Aranuth Malanda April ‘13


Argentina’s population is being sickened by massive spraying of herbicides on its genetically engineered soya fields. Glyphosate, the main ingredient in Roundup, is blamed for the dramatic increase in devastating birth defects as well as cancer, sterility, and miscarriages which are also increasing.
No prizes for guessing who manufactures it.

Chemical giant Monsanto is rapidly gaining “public health enemy number one” status all over the world with its attempts to not only protect itself from litigation over its genetically modified seeds and chemicals but also their attempts to patent the seeds of our basic foods.


Angelina Jolie spoke at the G8 summit in London where the forum announced a £23 million funding initiative aimed at ending war zone rape and sexual violence. When it comes to rape in warzones around the world the statistics are apalling with 50,000 raped in Bosnia, 64,000 in Sierra Leone, 200,000 in Congo, 400,000 in Rwanda. The G8 has also agreed that there should be no amnesty for sexual violence in peace agreements, and committed to developing an international protocol to investigate and prosecute perpetrators of such crimes.



Greetings everyone.  I have come among you this evening to talk of practical spiritual application in your life; in your life on earth; in this incarnation as a physical human being. 
I thought I might begin by reminding you that you are spirit: that you are spirit embodied; that you are spirit embodied and here for a purpose.  You all have your own individual purpose, your own individual pathway, your own individual experiences; and of course your own individual lesson plan.  However, however individual you may be you are still here for a similar purpose and you are all here to experience and learn.  You are here to expand, to grow, not as a physical being but as a spiritual being, as an essence, as an energy being, as part of a soul group. 

Now, life on earth, life in physicality, is not always simple: it was not meant to be simple.  What you are doing here is attempting to unearth within yourself previously learned and well hidden lessons.  You are here to undergo an experience, a lesson; to unearth your own knowledge-accumulated wisdom which will help you to not only negotiate your pathway in physicality but also to help you to open up your channel; your lines of communication with beings such as I in other realms; and to rediscover who and what you really are. But more importantly to re-discover your own powers, your own powers of creation, of manifestation, and various other abilities. 
We in the realms pay particular attention to how souls incarnate, souls on earth, are negotiating their pathway: are seeking their own inner guidance; inner knowledge; inner power … and putting it to good use.  Now do not forget that this is not your only incarnation; you have had not just several, you have had many; some of you have had a great number.  In each of these incarnations you undergo experiences and lessons; you learn you delve inside; you dig deep; you find pre-learned lessons of how you surmounted various obstacles and hurdles; what additional power you can access by going through your channel to your higher self, your soul group; go higher and higher again to some highly developed and well advanced beings of the light.
So whilst you are here it’s not such a demanding exercise: it’s not such a demanding pathway when you consider that you are the architect of your own pathway; you are the architect. In conjunction with other higher beings you designed this pathway, your lessons, your experiences, you designed it all.  So in here, (indicates heart) deep within your beingness, your essence, you already know what you are going to face in this incarnation.  You are already knowing, knowing how to resolve issues, how to surmount hurdles, and how to circumvent various happenings which you would consider to be of a…. hmm… maybe negative or unhelpful nature when in reality there is no such thing as unhelpful or negative experiences simply because that is your experience; that is your plan; that is what you brought in and placed before yourself so that it would be the catalyst, that would be the catalyst to prompt you to go within.

Once you have realised that you do not have the physical, mental, or emotional powers to resolve this issue, climb that mountain, jump that hurdle, or circumnavigate the boulder that your perceive to be a negative on your path   … that you designed specifically so that you would not able to solve it on a physical, mental, or emotional level and would therefore be required to go within, go within yourself, go into this point (taps his heart) the true beingness. The essence that’s in there (heart area) is where all your knowledge lies; all your ability, all your experiences and wisdom gained through various incarnations: not just incarnations, but the time that you have spent in the spirit world where you have studied, you have studied in these intervals in the spirit world, and came back here into physicality to apply what you have learned in spirit to a practical lesson here on this earth plane. 

