Aranuth at Ravenshoe 22nd Feb ‘13


The Cooktown Health & Wellbeing Expo on Saturday 16th of February was a well supported event with quite a number of stallholders exhibiting their wares and demonstrating their various skills. It was an eclectic and interesting group of exhibitors and attendees. This bodes well for plans to make it an annual event.
The spiritual energy in the Cooktown area was quite different to other parts of Nth Qld with Aboriginal energy being very evident. Everywhere I went I felt the indigenous energy quite strongly.

Australia is still beset with unusual weather patterns bringing unexpected flood rains to various parts of the nation. To date cyclone activity has been minimal with no threat of serious danger to any community normally endangered by this annual weather event. We welcome the monsoon rains but can do without the destructive winds.

Highly placed clergy at the Vatican admit that extra- terrestrials are very real and have been in contact with this planet for some time. Monsignor Corrado Balducci, a theologian member of the Vatican Curia (governing body), and an insider close to the Pope, has gone on Italian national television five times, including recent months, to proclaim that extraterrestrial contact is a real phenomenon.
Parallel information from National Security Council scientist Dr. Michael Wolf, a member of the NSC's SSG subcommittee for managing the UFO phenomenon, as well as from noted author and Vatican expert Father Malachi Martin, suggests that the Vatican is concerned that it will have a major doctrinal updating situation on its hands when extraterrestrial contact becomes authoritatively announced by world governments over the next several years.

The Message

Good evening dear ones, Merlin; Merlin it is who has been chosen to address you this evening.  The subject of our discussion, our discourse, shall be focus; focus, coupled with responsibility.  Now you are all fully conversant with the meaning of both words; the meaning of focus and responsibility; taking responsibility, taking personal responsibility, national and planetary responsibility. 
I thought that I might begin by discussing focus; your focus.  As you are aware, you dear souls incarnate are not traversing your life pathway in a willy-nilly manner.  Even though your pathway at times appears to be chaotic, in reality all is in divine order.  Chaos only occurs when you allow it to do so. 
By now I had envisaged that the majority of souls who hear or read the words of our brotherhood would be sufficiently advanced to understand what their true pathway is: what lessons are involved in your pathway; what experiences you have created which are an integral part of your pathway.  Your experiences and lessons are the reason for your pathway.  If you did not have any lessons or experiences planned for this incarnation then you would not be here; you would simply have no reason to be here incarnate. 
Before you re-incarnated this time you very carefully, with your guides and other higher beings, considered a great number of experiences and lessons that could be woven into your pathway to give you a rather rich and varied lesson plan on this earth walk.  Before you became incarnate you were very, very well versed in every aspect of every experience, every lesson; you knew full well what would confront you on your present pathway.  Now of course once you come into this physical embodiment you do come in with a degree of amnesia: a degree of amnesia that is hiding the ability to recall what it is you are here to achieve.  As time goes by, as you grow in stature and experience and knowledge and wisdom, you also develop the ability to recall more and more and more of what it is that you are here to do. 

Now, this may be occurring in your subconscious but you have the ability to sit quiet, to go within, to go deep within, and further recall - sometimes with quite a degree of clarity - what this earth walk involves.  If all souls were totally honest with themselves they would know and admit that they have gone within, they have had glimpses of their pathway; they have had several glimpses of what awaits them on their pathway. And with those glimpses there is also a degree of understanding the truth of that lesson, that experience, why you chose to have it. 

At this point in your time, we in the realms had high hopes that you would now be able to go within quickly and easily, look at your present and your future, know what it involves, why you chose it, and what you would gain from undergoing that experience.  Unfortunately our expectations were not realised to any substantial extent.  The creator’s energy has been steadily increasing for the past three decades of your time.  During that time, the impetus of that energy was lifting you and driving you further towards truth.  Truth.  Unfortunately your focus was not clearly set upon discovering your pathway, your lesson plan, or the reason for it.  You lost focus.  More accurately your focus was diverted: you allowed your focus to be diverted to more earthly things; things that occupy a level of immediacy within your physical life pertaining to your physical comforts, your physical entertainment.

