Aranuth June 2013


Not too many months ago Aranuth stated that the world was entering a period of “exposure and disclosure”. How very true when viewed through the prism of the present world-wide situation.


Possibly, the worlds displaced persons and refugee situation is the greatest humanitarian crises of this decade. Currently there are in excess of 45 million people displaced globally of which 15 million are refugees. And this number increases by an estimated 3,000 persons …per day!
The break down of these figures also reveal that the majority of refugees are in Pakistan; 1.6 million (17% ). Iran, 1 to 3 million (no accurate figures available) In Malaysia the figure is 100,000 plus, with a similar number in Thailand. And in Australia where the refugee situation is considered a massive problem …just over 30,000 (0.3%).
Coupled with the global financial situation with nations teetering on the edge of bankruptcy and people taking to the streets to demonstrate against dispossession and the grossly lopsided sharing of national and global wealth the climate is ripe for a global wealth and resource redistribution.
But who has the vision, intestinal fortitude, and against-all-odds tenacity to propose and manifest this?

Here in Australia the Special Commission of Inquiry into Church and Institutionalised child sex and abuse crimes is gathering momentum and is exposing systemic cover-ups and protection of serial child sex offenders and abusers within church and other institutions. One clergyman in particular has been charged with 252 child sex offences.
Church attempts to hide behind the “confessional is sacrosanct” as an excuse for knowing about and concealing child sex crimes has been popularly described as an entrenched and ongoing criminal conspiracy.
The NSW state police force has also been enmeshed in the cover-ups with senior officers being accused of crime concealment, evidence tampering and destruction.
Current Pope Francis has also publicly admitted that “there is a gay lobby within the Curia” (Vatican) and has commissioned an inquiry to look into its activities.


 Bradley Manning - headlined by some US media as “Hero or Traitor” – has been put on trial in the United States. Central to this court-martial is the vast trove of government data that Manning handed to the website WikiLeaks. They mark the largest leak of classified information in the history of the United States.
While Bradley Manning takes centre stage in the US Julian Assange of Wiki Leaks fame who was granted asylum and accepted refuge in the Ecuadorean embassy in London remains there with an uncertain future.
Australian foreign minister Bob Carr denies that the Australian Government has abandoned and washed their hands of Assange to appease the US Govt.


“Data mining” is the new buzz word.
A US career intelligence officer Edward Snowden has provided materials to the Washington Post that reveal that the US National Security Agency and the FBI have been tapping directly into the servers of nine US internet companies through a clandestine government program called PRISM.
The nine companies – Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, PalTalk, AOL, Skype, YouTube and Apple – allow analysts free reign to extract audio, video, photographs, emails, Skype chats, documents, and connection logs from their servers.

Not to be outdone; Australia’s spooks and law-enforcement agencies want telecoms firms and Internet Service Providers to continuously collect and store personal data to “boost anti-terrorism and crime-fighting”. Australian government agencies made 293,501 requests last financial year for information about email addresses, telephone calls, and the precise location of anyone carrying a smart phone, This invasion of personal privacy and information sharing legislation (Trans-Pacific Partnership) has been the subject of almost three years of heated closed-door negotiations.

Bees have been dying off around the world for over a decade now due to Colony Collapse Disorder. A third of the world’s fruit, vegetable, nuts, berries, and other agricultural products depend upon pollination by the bees.
This year many beekeepers experienced the highest losses of honeybee populations so far. The collapse of bee colonies is probably multi-factorial, but a major factor is the toxicity of systemic pesticides called nicotinoids, which kills insects by attacking their nervous systems.
Honeybees don't just make honey; they pollinate more than 90 of the tastiest flowering crops we have. Among them: apples, nuts, avocados, soybeans, asparagus, broccoli, celery, squash and cucumbers. And lots of the really sweet and tart stuff, too, including citrus fruit, peaches, kiwi, cherries, blueberries, cranberries, strawberries, cantaloupe and other melons. In fact, about one-third of the human diet comes from insect-pollinated plants, and the honeybee is responsible for 80 percent of that pollination, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
No bees; no food!

An Illinois Senator is planning to reintroduce his supplement bill, the Dietary Supplement Labeling Act which would grant more power to the FDA to regulate natural, herbal, and dietary supplements like they were drugs.
Natural, herbal, and folk remedies based on hundreds of years of successful treatments play a large part in the health and healing of every race on this planet. Who hasn’t been successfully treated with natural remedies at one time or another.
Based on the GAO report, there were 488 times as many adverse reactions reported for prescription drugs as from dietary supplements, and there is no evidence supporting the claim that adverse reactions to supplements are underreported.


