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Aranuth at Ravenshoe 22nd Feb ‘13


The Cooktown Health & Wellbeing Expo on Saturday 16th of February was a well supported event with quite a number of stallholders exhibiting their wares and demonstrating their various skills. It was an eclectic and interesting group of exhibitors and attendees. This bodes well for plans to make it an annual event.
The spiritual energy in the Cooktown area was quite different to other parts of Nth Qld with Aboriginal energy being very evident. Everywhere I went I felt the indigenous energy quite strongly.

Australia is still beset with unusual weather patterns bringing unexpected flood rains to various parts of the nation. To date cyclone activity has been minimal with no threat of serious danger to any community normally endangered by this annual weather event. We welcome the monsoon rains but can do without the destructive winds.

Highly placed clergy at the Vatican admit that extra- terrestrials are very real and have been in contact with …

Let's be "proud" of our "civilisation" ...

Please watch this movie! No words needed ... just action is required, finally!!!