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So many things are happening; so many earth changes and weather events; so many disclosures and exposures; it seems as though the entire planet and every institution, organisation, and entrenched tradition - including old ingrained belief systems - are being shaken out and put under the microscope for all to see.
Drugs in sport – with its attendant complicity and cover-ups; drugs and crime in society; government and corporate corruption; entrenched paedophilia and child abuse in religious and government institutions; underhanded dealings by big business and financial institutions; “Big Tobacco” facing huge fines for smoking-related health problems being a strain on the public health budget; wow…it’s all happening.
On an individual level various people, from the seemingly insignificant to the “A”-listers and power players, are having their extra-marital affairs as well as their financial and past / present personal dealings placed in the public arena.
A POWERFUL 6.9 magnitude earthquake has struck northern Japan, causing strong tremors across Hokkaido island but no damage to several nuclear facilities in the region, officials say.
Some of Japan's reactors, including the Higashidori facility, are built near faults suspected to be active.
Since the March disaster, anti-nuclear sentiment has run high in Japan, which used to rely on atomic power for around a third of its electricity needs.

Hundreds of people were injured when a meteorite shot across the sky and exploded over central Russia on Friday, February 15, 2013. Bright fireballs leaving large, thick vapor trails crashed to Earth, shattered windows and damaged thousands of buildings in six cities, according to media reports. Many amateur videos showed an object speeding across the sky about 9:20 a.m. local time in Russia (0320 GMT on February 15, or 9:20 p.m. last night in the central U.S.). Scientists later said that the Russian meteorite was not related to asteroid 2012 DA14, which came closest to Earth at 1:25 p.m. CST (1925 UTC)

The world-wide child sexual abuse scandal involving the Catholic clergy and resultant cover-up of these crimes has reached the highest levels of the church hierarchy.
Pope Immunity: Vatican Will Protect Benedict From Sexual Abuse Prosecution.
(Reuters) - Pope Benedict's decision to live in the Vatican after he resigns will provide him with security and privacy. It will also offer legal protection from any attempt to prosecute him in connection with sexual abuse cases around the world, Church sources and legal experts say.



The flooding in Queensland, especially Bundaberg, has been horrendous. Lives lost; houses picked up and carried away; sink holes sucking in homes and buildings; roads and bridges twisted and torn; vital infrastructure destroyed; internet and telephone systems badly damaged; entire herds of cattle washed away their carcasses carried downstream; complete orchards demolished; not to mention the huge number of families homeless and in distress. Government funding - local, state, and federal - is already stretched to the limit with Nth Qld communities still in the expensive process of rebuilding and recovering from Cyclone Yasi two years ago…not to mention the ongoing costs of the Brisbane / South-East region flood recovery program.
The total flood recovery cost has been conservatively estimated at $1.5 billion.

Floods leave you with a soggy, muddy, mess; fire leaves you with ash.
In contrast: The southern Australian states are trying to recover from recent devastating bushfires that at one time numbered in excess of 150…most out of control.
On the other side of the world the northeastern US began digging out on Saturday in the wake of a fierce blizzard that left at least six dead, half a million customers without power, and air, road and rail links paralysed.


The change in the energy has demonstrably altered and changed many people’s perceptions of what constitutes reality and how it accommodates their physical existence. So many people have been contacting me feeling confused, uncertain, and in some cases fearful of the future…and of their mental state.  They have suddenly become aware of an entirely new and strange paradigm in their life. One day startling insights and revelations; next day lost in space.
Such a two-step change in consciousness can be frightening if you have not been aware or prepared for it.
People who previously poo-poohed and ridiculed things occult, esoteric, and metaphysical have had a sudden shift in their awareness of the supernatural….which in reality is not super…just natural.


The Message:
Channelled in Cooktown on Saturday the 16th of February at the inaugural Cooktown Health and Wellbeing Event.

Ha, ha, ha, ha:  Good evening everybody: it is I Aranuth that has the pleasure of addressing you here this evening.  It is so lovely to see you souls incarnate - and there are several souls discarnate I might add - and let me welcome some of those indigenous souls that are also here in discarnate form to hear my address. 

As you are aware; as you are well aware; your entire world is altering and changing… is it not?  You, as souls; you as souls both incarnate and discarnate are continually evolving.  And of course with all being one, and one being all, your planet, your precious blue planet, is evolving also.  Because in the energy of the oneness, in the energy of the allness, everything, everything, must conform and evolve at the cadence and the tempo of the energy that the Creator radiates to your planet, to other planets, and to the entire cosmos. 