“Simplicity, patience, compassion.
These three are your greatest treasures.
Simple in actions and thoughts, you return to the source of being.
Patient with both friends and enemies,
you accord with the way things are.
Compassionate toward yourself,
you reconcile all beings in the world.”
― Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching


Good evening everyone.  We are now moving deeper… deeper … and now we are at a level where I may very clearly converse with you. 
It is entirely appropriate that at this point in your evolution, and the evolution of your planet, that you should pause and look back at the way that you have come.  Not just you individually in this incarnation; or you as an energy essence on parallel pathways; but the evolution of your planet and everything, everything, upon it.  Surely you are all now at a point, at a stage, in your personal advancement where you now understand that everything, everything is composed and constructed of light and love.  Everything that surrounds you, that is within you, or is a part of your present pathway, is composed of light nothing else; nothing else.  Love and light are virtually one and the same.  You can apply either or the other word appropriately however, in the first part of my discussion today I will deal with light. 
The second part of the discussion we will go on to love.

Everything that you are, everything that you are composed of, your entirety, your surroundings, your environment, your planet, everything is constructed of a super fine fabric which is derived from light, pure light.  With everything being composed of light what should immediately spring to mind is that should you wish to change anything in your life it is with light that you shall do it.  Because light is the building block, light is the material, light! Everything is light. 
If you wish to change any single thing you do so by changing light. 

Now I will attempt to keep this quite simple: light itself has a structure; light itself is not what you may perceive as a lighted room, a lighted candle, a lighted bulb.  Light is much, much, much, greater than that.  Light is… the power of light is the ultimate power.  There is nothing more powerful than light.
Light has structure: light has various components. At this point of your advancement you need not concern yourself too much with the intricate structure of light just the fact that light is everything: light controls everything; everything is constructed out of light; …and light is the ultimate power.  So that is what you are working with.  The very simplistic and basic principles of light.  Now, we in distant, very distant, very distant realms, we observe this planet: we observe everything happening in this grand experiment; and that is what you are dear souls; you are part of a grand experiment.  Are you aware that there is no other planet, no other level, there is nothing else in shall we say existence that is equal to this grand experiment that you are participating in here.  It is an experiment.  Your entire planet, planet earth, is constructed of light.  Light is its building blocks.

It has taken eons of your time for this planet to come into existence in this form  - which was desired - and this planet now is the desired outcome of the Grand Architects of this experiment.  Once this planet had been brought into existence, created - that is what it is, creation - once this planet was created and readied for inhabitation by souls who were to be embodied … you dear souls, as you already understand, you dear souls are energy, formless energy, immeasurable energy…  so the energy which was going to be seeded onto this planet had to have form. Again the Grand Architects decided what type of embodiment would be most suitable as a vehicle for you souls to inhabit so that you may express, experience, grow, gain knowledge and wisdom, but most of all what accompanied, what accompanied your existence on this planet was this grand experiment with law; law. 
What is the law?  There had to be laws governing everything in the realms. When you were but energy you had to conform to the law of the Creator. That was quite easily understood by souls: but when you come here?... it’s all changed. 
You have your cosmic law; which applies to your planet, your universe, your multi-verse, everything was governed by that law.  In reality you could call it guidelines, parameters, it is still laws.

Once souls become embodied on this planet you still had to conform, express, and live within the law.  So what was the law that was carefully devised for you?  Universal law: universal law which was stepped down from cosmic law.  Cosmic law in its essence could not apply, could not be made applicable to this experiment; the solution to it was redesigned cosmic law and was called universal laws. 
So you souls became incarnate: you were here in your vehicle of embodiment to see how you could not only exist but expand and grow using the universal laws which we designed to protect you as well as to nourish you, to accelerate your advancement, and to protect you.  There are universal laws which are working continuously caring for and protecting you whilst you are playing, experimenting with your powers… which I must tell you are somewhat limited.  Somewhat limited. You see dear souls, until you learn how to use power wisely we could not allow you to bring such power from the realms into this space, onto this earth, because you had not first learned to use it wisely and safely.  And so to cover all of that you came here with limited powers and a set of rules to govern everything; it was called universal law. 

It is not possible for us to speak of every law, to explain of every law and how it works; it is for you to seek the knowingness within you; to recognize universal law; to go deep within yourself, your essence, to find the knowingness of how to wisely and carefully apply the law; the law! Having said that, you have come here with limited powers; that does not restrict you from expanding those powers by trial and error, by manifestation and creation, on this level where the whole package has limitations.  You can create, you can manifest, you can do many things… up to a certain point. When you become proficient at all of those things and you have reached that point you will move on into an entirely different vibratory space, a level; when you have become proficient you will graduate to higher realms, higher vibrating realms, with greater powers and freedom of use of those greater powers because you have served your apprenticeship here. 

