is precisely tailored for you; for your situation. 
I think that this will be sufficient. 

Good evening children.

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Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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