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It does appear at times that the installation of the “new” energy is taking its own sweet time; well it is. The energy adjustment and roll-over into a new age on 21-12-12 signalled the commencement of the installation… not the finished product.
Humans, the same as every other thing on and in this earth plane - both sentient and insensate - are slowly but surely being subjected to a “re-wiring”, a recalibration, of our entire system to accommodate the changed energy. Disinterest, lethargy, loss of appetite, disturbed sleep patterns, restlessness, feelings of insecurity and helplessness, are a few of the symptoms of the transmutation, transformation, and destruction of old, negative patterns and imprints making way for the realignment of the new energy vibration.
This is part of a cleansing process which removes everything that is not in accordance with the light or preventing us from anchoring the new paradigm.
What do we do?  Keep on, keeping on!

The Catholic Church has installed a new pope. Pope Francis has publically stated that he is a pope for the people and is aware of and compassionate towards the plight of the poor and underprivileged. The press has popularly dubbed him the “Pope for Hope” because of the feeling of optimism he creates among his followers.  The pontiff also faces the problem of pedophilia and resultant cover-ups within the church as well as the task of staffing the Roman Curia and ending the factional infighting within the Vatican.
The Royal Commission into child sex abuse in Australia dating back many years has now commenced. It will take years to complete and it is expected that in excess of five thousand witnesses will be called to give evidence.
North Korea has been threatening armed aggression including nuclear missile strikes against the USA and South Korea. Some observers see it as just another bellicose and sabre rattling threat.
It was the latest in a string of dire-sounding pronouncements from Pyongyang that have been matched by tough warnings from Seoul and Washington fuelling international concern that the situation might spiral out of control.
On another note I have it on very good authority from our space brothers and sisters (Galactics) that they are observing every move on the Korean peninsula and are ready to intervene in the event of either side triggering a nuclear missile strike.

Somalia's Supreme Court has freed Abdiazaz Abdinur Ibrahim a reporter jailed for interviewing a woman who alleged she had been raped by soldiers.  Ibrahim had initially been sentenced to a year in prison for interviewing the alleged rape victim. Traffic between Arabic and English websites has markedly reduced since the English network aired coverage of rape protests in August last year.
Freedom of the press?
Australian talk-back radio host John Laws has been the subject of a community backlash after a woman rang in to tell of how she was raped as a six-year old child. Reports say that after the woman told how she’d been raped by family members for nine years. The morning host responded: "My God, they were having a good time with you." Laws insinuated that she brought it all on herself because she may have been “provocative”.
A record quantity of radioactive cesium – 7,400 times the country’s limit deemed safe for human consumption – has been detected in a greenling fish in the waters near the crippled Fukushima plant Japan two years after the nuclear disaster. Most fish along the Fukushima coast are banned from market. 
Considering Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima, how safe is uranium mining and nuclear power?
A mysterious form of chronic kidney disease — CKD — is afflicting thousands of people in rural, agricultural communities in Sri Lanka, India, and Central America. The victims mostly perform heavy manual labor, have little formal education, and lack easy access to medical care. Pesticides are used heavily in the local agricultural industry and communities drink local groundwater. In each case, the disease began surging in the 1990s.

Slipped into the (USA) Agricultural Appropriations Bill which passed through Congress last week was a small provision that’s a big deal for Monsanto and its opponents. The provision protects genetically modified seed manufacturers and sellers from litigation in the face of health risks and has thus been dubbed the “Monsanto Protection Act” by activists who oppose the biotech giant. 


“When I let go of what I am….. I become what I might be.”
Lao Tse


Well good evening dear souls.  The subject that I have chosen for this evenings chat is “consciousness”.  I do believe that many of you souls incarnate do not fully understand or grasp the full importance of what consciousness means.  Consciousness: being conscious; being conscious of things around and within you. 
Consciousness is actually a form of awareness.  It is the awareness that there are other levels, other vibrations, and vibrations within vibrations. You are aware of the fact; you are conscious of the fact; that that is your consciousness.  You have this consciousness of this reality, the next reality, and the next, and so on and so forth.
 Now we often hear in the realms; we hear many souls incarnate discussing the change in consciousness.  We also are aware that there are well-meaning souls who wish to change the consciousness of your planet as well as the consciousness of the population of your planet.
Before you can change any consciousness you are required to fully understand what the meaning of that word consciousness means.  How it is applied.  What is it applied to.  Consciousness: being conscious; being aware; being aware of, or conscious of, every little nuance, every little variation in your vibration; on your wave length.  Being aware of every tiny little change or alteration in your environment, your animals, your parks, your trees, your flowers, even your buildings. 
Everything has a level of conscious awareness.  Are you aware or conscious of its existence? Are you aware of the changes, the alterations?  Are you conscious of and aware that it exists at all?
Now to put this in as plain a language as I can: even souls who may be well-meaning when they talk of changing the consciousness of the planet; changing the consciousness of the population; well, how can you change the consciousness of anything if you haven’t changed the consciousness within yourself? 
If you cannot change the consciousness within yourself how do you change the consciousness of a planet? … of a population? 
If you cannot change the consciousness of the micro you have no chance of changing the consciousness of the macro.  So “changing consciousness” comes back to you souls incarnate.  It’s all about you.  It is all about you as individuals.  It has always been about you.  This planet exists solely for you as your playground, as your workshop.  It’s all about you! 
You do not have to seek to change anything external to yourself because it is yourself that requires the change.  If every soul incarnate focused on changing the consciousness, the awareness, within themselves then the consciousness of the planet would change… simply because every soul incarnate had brought about that change by bringing about the change within themselves! 
So with consciousness, you are the change.  You change yourself.  Every individual soul changes themselves and then the macro consciousness of the planet changes. 