So, shall we say let us now forget about any experience, any lesson, any happening, any issue, being of a positive or negative, easy or difficult; it just is.  All of these things are there for you: they are certainly not there for me; they are there for you.  This is what you brought in with you.  This is what you wanted to have.  So, you set your own test and you are now doing your own exam paper.  But you wrote the paper: you wrote the questions; you wrote the test; and now you sit down to do your exam paper, to do your test, whether it be in theory or practical.  You know that you have to go within to find your true self, your beingness, your essence, to find the knowledge and uncover, uncover all those lessons that you chose to experience and where you have hidden the answer. 
What is the whole exercise for?  Simple, the whole exercise - and I am talking about life on earth - the whole exercise is designed to reveal the real you.  It’s designed to reveal to you your powers, what you can achieve, what you can create. 

Now when I am talking about creation and manifestation, I’m not focusing on it from what you might call a religious angle: if anything its more of a scientific angle because you are now here in successive and accumulative incarnations to discover that you do have this shall we say …hmm ….chemical, scientific, tendency so you can apply it to see how you will use the energy at your disposal to solve various little puzzles. These things confront you, you go within, you look for the answer, you look for the recipe, you look for the formula. 
So, an issue confronts you on your pathway… that you are the architect of… you go inside, you find your true self, you delve deep within your accumulated knowledge and wisdom, you pull out the formula - it could be classed as a secret formula because you have buried it so deep - you pull out the formula and say this is the formula that I shall apply to manipulate energy.  You manipulate  energy because it is in the manipulation of energy that you can create… and you do create your life on earth.  You create everything in your life.  You are a creator. 
Now of course there is the Supreme Creator: there is abundance, never ending abundance of energy; and energy cannot be drained, cannot be lessened by use or misuse. The energy is there, it is everywhere. It is around you, it is what you are.  It is energy; so why are you here? So why do you have successive incarnations? Why are they interspersed with periods of return to the spirit world only come back again? 
It’s all there for you to learn that you are a master, master alchemist.  Do you like that? Do you that term?  Yes: alchemist; that is what you are.  You will all remember reading stories as a child of how they turn base metal into gold.  Well, let me tell you that is kindergarten stuff for alchemists, creators, such as yourself.
Why can you not turn base metal into gold here and now? Because you have forgotten  how.  You have buried it so deep, this veil that you have pulled across, this amnesiac, this amnesiac veil that you have pulled across. Oh my goodness you have done such a wonderful job of hiding this; you are hiding it from yourself and now you are playing your own little game of hide and seek.  “Let me see, I shall hide my creative abilities, forget where it is, and then go looking for it again?”  “Oh where oh where is it?” 

It is where you planted it. It is where you placed it; right here (points to his heart).  It’s right in there. It is around your heart area. This is your energy: this is where your energy self is; this is where you beingness is; and you wish to develop, and advance, and expand… which you do because if you didn’t you wouldn’t be here now.  You are here present, now, for that purpose. 
So now you are going to find your true self, your true powers, your ability, your magic. Now we have spoken about this in your physical beingness.  Now I would like you to consider this: you play the game of hide and seek and you decide that you will come into physicality to re-discover yourself.  You don’t only come into physicality: you come into other realities; other vibratory levels; other forms of beingness.  So it’s not just an “I will only do this through the physical incarnation”; physicality is only part of the lesson.  It’s only part of it.  It’s only part of unearthing your true beingness. 

Many of you have had incarnations of what you may call a galactic nature.  Some of you have had several galactic incarnations.  You have had incarnations in as-yet unheard of realities; in as-yet unheard of embodiments; beingness.  But that is not for you in this incarnation: you walk one pathway at a time and you learn from each one.  So at present you are learning from the physicality.
You may intersperse it with trips home to the realms but you might come back into a galactic incarnation; you may even go back to another realm and take on another embodiment; you may become a universal being. 

