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Type 1 diabetes is a potentially life-threatening condition caused when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin, a hormone which helps  absorb glucose. Scientists from the University of Cambridge have developed an artificial pancreas  which automatically measures diabetics blood sugar levels and supplies the required amount of insulin as they sleep.

The march against Monsanto in 52 countries attended by more than 2 million people was a big hit. Recent research in the USA revealed that food producers and food production and supply companies who advertised that they use all non-GMO ingredients saw their sales increase by by up to 30%. Money talks.
Supporters of the protest group SumOfUs have linked with bee-keepers in the USA and have ramped up the fight against pesticides that have reduced the number of bees in the US by 50% in the last few years. Here in Australia we must be vigilant not to let the Big Pesticide companies expand sales of their bee-killing products here. Protect our bees – protect our food supply – protect our health and lives.


Greetings children.  Today we will discuss positivity versus negativity and apparent adversity on your realm, on your planet.  Children, one of the reasons that you incarnated on this planet was to enjoy yourself; to enjoy your pathway.  Even though it be littered with experiences and lessons, some of which may appear to be hurtful, painful, or difficult to surmount, the reason for that being it is a challenge for you to meet; to use your powers of creativity and manifestation; and overcome.

There is no great difficulty with these experiences and lessons simply because there are no pass or fail conditions placed upon them. There is only your pathway, your choice of experiences and lessons that you carefully designed to challenge your mastership, your creative ability.  Across your planet there is much of what you would call negativity; negative happenings and experiences in the form of natural tragedies, wars, terrorism, starvation, deprivation, all of those lessons, all of those experiences, you tend to be in judgement of even though you are not intending to be judgemental. It just so happens that by your classification of an experience as a “negative happening” or a “positive happening” that is where judgement comes into play.  Be not forgetting that everything is in Divine Order.  Be not forgetting everything is evolving according to the Creators Grand Plan.  Now all of these things that you view as tragic, horrendous, negative; all of those adjectives that you apply to such happenings are misplaced.  Now I would like you to consider that word “misplaced”.  The reason why they are “misplaced” is because as I have just stated, everything, everything, is in Divine Order.  All of these things unfold in allowance.  Souls incarnate no matter where they reside in your realm that you call your planet, your earth, no matter where they reside they have individual choice, free will choice,  and so let us remember that before any of those souls that are involved in your wars, terrorism, starvation, deprivation etcetera; before any of those souls incarnated they viewed, they viewed the whole scenario; they knew before they chose their pathway precisely what was going to unfold and what part they would play in it.  So, when you take all that into consideration, on the face of it, it may look as though many souls are suffering unnecessarily with an inability to change or alter their situation.  Change and alteration can happen to a certain degree.  All of the souls incarnate involved in all of those activities which – on the face of it – appear drastic, horrendous, frightening, all of those souls knew well in advance what they were about to participate in. They accepted it as part of their pathway, part of their learning experience, and also they have free will choice to expend their creative energies in an attempt to alter that situation from one of apparent negative experiences and happenings to one of positive experience and happenings.  So you see, with those souls knowing well beforehand what their pathway included or involved you souls on the outside not directly involved view it as a negative.  So you see a negative where they are living a positive.  Sounds unusual doesn’t it but that is the simplistic explanation of it.

All of these things were written well beforehand for souls presently involved to use for their advancement, for their learning, for so much.  It was the set of conditions currently existing in and on their playground, in their school room, for them to rediscover and use to the greatest extent their creative abilities, their ability to manifest, their ability to take a scenario and attempt as individuals and as groups to change that whole scenario.  Not necessarily for the better because that word “better” is also a judgement;  is it better or worse? Judgement!  It just is!  So, for those souls currently involved and not consciously aware of the depth of that experience or what lies behind it; why they are here undergoing that experience, that learning experience, those unaware souls currently involved automatically feel sad, angry, depressed, down trodden. That is the physical response: that is the physical response involving their ;mental and their emotional bodies.  Now there are some who have the inner knowingness that the entire scenario is constructed as a learning experience and they accept it as such and use it in an attempt to alter or change the situation through their creative powers.  Souls across other geographical locations divorced from the area of conflict are on the outside looking in. Most of the time they observe it at face value not knowing or fully understanding the whole big picture; the Divine reasoning behind that big picture; and those souls feel obligated to send love and light to change the situation from one of negativity to one of positivity.  Well, that is okay because souls divorced from that situation can and do apply their powers of creativity and manifestation to attempt to alter that learning scenario.  That is fine.  Those souls would also benefit from the knowledge that all is in Divine Order. It does not require any soul incarnate to change or alter the situation but it does make allowance for souls incarnate to develop and express their powers of creativity.  Now then, those souls so involved in attempting to bring about a more peaceful situation; those souls are feeling the effects of their accidental judgement that it is a negative scenario, situation; and they take on a level of negativity associated with that entire situation when in all truth the negativity does not exist.  We understand that souls incarnate feel compassionate, they feel a deep compassion for their brothers and sisters all across the planet living, surviving, in various circumstances.  As I have explained the circumstances exist solely as a learning experience.