The energy at present has now reached a plateau. It has been a long journey of in excess of two thousand years to get your energy to this point in your time.  Now that you are in your current time of 2013 by your reckoning, the energy that has plateaued will remain relatively stable for possibly eight or ten months of your calendar. 
You do not have anything to fear with regard to what is happening on your planet, or to your portion, to your geographical location, of your planet.  I can assure you that your planet is not about to explode, implode, dissolve, or do any other callisthenics.  Gaia, mother earth, is evolving the same as you are.  Gaia is moving, pulsing. It is a living energy thing.  It is part of creation. And as part of creation it must conform to the energy of the Creator the same as you must conform. 
Now as you grow, expand, and evolve, various things will happen to you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually because those four bodies are closely interlinked.  So the changes that are affecting Gaia are the same changes that are affecting souls incarnate, souls embodied, souls in physicality.  Now, we will have a look and ask ourselves the question, “why is the Creator radiating a new, intensive, highly intensive, energy to your planet, to yourself, to the oneness, to the allness? Why?  Why? Expansion: continual expansion; continual growth.  Let me assure you; let me assure you that there are no parameters; there are no perimeters; there are no boundaries to your growth, your expansion, your enlightenment.  Infinity: you are all aware of that word infinity.  It’s infinite, always was and always will be.  The Creator’s energy keeps propagating; it is self propagating; and the Creators energy prompts you to grow, to expand, and to become enlightened. 
Now what I wish to emphasise on this particular evening is what you are composed of; what you truly are composed of. So, with the visual we look at a soul incarnate embodied and we see the embodiment of flesh, blood, bone; - this is a world of solid matter – so, flesh, blood, bone.  Do you understand what a fugle is? Spinner? Washing machine spin? Spin dry? That’s what a fugle is. 

Now, energy: if it spins slowly, it clumps; if it spins at high speed the velocity of the elements of the atoms being sent adrift, being cast out, prevents clumping. So you have non-physical.  If it spins fast enough it will get to the stage where it will be totally non-physical; it is just energy.  That is the way in which you receive it. You receive it as non-physical energy.  And non-physical energy has a temperature, and it has a colour, and the temperature is very hot, and very high, and the colour is white; that is the colour; that is what you are. You are a brilliant white light; that is what you are; that’s your beingness; that’s your essence. 
So, coming back to spinning slowly, clumping.  You have solid matter: you have physicality; so that is the outer shell. Now within the physicality, buried within that, you have your emotions – e-motions. It is like a finely balanced scale easily tipped one way or the other.  In these emotions is an experience or a lesson, or an issue; something comes into your life, something comes into your physical incarnate life and what does it do? It interferes with the balance of that scale.  So where your scale should be balanced and harmonious all of a sudden the scale tips one way or the other and you are out of harmony. And you are experiencing on the one hand joy, jubilance, excitement. On the other hand there is depression, fear, anger, hatred.  Do you see that all of these things interfere with your equanimity, your harmonious balance?

It is not good to be too emotional.  Love, light, joy, yes and enjoyment are extremes; extremes take you right off balance.  If you go into the extreme of fear, anger, and hatred you are emitting a vibration that will anchor you down… and it will surely anchor you down because - I would like you all to understand this -   what you focus on expands commensurately. Focus on love, joy, and happiness and it will expand: focus on anger or hatred and it expands also.  Where do you feel you want to be?  Down here in the negative? Or over here in the positive.  Beware of your emotions. 
Your next body is the mental.  Now your mental is based in your crown. The mental; the mental will activate emotions; emotions will upset the physical.  Do you understand?  Your mental: aahh.. analogy = your mental says “that one over there does not like me”; “that one over there does negative things that harm me”; so your mental tells you this and you get emotional.  “It makes me so wild; it makes me so angry that they could do such a thing to me”.  Wow! You’re losing it!  What is the next effect? The physical. How does it affect you? You become ill; you get sick.  Do you know that cancer is caused by anger? Concealed anger, anger held onto? There are so many illnesses, diseases, and afflictions that do so many of these things. 

Let’s start with the mental > into the emotional > into the physical > it is all connected.  When you are in joy; when your mind is allowed to settle and become peaceful; when your mind has the same consistency as a frozen lake; then your emotions will mirror that! And your physical embodiment will mirror that!  Peace, health, harmony, happiness; isn’t that you’re here for? 