There are so many things that you can do simply because you choose to do it.  You choose to do it.  So here we have you wonderful beings, creators, master alchemists, in the realms, and you want another playground: you want to do something new and different.  An adventure! That’s we’ll have… an adventure! Where? Where will I go this time?  What will I do?  I will find another reality, another embodiment: I will create one and I will go into that creation and I’ll examine it and I’ll experience it and I will do all these wonderful things. 
This is a beautiful adventure.
It’s like a jungle that no one has ever, ever, set foot in before.  You create the jungle, and you go into the jungle, and you say “now I’m going to find my way out; find my way home… but while I am here in the jungle I will learn so much about what I created”.  “I created the jungle for the purpose of having to go within, find my powers, use my powers to find my way out… and then I will go elsewhere where I shall create another learning experience or create another level”. 
That’s what you do. So if you look at a pyramid, on the apex… you have all heard of the cap stone… the cap stone? Consider you are the cap stone.  Consider you are the master alchemist, master magician, in the shape of a cap stone; because as an alchemist, and master magician, and grand creator, you are energy; so you sit up here (holds hands above the head in the form of an apex) now you come down this stream: galactic expression this stream; into a human expression this stream; you can come down this stream, and you can create all these streams (indicates multiples of down-flowing streams)  you can create additional streams.  What you are doing is expressing your powers; you are expressing how you can use them, in what situation, and to what effect.
So this life you are living is not one of “oh goodness it is so depressing and boring and dull”.  It’s a great adventure: you created it specifically for yourself! So when we have a look at planet earth, all the souls upon it, and every other thing living or non living, sentient or non sentient; all of you souls, the mass of souls, created this as your playground, as your… hmm… as your school, your university.  This is where you learn: this is where you play; this is where you do whatever you wish.  Free will choice!  Free will to do whatever you wish.
There are no rules.  There are no rules. There is no positive or negative: It is only the way that you view them; and there is only one valid view.  The valid view is everything; everything imaginable; you create it specifically for your growth, your own expansion, your own advancement. 
You gather all of this knowledge and wisdom and you bring it all to you… and it comes in as soul enrichment: and it comes into your expression; your energy beingness; so you have this power and it is unlimited. 
I shall say that again, the power is unlimited ; the Grand Creator placed no limitations on you whatsoever.  It’s like your teacher saying “okay children go out to play”… and here you are you are all out playing.
 Sometimes the play tends to get a bit serious when it shouldn’t; when it shouldn’t!  So now that I have given you a rather easy-to-absorb, understand and absorb explanation, we are going to have a look at a portion of - just a portion of - a lesson plan that will help you in your play.  It will help you to rediscover your powers: and it’s like when you find those powers and you know you can create; when you can change anything…. its game over. 

So how do we assist you to reach the point of game over?  How do we take away - assist you to take away - boredom, depression, feelings of fear, unwantedness? Well, it’s abundance: abundance. 
Now abundance is not your coin of the realm: we’re not talking about money! We’re talking about abundance.  What is the true abundance? The true abundance is your creative ability; your magic. How do you perform your magic? Abundance: how do you become abundant in this life?  Positivity of abundance is in the power: in the creativity.  So on a physical level have a look at the abundance that you have created; that is visible; it is visible! It is tangible! 
What is it?  Well you have clothing to wear; you have food to eat; you have shelter; you have most of your needs and your requirements; you have already attended to that.  You have attended to all of these things.  You are creating your abundance!
If you are cold you put on your coat. If you are hungry you eat your food.  This is abundance! You have everything because you create it!  The abundance is the abundance of creator of energy. It’s abundance. 

