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THE IMMORTAL - This Book Will Change Your Life

Are there immortals walking the earth? You’ll think twice after reading this book. Read this excerpt from chapter nineteen and then download whole book HERE.


John continued. “Listen carefully to this parable and write it down in your own words after I leave. You will publish it later and it will be an inspiration to many. If you sense the Spirit in the words you will guess where it originated.”

“On a certain night Jim, Mike, Ron and Dave died. Shortly thereafter they all found themselves walking on a beaten path. It seemed right to follow the path. Finally they came to a dividing point. One path veered to the left; the other to the right. They stood a moment, pondering what to do, when suddenly a man in white appeared and gave them instructions.

“Welcome, my friends', he said. 'You are approaching your new home and I am here to instruct you as much as is permitted. You notice there are two paths before you: One of them takes y…

Defining The Beast

For those of you who missed the last update let me quickly define the Beast of Revelations as we are currently using it.

The Beast is not some great dictator to come who is going to be worse than Hitler - though all tyrants represent the Beast.

Instead, the Beast represents unearned and unjust authority from outside of ourselves that raises itself above the authority of our own minds, hearts or inner contacts and insists we obey without question. For instance, a religious leader who expects obedience because he represents the voice of God is a part of the Beast. Any political, medical or group leader who expects to be followed no matter what your common sense says is a part of the beast.

That said, let us continue with our discussion.

The Beast in Our Lives
The last question was: "What other areas besides religion is the beast at work? Give an example where the beast is in control." The answers so far are: morality, the media, schools and taxes.

It is true the beast controls …

Finally Humanity Is Coming Back Again

A new (old) trend starts to come back again - HUMANITY - one of the most important attributes of mankind starts its revival around the world.

My last posts about humanity already gave proof of a comeback of humanity ...
Time of sharing has begunMake The Homeless Smile Today I discovered again two new videos I wanted to share with you.
Make The Homeless Smile started to become a worldwide move. These three young guys of the U.S. promote their idea around the world and also ask visitors of their YouTube channel to submit videos of making homeless people smile. Here their latest video. If you cannot see the video click here.

The second video was promoted by Anonymous. Although showing a fiction is it a perfect reminder to mankind on what's life all about. Together all of us have a better and easier life than going the old fashioned way of an EGO trip. Watch the video below. If you cannot see the video click here.
If you like what you saw please, spread the word.
If you have a video prom…

Aranuth June 2013


Not too many months ago Aranuth stated that the world was entering a period of “exposure and disclosure”. How very true when viewed through the prism of the present world-wide situation.


Possibly, the worlds displaced persons and refugee situation is the greatest humanitarian crises of this decade. Currently there are in excess of 45 million people displaced globally of which 15 million are refugees. And this number increases by an estimated 3,000 persons …per day!
The break down of these figures also reveal that the majority of refugees are in Pakistan; 1.6 million (17% ). Iran, 1 to 3 million (no accurate figures available) In Malaysia the figure is 100,000 plus, with a similar number in Thailand. And in Australia where the refugee situation is considered a massive problem …just over 30,000 (0.3%).
Coupled with the global financial situation with nations teetering on the edge of bankruptcy and people taking to the streets to demonstrate against dispossession and the …