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The Thinker Examines Sin and Salvation

Thinker: So, what is your thinking on the atonement of Christ?
True Believer: I believe he died for my sins and through the shedding of his blood I am saved.

Thinker: And what have you done to be saved?
True Believer: I believe on Him and accept the gift he has given me.

Thinker: And what are you saved from?
True Believer: My sins.

Thinker: All your sins or part of them?
True Believer: All of them, of course.

Thinker: Are you saved now?
True Believer: Yes, I'm saved through the blood of Jesus.

Thinker: Does this mean that your past sins will be as if they never happened?
True Believer: Yes.

Thinker: Theft is a sin, is it not?
True Believer: Yes. The scripture says, “Thou shalt not steal.”

Thinker: Let us suppose that before you were saved you robbed a guy on the street of his money that was going to pay for an operation to save his daughter?s life. Without the money the kid dies but shortly thereafter you find Jesus and get saved. Is the kid still dead?
True Believer: Of course.