You are all now at a point where focus becomes not just an important but a very potent word.  It is not simply the word.  It is the potency of the power behind the word.  Focus.  Focus. 
I am here today to encourage you to continue and accelerate your efforts to focus keenly and clearly upon your goal; the end product of this earth walk; this incarnation plan.  I am here to encourage you to lift your focus away from physical comforts and entertainments and align it more with your inner beingness and the pathway that you have chosen.
When you first settled on the content of this earth walk, the content of the experiences and lessons, you took responsibility for your self: you took responsibility to follow that plan as closely as you possibly could.  You also took responsibility for asking beings from higher realms to hold back and allow you to walk your pathway in the manner that you so chose.  You asked higher beings, your guides, to have a mostly hands-off supervisory capacity whilst you are embodied and completing this incarnation.  You took on that responsibility for yourself and we congratulate you because it is your experience; it is your lesson; it is your soul growth; it is your journey; it is the journey of your soul.  It is your journey: you will do the journey.  We will stand by ready to assist if asked, if required, but you have taken sole responsibility for the end result of this earth walk. 
Focus and responsibility are two words that are married in this instance.  They are conjoined.  You cannot have one without the other.  If you did so your pathway would be so erratic that you would barely survive this incarnation. 
So, the requirement is, as we see it, and the beings in the realms see it, the requirement for you and the benefit of that requirement is for you to not only sit quiet and go within at regular intervals - because you are already doing that and have been doing that for sometime - but, sitting quietly and going within as an individual aspect was not meant to be repetitive; it was meant to be a stepping stone. 
So yes, early in a soul’s physical life the requirement was to go within often; often.  Going within and familiarising yourself with your guides and your higher self was an individual module; an individual module on your development pathway.  You have gone past that now so the module that you should be now focusing upon is the module of future focus.  There are great benefits to be had for souls incarnate to go within: as soon as you get to that point of your focus move the focus forward and ask for the revelation; ask for the lessons on your pathway; the reasons for them; and the benefit of them to be revealed to you. 
You are the one who will reveal this to yourself because you are diminishing amnesia and encouraging clarity of sight.  So, that should be your present day focus.  And it should remain as your focus until such times that you are quite confident that you can come upon a hurdle or an obstacle and understand, know, why that obstacle or that hurdle is on your pathway; the lesson that it brings and what you will achieve by surmounting that obstacle.
So, your focus should be now to be to look forward with clarity; you should be able to reveal to yourself your own pathway and the reason for those experiences and lessons.  Once you have achieved that then you can move on to another module of advancement but first we have to take responsibility for our actions; take responsibility for the planning and design of your individual pathway; take responsibility for the design of the experiences and lessons; and take responsibility for the enrichment that the surmounting of those obstacles will bring to you or the resultant lesson if you did not quite achieve what it is that you set out to accomplish. 

Now we are not talking about judgment here: we are not discussing pass, fail or anything intermediate.  What we are simply discussing is your pathway; how you are going to reveal it to yourself; how you are going to negotiate it; and the end result.  That is what you will be taking personal responsibility for.  It is futile for any soul incarnate to apportion blame to an accident of birth, circumstances, environment, health, luck, or lack of opportunity: it is futile to apportion blame to any of those types of things because you are the one that designed your pathway, planned your pathway, and implemented, implemented! every experience and lesson on that pathway. 
By focusing on the lesson plan contained within that pathway it gives you greater power to achieve what it is that you wanted; what you set out to achieve what your goal, final goal was.
So that is where you should place your focus and in doing so you will become more and more aware that it is you who has to take full responsibility for that pathway, for your decisions, for your actions.  No other soul: no other soul can be apportioned responsibility for any issue that appears on your pathway.  You designed it, you implemented it.  Now it is up to you to traverse it, to walk it.  It is your individual pathway.
So dear souls, I would ask you to examine your focus and then take responsibility for what lies ahead. 
Thank you for being here this evening.  It has been a rather short but very, very important discourse.  There is much within my words that can assist you greatly. 

I shall come again with my brothers-in-the -ight and we shall always be there to assist; assist you with knowledge and advice; to assist you to make a better decision. 
So thank you dear ones and good evening.

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Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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