Now underlining that is your spiritual body: your spiritual; now here is where the battles, the battles are often fought.  You see dear souls, taking into consideration what I have said about the mental, the emotional, and the physical, on the other side of the coin like a white knight is the spiritual.  This is the body, the portion of you; this is the aspect of you that knows that there is more than the mental, emotional, and physical bodies.  Your spiritual, your spiritual aspect, is often times at the other end of the scale from physical, emotional, and mental aspects.  Your spiritual is often at the other end of the scale. 
Now if you have peace and harmony of the mental, emotional, and the physical, your spiritual aspect is allowed to flow. The flow acknowledges that the spiritual is available for you to immerse yourself in like a beautiful pond; you immerse yourself in the spiritual.  And while you are immersing yourself in the spiritual you gain greater understanding, greater knowledge, which will be reflected up through the peaceful aspect of the physical, emotional, mental so you can become this balanced harmonious being - which is what you are meant to be; this is what you are supposed to be.  You are here at this time embodied to discover that truth; not just discover that truth but to exemplify it; exemplify it! 
Every minute of your life radiate peace, love, harmony, acceptance, contentment.
Be thankful for what you have: be thankful for all of the help and advice that you receive from your higher self as well as those other discarnate beings from higher realms who are your guardian angels, your guides.  Now: now that we have the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual balance, peace, and harmony, now we go to your higher self.  Which is your little known fifth body.
Now your higher self is your energy essence that inhabits your five bodies: inhabits them but is not them!  Your higher self is your essence; the beingness that you truly are.  Your higher self sits outside of those five bodies: your higher self encompasses the highest values, the highest ideals; it encompasses all that is of love and light and understanding. It encompasses all of that because that is what you truly are.  Your higher self is that, your higher beingness, evolved beingness, evolved energy beingness, because your façade is this physical body, your reality is spirit; you are energy, you are light. 
Do you know that in the realms we see you as beings of light?  Now of course we look at you and see you embodied: you have had many bodies. We see you embodied; we see your mental state, your emotional state, your spiritual state, and we are very much aware of that because if you are not in harmony you are thereby sending out an irregular vibration; and that irregular vibration is like ripples on an otherwise smooth pond; and those ripples go through the ether, through the energy field, and we pick up those ripples; we understand when your energy is vibrating wildly instead of smoothly radiating; it is vibrating. That’s what souls incarnate are here for: to experience; to learn to overcome; to benefit from those experiences and lessons; to become wiser; to become more enriched as a spiritual being; because you are doing these lessons, reaping the benefits, and so you are becoming, you are becoming a higher evolved soul while still physically embodied.  A tricky one isn’t it.  Tricky? Hmmnn? Okay. 

So what serves you best; what serves you best is simply acceptance: accept what is; maintain peace, harmony, and balance; develop communication with your higher self, your higher beingness, because that is your lifeline; that is your lifeline! You are not this primal physical body.  You are a beautiful highly evolved light being having an experience here. You are putting into practice everything that you have ever learned as a soul in any or all incarnations; 
the sum total of your beingness. You are using, or you have opportunity to use, the sum total of your creative power and creative ability if you will only recognise and accept that: And work on the premise; work on that principle; so that in your daily life every little issue that confronts you try solving it from your higher self. Apply your accumulated knowledge; apply love and light and understanding to the situation.  Remember that other souls incarnate who you may consider are causing you harm or hurt or betraying you; remember those souls may not be as evolved as you are. Those souls have chosen an experience and a lesson that is quite difficult and has an in-built ability to attract scorn and derision from other souls incarnate. 
We have to all understand that in all of the realms - and especially in physicality - we have to understand you are all individuals: you are all sovereign; you are all walking a different pathway which is loaded with different experiences and lessons for you to solve as you encounter them. You solve them with your creative power and your ability …so everything is solvable.  No hurdle too high; no barrier too strong; and no rock too heavy; it doesn’t exist in the face of your recognised power and ability.  What I am saying to you dear souls is bring out the essence: bring out the light being; not have some puny, stunted human embodiment saying “what am I going to do about this”? “What am I going to do about that”?
Go into harmony, harmony, harmony. It is your spiritual avenue. Like a flower opening to the sun go into your higher self, your true self, the totality of everything that you are.  Tap into that energy: tap into that creative energy and apply it in your physical life. 
Now that is quite a deal isn’t it?  That is quite a meal, That is quite a plateful. 
It is achievable: and evidence of its achievability is the fact that you keep coming back here time after time after time re-incarnating to do some more lessons; maybe finish off a lesson you didn’t finish last time.  You are doing these lessons, you are playing dear children; you’re playing with your power like a scientist. Hmmnnn… here is a problem right?  X + y equals z …well here he applies the formula to see if it works; got it? Ahhh..ha…solved it!  

