Finally Humanity Is Coming Back Again

A new (old) trend starts to come back again - HUMANITY - one of the most important attributes of mankind starts its revival around the world.

My last posts about humanity already gave proof of a comeback of humanity ...
Today I discovered again two new videos I wanted to share with you.
  • Make The Homeless Smile started to become a worldwide move. These three young guys of the U.S. promote their idea around the world and also ask visitors of their YouTube channel to submit videos of making homeless people smile. Here their latest video. If you cannot see the video click here.

  • The second video was promoted by Anonymous. Although showing a fiction is it a perfect reminder to mankind on what's life all about. Together all of us have a better and easier life than going the old fashioned way of an EGO trip. Watch the video below. If you cannot see the video click here.

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