Moving on from that but keeping in mind that all souls were meant to rejoice; rejoice in the knowingness that within your realm, within your constructed earth planet realm, all is of a learning experience which you may participate in or not.  All souls incarnate should feel joyous.  They should feel joyous and happy that they are here in this construct, this realm, which they chose to come to and which they can choose whether or not they wish to involve themselves in the situation for the reason of accelerating and expanding, experimenting, with their creative powers of the light.  Because you are all light beings; you are light energy.  Right now you are embodied simply because that is the best vehicle for you to inhabit to come to this reality and participate in all the experiences, the lessons, and the happenings.  And from all of this you’ve gained knowledge, you gained experience, you gained a wealth of soul enrichment, soul development, and soul advancement.  And of course while you are involved in all of this it does seem very, very, real doesn’t it?  You can see it, you can hear it, you can feel it, you can sense i… so you think that it must be real.  It is not.  It only exists as your playground, as your school room for your learning and development.  Now from the realms, when we observe this planet, we have been observing an increase in the emanation of mis-applied negative energy, thoughts, and feelings which does not advance you as a soul or advance Gaia your planet earth.  It does not advance that.  And in fact it hinders the progress.  So I thought today perhaps, just perhaps, every soul incarnate who hears my words or reads my words may give long and deep consideration to what I have just put forward.

There is no reason for unhappiness or negativity simply because it is your chosen pathway.  You should rejoice that you are on your chosen pathway: that you are encountering obstacles and barriers; you are attempting to overcome all such perceived barriers and obstacles on your pathway knowing that you actually designed them. Yes you did. You and only you placed these experiences, obstacles, barriers; you placed them on your pathway in advance so that when you incarnated and commenced walking the pathway these would present an opportunity; these perceived obstacles and barriers were perceived by you to be of a negative quality when in actual fact they are your challenge.  You placed them there to challenge yourself to go within, find your power, call to your higher self and other great beings of light if you needed assistance to overcome that challenge.  Use everything at your command to overcome and remove the obstacle, the challenge, whatever, and as you overcome a challenge you grow in strength as a soul: as a soul you grow in strength because the next obstacle you meet you know that you have the power within you to crack that stone, remove that barrier, dissolve that obstacle, and as you become more proficient at overcoming challenges and obstacles with the use of the power that you control and command you gain more and more competence; you recognise your ability and then and only then will you be able have the ability and the knowledge that you can overcome other perceived negative happenings around your planet and knowing whether or not you are interfering with a set pre-planned pattern laid down for the experience, learning, and development of all souls involved.  Now that is a big call.  That is a big call.

Dear souls consider: the Divine Grand Plan is never in mistake mode.  The Divine Grand Plan is always outworking and it is not for you at your current level or even at mastership level to decide whether or not that Grand Plan needs alteration. Shall we leave that to the Grand Creator?  It is not for souls incarnate to judge whether or not the Divine Grand Plan needs change or alterations.  It doesn’t!  What does it need? It needs your understanding that it is all there, everything that exists in your realm, on your planet, is there for a positive reason and the positive reason is your experience, your learning experience, your opportunity for advancement and growth, because you are not just accelerating your creative powers you are expanding your knowledge, understanding, compassion; you are gaining so much enrichment to help you to understand that the whole Grand Plan is outworking in Divine Order and it does not need you to intervene or intercede.  You may wish to assist with the outworking of that plan and the best way to assist is to send love and light to the situation; which in effect means that you are sending love and light to the outworking of the plan ensuring that it is working out in Divine Order and then leave that as is, come back to yourself, and question why you souls incarnate are here right now.

Well, we just discussed that: you are going to advance your powers of creativity and manifestation; this is your playground so build a scenario, alter and change it, mould it like a sculptor reworks, and remodels his clay.  It’s all there for you and its all there for you to enjoy.  You should be joyous.  You should be happy.  And if you cannot be continually joyous and happy you can be in peace and in harmony and in allowance; so allow things to unfold; allow the Grand Plan to unfold; allow your part in the plan to unfold; allow your advancement and expansion to unfold; and to assist it, to assist it to unfold and not interfere with it.  Let it unfold, assist it in its unfoldment;  open yourself up, radiate your Creator inspired love and light and extract the utmost peace, love, and joy from your life.

We in the realms see the souls in depression; on medication; on drugs; how many other things are souls incarnate putting themselves through simply because they have not yet unravelled the mystery – which is no mystery – people are looking for the mystery of life, the mystery of how to control life. Hahaha!  Dear souls you do not control life, the Grand Plan controls you: you are here to learn, to grow, to expand, and to be at peace and in harmony and in joy.  In joy and enjoy your pathway.  I would like to see you all ponder that deeply and come to the realisation that no matter what; no matter what transpires or expires or happens;  no matter what! The entire Grand Plan is unfolding in Divine Order.

I have enjoyed calling upon you. I have enjoyed speaking with you. I have enjoyed passing on what little information that I can so as to be of help and assistance to you hmm? I am Estis of the Crystal Light.

Thank you, good evening, God bless, thank you.

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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