So, when we have a look at this, we look a little more closely: you speak of the changed vibration of your planet; well it certainly has.  Always has changed.  Always will.  However it is only recently that the change in the energy has reached that critical point where it has moved up a degree… so, you have a higher level of vibration, of frequency.  That is what fills and surrounds you as souls, as everything on the planet… the planet… the universe…the whole cosmos.  The change, the upgraded frequency affects all. 
That has little to do with souls incarnate except for the fact that you are now required to raise your frequency to reach a harmonious point with the changed frequency of the planet: the planet that you inhabit; so you have to bring your frequency up to meet that.  That is for you.
Everyone has noticed the change in the frequency, in the vibration, this has been having varying effects on the planet, the population, on everything…. not just on souls incarnate; everything! 

Now the change in the vibration of the upraised frequency has little to do with upraised consciousness.  On one hand we are talking about a measurable; measurable; vibration frequency that fills and surrounds your planet and everything on it. Then on the other hand we have souls incarnate looking to increase their consciousness, their conscious awareness. Their consciousness and conscious awareness has very little to do with altered frequency and vibration; very little.
So now we have all of you dear souls incarnate desiring a lift in your consciousness.  Now the lifting of consciousness… as I have spoken just before…is an awareness. It’s an awareness! Being aware of the subtle changes around you, in your world around you, in your environment, in your beingness, and your awareness of the existence of other beings, other animals on other levels …and there are multiple levels.  So consciousness is an awareness finely tuned to sense: sense alteration in vibration; to sense the vibration that other animals and beings and levels exist through the veil; it is being aware of their actual existence and the changes happening to them.
So you are looking through a window.  Even if you cannot see your energy or your sensitivity your awareness is looking in through that window. 

So how do you increase your consciousness, your awareness?  In all truth it is rather simplistic because souls incarnate can only affect consciousness within their own self: it then follows that it is your own self that needs the work done; needs the expansion; need the upliftment; it’s the awareness. 

So you have to practice. Upraised consciousness just doesn’t happen; you have to seek it; you have to want it; you have to develop it.  When I say “have to”, “have to” applies to the fact that you wish, desire, or want to have that. “Have to” does not apply if you are quite happy to sit in your own little energy puddle and stay that way. 
So now why not set yourself little lessons, little tests?
Why not spend a little time each day… or several times each day… sensing; using the awareness that you have to attempt to sense an altered, changed, or different vibration surrounding, radiating, or emanating from various persons, animals, or objects? 
A good point to start is with living things: plants, trees, flowers, even the grass you walk upon.  Have you tried to sense the energy emanated from the grass? Have you attempted to sense energy emanated from a tree or a plant?  Have you attempted to become aware of the subtle changes in the ethers?... the energy that surrounds you? Reach out gently and touch the ethers. 
It is like licking your finger and testing the wind.  That licking the finger to test the wind is a sensing movement.  You’re sensing where the wind, the breeze, is coming from.  You do not have to continually lick your finger to reach out and sense energy; sense the energy around you. 
Ask yourself: What is it that you are sensing?  What is it that you are feeling?  What is resonating within you? 
For the purpose of this lesson: consider: if you were blind, totally without sight, perhaps even a deaf mute, what have you left?  Your senses. Only senses.  Look at the blind people who sense the presence of another; the presence of an animal; the energy of an object? That is sensing! That is developing an awareness of what is happening around you. 
Put your hands near a plant, a tree, a shrub: sense the energy coming off of it.  Put your hands close to mother earth and sense the energy that is coming off it.  Whilst you are doing this sensing activity you are creating an awareness of the energy of everything outside of yourself.  You are sensing their energy: their existence; and you will sense the alterations and changes in those energies. 
So that is developing awareness. As you develop awareness you become conscious of the fact that you are now aware of energy, the energy of objects, sounds, light, colour, this is your consciousness; your conscious awareness.  Now that is a basic lesson.
Perhaps from there you can move on to being aware and conscious of not just the things on your level, but other levels, other vibrations.  Develop the awareness and a consciousness that there are many other levels… and on those levels they have their own unique vibration; they have their own unique wave length and frequency.  So as you increase your awareness - which interchanges now with consciousness - as you increase your consciousness you become adept at sensing the difference between this level of solid matter and a somewhat higher vibratory level…and another level that is higher again… and maybe even more higher vibrating levels. You become conscious, conscious of the fact that many other vibratory levels exist.  You become conscious of the fact that you can sense the existence of those levels and develop it by becoming aware of the fact that there are other items of creation on other levels.
On this level you have your planet and everything in and upon it… which is all part of Creation.  Other levels are not just filled with vacant rooms; they have their own life forms; they have their own form of Creation. 
Every level that you visit is part of Creation: it is part of the Allness; it is part of the Oneness.  All of these levels are infinite: infinite! You will never ever, ever, reach the outer parameters… simply because outer parameters simply do not exist. 

