Aranuth May 2013

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How safe is fracking?
A truck carrying drill cuttings from a fracking site set off a radiation alarm at a landfill in Pennsylvania. Emitting gamma radiation ten times higher than the permitted level, the waste was rejected by the landfill.
“Long-term exposure to radium increases the risk of developing several diseases,”  the EPA writes. “Inhaled or ingested radium increases the risk of developing such diseases as lymphoma, bone cancer and diseases that affect the formation of blood, such as leukemia and aplastic anemia… External exposure to radium’s gamma radiation increases the risk of cancer to varying degrees in all tissues and organs.”


Researchers conducted an experiment in the village of Narketpally Mandal by soaking 75 mg of Holy Basil leaves in 100ml of water that had over 7 parts per million of fluoride. After soaking the leaves in the water for a mere 8 hours, the fluoride was reduced to just 1.1 parts per million. The World Health Organization says that ‘safe’ levels of fluoride in water are no higher than 1 part per million.
With the recent admittance by Harvard University that fluoride was bad for health, and the continuing news that points to fluoride being responsible for depleting brain capacity to causing ADD and ADHD, or even calcifying the pineal gland, (which inhibits important hormonal secretions like Melatonin and Seratonin, and DMT), it is wonderful news that such a simple remedy has been found.


The ever-increasing protest against movement of heavily laden coal and mineral carrying ships passing through the Great Barrier Reef as well as the distinct possibility of more ports being established in the sensitive reef area to load coal and other minerals is growing fast. Recently the Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior visited the area to focus attention on the potential danger of irreparable damage to one of the world’s greatest natural wonders. Wildlife warrior Bob Irwin – yes the father of croc man Steve Irwin (deceased) - has taken out full page advertisements in various newspapers to highlight how increased vessel traffic will affect the delicate state of the reef.


The Tanzanian government has ordered thousands of Masai tribesmen to abandon traditional grazing lands to make way for a “conservation site”. But the Maasai are refusing to leave their ancestral land. They say the real reason they are being forced out is to give a Dubai-based hunting company exclusive access. Wildlife Instead, the hunting company, says that it will bring clients in for a six-month season and the Maasai can graze their cattle out of season. However, researchers say that the livestock are a part of the area's ecosystem. 


An international protest against biotechnology company Monsanto spanned six continents and included demonstrations in dozens of countries around the globe. Monsanto, a titan of the emerging biotech industry, has come under attack from environmentalists, agriculturalists and average consumers over the company’s conduct in the realm of genetically-modified organisms and genetically-engineered foods. "March Against Monsanto" protests were held in 52 countries and 436 cities, where demonstrators waved signs that read "Real Food 4 Real People" and "Label GMOs, It's Our Right to Know." The world-wide protest against genetically modified or produced seeds and foodstuffs drew large crowds up here in Far North Queensland. The production and consumption of naturally produced healthy foods takes precedence over profits was the theme in this neck of the woods.


Shocking loss of life, personal injuries, and emotional damage to residents along with the destructive structural damage to schools, homes, and business premises in recent Tornado in Moore, Oklahoma. How could anyone have survived the apocalyptic destruction of a worst-of-the-worst EF5 category storm? Miraculously, most did, despite an official warning coming just 16 minutes before the twister cut a 17-mile war-zone-like path through this city of 56,000. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Moore, Oklahoma.

During an early morning visit from my guides recently it was suggested that I should describe, refer to, myself as a “spokesman” for members of the Guidance Realm and Ascended Masters Community. Apparently the guides feel that many souls incarnate loosely use the term “channel” which is in many instances incorrect and misapplied. Not only that but the way in which the guides will now be relaying information, guidance, knowledge, as well as the messages to me will be of a higher octave of vibration and a more efficient method of disseminating information.
This method will also be used to receive information during my personal pathway readings.


Well good evening everybody. Thank you for inviting me into your group.  I am honoured to be here to address you on this day.  The subject that I have chosen today is one which I am sure will touch you in more ways than one.  What I am about to divulge, the information that I am about to divulge, will help you considerably.  Now what we wish to talk to you about today is electro-magnetism, harmonics, frequencies, vibration, and magnetics. All, all of those things need to be discussed. 
Prominent in your life are various and numerous electric, or electronic devices.  We understand that these devices range from labour saving appliances to high tech methods of communications.  Whilst these devices serve you well – apparently - there is a downside to their use; specifically over-use of these appliances and devices.  Now very simply put, your vibration; you are beings of light, you have a vibration.  Even though you are embodied in a physical embodiment you are still surrounded and permeated by vibration.  Now these vibrations vary and they vary greatly.  For your scientists who feel that they have been able to accurately map or chart the vibrations from zero point to the highest point that they can possibly imagine they are only partially correct.  Because as with all things there is no limit, no limitation, and the vibration, the vibration in and of itself is unlimited; it never will be limited, it never was.