Now do you see why when you tried to manifest and create many things in your life on this planet it does not come to fruition.  It does not come to fruition because you have not yet recognized and remembered the powers: remembered the safe and wise use of them through trial, and error, and study. You have not yet gained that level where you can create anything and everything; where you can manifest anything and everything. You will, you will achieve that level one day; you will not achieve that level on this level of existence however.
It is still interesting: it is still wonderful; it is still an absolutely marvelous system of learning and advancement. 

Now of course not all souls incarnate are at the same level.  Some have moved on ahead of others in their advancement; in their evolution; evolution as an energy essence; as an energy being, and not so much as a demonstrated physical being. And so at this point of your advancement it would serve you well to cease, pause, and look back at the totality of the evolution of your planet, your races upon it, the animals, everything; how every single thing on this planet has evolved; where have you come to; how have you come by to this point.  It’s trial and error. You listen, watch, learn, and then act. 

You will find into you near future that if you wish to advance quickly, perhaps quicker than you have been, it would serve you well to remember that you are energy essence: you are here in this experiment and the experiment is to give you the where-with-all to develop at your own rate in whatever direction you so choose to develop your powers of creation and manifestation …which we in the realms can contain.  We can contain every creation and mis-creation on this level: we have contained and quarantined it simply because it is a part of an experiment.  The result of your experiment does not penetrate or escape the walls of this quarantine.  What you do here cannot escape and affect anything in the cosmos or in other realities.  You are an experiment: you are experimenting; this is your laboratory; it is also our laboratory because we are the ones on the outside who are looking in watching you, watching your choices and activities; your creations; your mis-creations; your thoughts; your attempted, attempted I say creation and manifestation. 
We are watching: we are watching whilst you are within this quarantined vacuum. You are safe: everything is fine; we are your lifeline; we are your rescuer; we are your mentor; we are your teacher; and yet we allow you freedom, freedom, free-will choice to do what you will …within these walls. 

Part two: 

Having now given you a much better understanding of light, substance, creation: having now given you a better - even if simplistic- understanding we would like to touch upon an aspect of light; a large aspect of light; a major part of the fabric of light; and that is Love.  Love. 
Love wears many coats: love comes in many formats; love invades and pervades everything; without the substance of love within the fabric of light this experiment would not be doing very well at all.  By now the experiment would have come to cessation: it would have ceased to be; because without the love component within the fabric of the substance of the structure of light it would have failed; it would ceased to be. 

Love is a very important part: it is an accelerant; an accelerant in creation because you see what you wish to create and manifest would not be of sufficient quality and in sync with the higher and finer ideals shall we say, that conform with the Creators Grand Plan. 

We did say pause on your journey: look back; examine the evolution of your planet and you shall see your history of a time where there was no love: where there was very little light; and where you descended into chaos simply because with no love, little light, and no application to universal laws the population of the planet was sinking deeper and deeper into darkness, bringing with it not just physical sickness and ill health, but also the mental, the emotional - which are able to be discarded - but it was what you call your call your spiritual aspect that rescued you. 
There have been many times in the evolution of your planet, of your society, of your people - and its still there today in isolated pockets. -  where there was very little light and an absence of love. Left to its own devices this whole experiment could just collapse and decay, become extinct; it would have been a massive failure. As free-will souls you would not have had a choice: would not have had that choice. It was you who made that choice. And while we in the realms, on the outside, were calling to you; calling to you to remember the light; remember the love; apply the light and the love to every situation and you would overcome even the greatest of the dark ages: and you understand that word, that sentence: ”the dark ages”; where souls had their lights almost totally extinguished by the darkness.

And so dear children the reason for my being here with you on this day is to give you some clarification of how love and light is the total power: it is the totality of the power; without love and light you have nothing, nothing! 
You have the light, you have the love, you have the universal laws.  I would encourage you to use them.   I would encourage you to make every single decision in your life no matter how large or how little based on love and light; to apply love and light as a combined oneness; to apply love and light to every situation - especially to your desired creation or object of manifestation. 

So dear souls I would be; the Brotherhood would be; most pleased if you were to contemplate your position on this earth plane armed; armed with love and light, guided by universal laws and principles, and you will do well, you will do well.
I come to represent the Oneness; I represent the One;
I am One. 
Thank you and good evening.

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Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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