For souls incarnate, where they are at this point in time is on a physical level: a level, a realm of solid, apparently, apparently solid, matter.  Because of the slowness of the vibration on this level most things appear solid. As the vibration increases solidity starts to disappear: solidity starts to become transparent because the higher vibration stops the atoms from clumping. 

Now, now we are looking through, we are looking out, of this level of conscious awareness: looking into another level of conscious awareness; and perhaps an even higher level of conscious awareness.  Now, how does this benefit you? How does this benefit souls incarnate?  Very simple. You become almost unaware of the slower, lower, vibration on your planet, in your life. You become only consciously aware of a higher level, a higher vibration, while you are still physically confined to this planet of solid matter.  You are raising your self up, You can no longer perceive lower, slower, energy forms.  It does not touch you, You do not touch it because you are consciously seeking awareness of a higher frequency!  You are looking at a consciousness on a higher frequency; and that is what you are aiming for as souls incarnate… looking for personal expansion and development. And it also equates with ascension because you are ascending a vibratory scale.  You are ascending a vibratory scale simply because you are now putting your awareness, your consciousness, on a higher vibration, a higher level.
Technically speaking you will come to the point where this earth does not exist for you anymore.  You are in a higher dimension.
Now just as an explanation: because your physical body is made up of atoms, clumped atoms - which gives you solid matter - you have a solid body.  You have not yet reached or attained a point where you can dissolve the atoms in your physical body, convert it to an energy form, and have that energy form move into a higher vibration. If you were at that level you would not be here.  If you had that capability you would not be here. 
So whilst your physical body may stay here on this level of physical matter -corresponding solid matter - you as the being, you as the being, the you that is solid matter and belongs to the level of solid matter, that being that you are that inhabits this solid body is not on this level because you are taking your conscious awareness and gradually placing on a higher level: so the being that you are exists in a higher consciousness! And you can keep on expanding, and growing, and taking your consciousness to higher and higher levels. 

As I stated earlier; even though you can do that as an individual you cannot raise the consciousness of everyone or everything else on your planet.  They will look after themselves.
It is all about you: what the you are here for. You are here for growth, for expansion, to find your way home; you are here to learn how to expand your awareness, your consciousness, and place it on a higher level.
If every soul incarnate were able to achieve that then the consciousness of the mass of human souls on this planet would be in a higher consciousness. The planet belongs to a lower consciousness.  Solid matter belongs with solid matter.  When you move into a higher awareness, higher consciousness, everything around you is constructed of non physical, non physical energy. 

So, consciousness: raising consciousness; raise your consciousness.  Allow every other soul the freedom to choose whether or not they shall strive for higher consciousness.  They have their own free will choice.  Each soul is responsible for its own self, its own beingness; each soul has its own pathway to walk. 
They may not interfere with your pathway; you may not interfere with their pathway.  So, it’s all about you.  Everything is for you. 
Why was this planet created? For you.  What were you put here for? To experience, to learn, to grow.  It’s all about you. 
What are we talking of today? Moving yourself, your true beingness, up and out of solid matter.  It’s all about you. 
Raise your awareness, your consciousness, so that you go even higher and higher into higher and finer vibratory levels. It’s all about you. 
So you see dear souls it is not at all selfish to focus on you. Selfish; selfish does not apply here.  Not in this instance; not in this context.  Dismiss all thoughts of selfishness. Entertain thoughts and desires of growing yourself, expanding yourself, upraising, elevating, ascending yourself. 
So dear souls in coming times it will be those souls with higher awareness, higher consciousness who will make the greatest strides forward in development.
So back to the basic lesson.  If: if you wish to advance, grow, expand and uplift, then focus on your awareness.  Put your awareness on different things: become aware of the existence of things that are not of solid matter.  Things that are unseen by human eyes but seen by your sensing, your awareness. This; this is what we call lifting your consciousness; becoming conscious of everything that comprises All That Is.  All That Is, is Oneness; Oneness is All That Is. 
And so dear ones, I Merlin am honoured, I am honoured to be here to deliver this message simplistically for your ease of understanding and ease to grasp. 
We are never far from you; never. 
May I deliver a challenge to you? Sense the awareness of myself, my beingness; and others such as I.  Sense development, awareness, and consciousness of the existence of beings such as I who can then communicate with you and assist you even more on your journey. 
Good evening dear ones; thank you for having me. 

During the channeling Merlin said to me a couple of times “how am I going to put this into simple non-scientific words”. 
My reply was “you’re the one delivering the message” ha, ha, ha.

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