So it is vastly important to you souls incarnate to pay attention to your vibration. 
Now we are talking about the vibration which is surrounding your physical, emotional, and mental bodies. We are talking about the vibration that you are attuned to; attuned to when you communicate with guides, great beings of light, the ascended master community, and of course the Creator.  All this communication is carried not in a verbal or written manner but on a vibrational scale.  Now your success, your success with communicating with discarnate beings of varying levels, depends entirely upon your vibration; and there are many levels of that vibration, many signal strengths you may say.  Now you may understand that you and everything upon your planet is controlled by vibration. You and everything upon your planet has a magnetic field.  You have a magnetic field however - let me take this one step further - you have an electro-magnetic field; you have a harmonic electro-magnetic field that knows no boundaries. 

Now then, it is important, it is greatly important to you souls incarnate to ensure that there is no interference, there is no electronic, electro-magnetic interference with your vibration; especially the vibration that you emit and radiate to your guides to higher beings on higher realms.  You may liken it to your radio or TV reception.  If there is interference in that magnetic wave, in the electro-magnetic wave, what you receive and what you send out will be broken up and often times it will be emitted as a staccato vibration that does not appear to make much sense indeed.  So now we have established the fact, not only have we established it we have brought it to your attention; we have called upon you to focus upon your energy field, your vibration, your bio-electric, electro-magnetic vibration, your harmonic vibration. All of this we have called upon you to pay attention to because it helps you greatly.  You must not underestimate the power of vibration. 

Now, whilst you are in-tuned, attempting to become tuned, or attuned to various levels - again we are talking about various vibratory levels - whilst you are attempting to stay in tune, attuned, to these various levels, you certainly do not need interference.  What interference could possibly happen?  Electro-magnetic interference! It will disrupt the flow of communication.  So, we understand that you have many devices and appliances which are electric and have an electro-magnetic wave which naturally is going to interfere in your own balance, your harmonic bio-electric balance; and so you must, if you wish to keep your channels clear, your wave clear, must avoid all electric, electronic, electro-magnetic emitting devices.
Whilst you are in meditation, contemplation, or have gone to the non-physical, have gone to a place where you wish to communicate with your guides, with spirit, it is best if you remove yourself from the proximity of any electric devices so that you may have clear and uninterrupted communication flow. 

On your person you carry various electric, electric powered, electric battery powered devices that operate on various wave lengths. They send and receive messages, audio, pictures, via sound wave; vibratory.  This interferes - as it must - with your own electric emission, your own radiation.  So, for your advancement, for your ease of advancement, for your comfort, it would be far better for you to keep the use of these devices to a minimum.  When not in use we would recommend that you put the device a distance away from you.  It is better if you have your device a minimum of one metre from your physical embodiment.  Further away if you can possibly manage it.  If the device is within that one metre parameter that indicates that it will be having a noticeably detrimental effect on the vibration that you emit on the wave length that you are on, that you are transmitting on.  So with your personal devices we would recommend that you place them at least one metre away from your physical body unless they are in use. 

In your homes, the same or similar applies.  It is recommended that you position yourself in the vicinity of three metres distant from home appliances whilst they are in use and a metre away from those appliances whilst they are still connected to power even though they are not in use.  By extension, I would like to tell you that you have electric wiring in your homes.  The electric wiring in your homes can, will, and does interfere with your personal and magnetic field.  The wiring in your homes will have a pushing - pulling effect at some period when the appliances are in use: they will invade your electro-magnetic field.  When they are not in use they will recede somewhat from your field, though it is difficult to place yourself in a position distant from all these interferences. 

Now you will all have had occasion to note that there are various rooms, places, positions, and locations in your home where you find it difficult to meditate; difficult to radiate your signal to the realms.  The reason being is because that point is where the interference is possibly at its greatest.  Should you decide to meditate or communicate in your own home I would suggest that you walk slowly, carefully, and sensitively around your residence in an attempt to discover one particular place where the electro-magnetic interference is minimal.  If you cannot do that perhaps you can go into your garden and sit under a tree or a bush or a shrub because your electro-magnetic emanations are quite easily accommodated and will blend with the radiation given off by nature.  Now, many of us will not have taken the time to consider that nature has a magnetic field and also gives off a magnetic radiation but it is a smooth, compatible, radiation that is non-invasive and non-interruptive.  So you can go to your garden and find the place there where you feel comfortable and allow your energy to be uplifted by the radiation of nature; and there and thence you may send out your plea to those beings on higher realms who you wish to ask for knowledge, information, assistance, guidance, or send and receive the information without interruption or interference. 