It is the same for you, you come back to experience the lesson; to bring out your powers; bring them out to play hahha … what’s this before me? An obstacle; right? How am I going to solve this one?  I call upon my higher self; I don’t let my mental go rabbiting on with its mental constructs; I don’t let my emotions do somersaults; I don’t let my physical shake and quake… there is no need of that.  Go to your higher self; go to your beingness; and if you want to go higher, go higher; right up to the source; the Creator. You can go there: you can do that. Never let anyone tell you that you cannot connect with the Creator hooohahha.  I tell you why: you are creators! You were created from the Creators energy. If you are the energy of the Creator are you not the Creator? Are you not? 
When you first became, shall we say birthed, as a tiny spark of life from the source …which resembles a huge, huge, light membrane… and the Creator emanates tiny miniscule  points of light beings, advanced beings are there to catch that light … which is you.  And they nurture that light; they sustain it; they do all of the things that a female does for her young; and now this spark of the Creator is becoming enlightened in its own right; it is now ready for growth; it now ready for enrichment; it now ready for accumulation of knowledge and wisdom and experience; it is already impregnated because it is a spark of the Creator; it is already impregnated with the higher values, the virtues, the ideals; it is already impregnated with love, light, compassion, understanding; that is what the Creator energy is!   So if you are the Creators energy why are you not being that?  And if you are that why are you not understanding and acknowledging that?  Simply because very few teachers have come upon you, or come among you, to divulge this knowledge and information. Because the great beings of love and light, the logos, the Chohans, they stand ready to divulge all that is love and light and tolerance and understanding.  They are there ready to divulge the truth. 

People on a lower level too often are controlled by those who do not know the truth; that wish to control you with their version of the truth. There is no judgement, no judgement here; it is simply a fact, an observation, no judgement. 
Dear ones, dear souls, do it for yourself. You do not need someone else, another incarnate, who may or may not be as advanced as you are telling you how you should live, what you should do, what your values should be   It is already within you: it’s already impregnated, implanted, into your beingness because you are the Creator’s light. You are filled with love, light, tolerance, compassion; you are filled with all of these values, all these virtues, all these higher ideals. That is what you are.  And along the journey, your journey, where you become incarnate and go through your experiences and lessons you need to remember who you are, what you are, and where you came from.  You need to remember this.  And if you remember this then use that as your compass. You don’t need any of this extraneous matter, any of this distraction, distortion, of the truth or non truth because you already know the truth… because you are the truth! 
Dear ones the way home, the way home is love and light. It’s all the ideals, all the values, all the virtues, that’s the way home.  You know I don’t have to tell you again… you know this.  How can you practically assist yourself?  What programs could you possibly put in train to assist your enlightenment? Hhmm. There is no secret; you must, if you wish to ascend the vibratory scale, if you wish to get into higher and finer vibrations, if you wish to get into vibrations that are joy and love and understanding; if you wish to be there you have to be that.   To be that requires you to go deep within: ignore the mental, emotional, physical; go through the spiritual and develop a very, very, strong cable beam of communication with your higher self …and ultimately the Creator. 

Now if you wish to put this to the test: if you wish to put this to the test then try this; in your quiet time, in your quiet time whether it be in quiet contemplation, meditation, or entering sleep state, you can evoke the Creator’s love and light.  Now I tell you this; it will never fail if you invoke the Creator’s love and light. When you invoke the Creator’s love and light speak, speak plainly, clearly, of  what is that you want to do; what is it that you want to achieve; what is that you need the Creators light to help you with.  Call for the Creators love and light and you become that; you become saturated with that love and light.  Ask for the assistance that you need; the help that you need with the barrier or the hurdle that confronts you.  Ask for help; ask for assistance; ask the Creator… because you are the Creator!  You are part of the Creator; so go to the source, ask the Creator; invoke the Creators love and light; ask the question then wait.  Do not expect it to happen instantly.  It will happen! There are other conditions, other energies, that must come into alignment before what you require becomes manifest.  Do not put a hard and solid expectation on how, when, and where it will become manifest. The Creator knows better than you do. The Creator knows what you want. The Creator knows that sometimes what you want is not best for you.  Just ask.  Just develop this wonderful strong bond, a lifeline of communication with the higher self.  Hand things to the higher self and ask “may I have this knowledge, information, result”. Invoke the Creators love and light. Ask again; you are never ignored if you ask clearly with a pure heart and positive aspect; you will receive, you will. 

And so dear souls I feel that I have given you sufficient to ponder and work upon. I sincerely hope that you will apply that knowledge and those principles to your pathway. I and others of the Brotherhood of the Light, of the Crystal Light, are always near watching, waiting, ready to help, ready to welcome you home.  Thank you and good evening.
I Aranuth shall now return to whence I came.

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