So, what are you? You are virtually an untouchable because whatever else is happening around you has got very little to do with you; very little to do with you in terms of rediscovering who you are and where your advancement lies. 
Don’t forget this whole world, everything in it, every situation, is going to fall away; issues resolve, issues will be resolved without your interference or worry or your despair.  Focus on your self and have a look at your abundance.
So what in this life have you brought in?  You have brought in food, shelter, clothing, motor vehicles; you have brought in your entertainment; you have brought in all of these things.  That is what you could call or should call abundance. 
You are abundant: you have everything you need but underneath all of that physical stuff is the true abundance and the true abundance is that you have an abundance of energy.  You have an abundant creative, magical, energy - you only have to find it. 
How do we find it? Well, we just spoke of that.  It’s by going within. 
So if you can practice being possibly just the observer standing on the outside and not becoming involved; observe the problem; don’t become the problem, or become involved in the problem; be the observer; because many of these things have got nothing to do with you on a spiritual level, on an advancement level. 
So, you have enough abundance because abundance is abundance.  You are abundant. 
Little are you aware of the fact that you call on your creative powers hour by hour, day by day: you create everything that you have in your life or wish to bring into your life; not someone else, you brought it in.  You did that!
If you want material abundance, bring it in, bring it in.  You have the power to do that.  But before you find, before you bring it in, you have to use the power to bring it in, you have to find that power; you have to rediscover that power.

Truly, you are grand creators, grand alchemists: it’s just that you are restricted in a physical body; you have pulled this veil of amnesia over yourself to make it more interesting because if you did not have that veil of amnesia you wouldn’t be here.  There is no point in being here because you would already know it all: you already control it all; you are the one who created it. 
So you pulled the veil of amnesia over it to forget all of these wonderful powers that you have so you then go seeking the powers whilst you are embodied.  So, as an embodiment faced with various issues, experiences, and lessons you are now going back to look and to see if you can get through, rediscover your powers, and apply them. 
Now you won’t rediscover all in an instant but if you do achieve it then it is game over; you do not need to be here anymore.  You will rediscover bit by bit the power and to use that creative power to resolve that issue that will change that situation, bring something in, create something, or push it out to one side and send it back to energy. 

Did you know that you send it back to energy? Are you aware of that? And when you have finished with something you cannot kill it or put it on a shelf somewhere: it’s all energy! So you just send it back to the energy pool and it will be re-used as energy. Not in the form that you have it because you created that; you created that situation; you created that issue; you created everything; and when you have had enough of that lesson you pass that and you have successfully surmounted what you perceived to be an obstacle. You release it and it goes back to energy.  It just goes back into the energy pool; and the energy pool is an ocean, it is an ocean. 
So, the purpose of my talk this evening is to plant a seed within you: to plant that little seed; it is like a glowing laser light. So that little light is there and you keep coming to that light. So what ever you are doing, in your light you are being immediately prompted to go within; to see if you can unearth that creative power; enough of that creative power to be able to resolve that situation, that lesson, that experience, and of course ultimately, ultimately, as you discover more and more and you become more proficient with your creative ability you will obviously move into a higher realm …because you have conquered this one. 

Now we move into this realm, and that realm, another realm, and so on and so forth.  So, please be aware that you are the one that created everything. You are the cap stone; you are the alchemist; you are the creator; and as such you have the answer.  You have the power to overcome and there is an abundance of power to overcome any situation because you created it; you used that power to create it; and you can use that power to surmount it. 

So hopefully now, hopefully now, you will start to look upon your life on earth, your pathway, with a different aspect, a different view, a more enlightened and understanding view, which will help you to continue to come back and continue drawing out those powers of creativity. 

And so dear souls, with that I shall bid you good evening and God speed along your pathway.  You are safe; you are all safe.  Nothing can harm you.  You are the creator; you are the creator.
It has been very pleasurable being here this evening and the brotherhood who may be invisible to you are here watching and listening, giving you lots of support; and of course unknown to you many of the brotherhood are with you often.  Some will go home with you this evening: some will spend time with you; some will spend a long time or short time with you.  There is always some of the brotherhood there with you to help you. 
So thank you again and good evening.

This communicator did not give a name or any other identification at time of channelling. Two nights later he came again in the early hours of the morning (as usual) and gave me his name. ONE. Just that…ONE.

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Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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