Your waters, especially moving waters, rivers, streams, waterfalls, oceans, your waters, your moving waters generate an amount of magnetism, magnetic energy, which being part of nature is also very compatible with your emanation. So you now have various choices.  You can go to the beach, to the river, the creek, the stream, the waterfall; you can go to a place where the waters have movement, where it is emitting its own clean magnetic energy which is compatible and assists yours and therefore make your task of communication much easier. 

Unknown to many souls incarnate are massive levels of distorted sound waves which will distort your communication; it will injure your own magnetic field; it will invade your field; it will invade your beingness; it will invade, distort, and injure your personal vibration and the vibrational cocoon that you exist in as individuals and as a group.  We in the realms are very much aware of the various devices that emit high frequency radiation sound waves which have the capacity to cause great harm: they have the capacity to cause great harm simply because your whole planet floats in a sea of energy, magnetic energy.  It has a magnetic field; it has a magnetic resonance; every thing upon this planet has a magnetic field, a magnetic resonance, a magnetic vibratory field.   If, if some of your scientists interfere with the wave lengths, the intensity, the form; if they continue to distort this energy and radiate it outwards via various machines and appliances, that is going to further affect all of this planet, all of creation on this planet; all of this planet and the creation upon it survives in a delicate balance of vibratory wave forms.  Attempts to interfere and distort this energy field will and does have an adverse effect on the entirety on the planet and the life upon it. Because of the adverse effect your embodiment, the embodiment of animals, and your very environment; your ecology is affected by this distorted field and is unable to function as the Creator designed. So there we have mutations and sickness. How can any being, animal, or life form on this planet survive, grow, and expand when their very energy is being attacked, subverted, and diverted. 

We in the realms, without over riding or infringing upon free will choice, continue to do as much as we can to bring back balance and harmony. Wherever possible we block, we block those foreign, distorted emanations.  We would call upon you to do the same.  We would call upon you to take care with any device implement, appliance that emits a radiation; any of those that are powered by unnatural sources such as electric power or battery energy.  Minimise: we would suggest that you minimise your exposure to those appliances; maximise the time that you spend re-charging and refreshing your own harmonic balance, your own magnetic field, by spending time close to nature, water, whatever… and in this way you can ward off a lot of the harmful effects of these distorted vibratory emanations. 

You really do not have anything to fear because into what you call your future, into your future, change is coming.  Change is coming in the form of the “discovery” of a newer, cleaner, more efficient, form of energy and energy generation which will not be invasive or injurious to all living things on this planet including the planet itself …which of course is a living thing.  In the meantime whilst we are waiting for the new clean energy form to become manifest we would suggest that you minimise your exposure to all forms of electro-magnetic radiation and emanation. The discovery of this new form of energy is on your level of expression a true “discovery” - from where we are it is our gift to you.  We give it freely to you.  The new energy source that we give to you is not able to be distorted or used for any other purpose other than what it was designed for.  It is indeed a part of the Creator’s energy.  It is not in a position of power or of a construct that can be diverted, subverted, or distorted; it is pure Creator energy in a form that you can recognize, accept, and use in your daily life.  So please do not be in fear of your energy because your current energy is becoming out of date, out-moded, and will like other things fade away and simply become part of your history. 

You will welcome in the new energy: it will not come in with a bang; it will slowly be absorbed into everything, into everything upon your planet.  It will be compatible with everything upon your planet simply because it is of the Creators energy which is the power source of everything on this planet including the planet; including the universe and the multi-verses.  Everything is of the Creators energy. So you may now go forth on your pathway confident in the knowledge that the new cleaner energy, free energy, unlimited energy, energy that cannot be controlled, subverted ,distorted, bought, or sold is coming; it is coming.  Sit quiet, be thankful, be grateful, and in the meantime pay attention to your own electro-magnetic field. 
Thank you: thank you for allowing me to give you a very simplistic science lesson which we in the realms intended to assist you on your pathway.  I leave you with love, with light, in the Creator’s space, light, time, and energy.  I bid you good evening.

 “At the centre of your being you know who you are and you know what you want.”
Lao Tse

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