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Aranuth Cooktown Feb ‘13


So many things are happening; so many earth changes and weather events; so many disclosures and exposures; it seems as though the entire planet and every institution, organisation, and entrenched tradition - including old ingrained belief systems - are being shaken out and put under the microscope for all to see.
Drugs in sport – with its attendant complicity and cover-ups; drugs and crime in society; government and corporate corruption; entrenched paedophilia and child abuse in religious and government institutions; underhanded dealings by big business and financial institutions; “Big Tobacco” facing huge fines for smoking-related health problems being a strain on the public health budget; wow…it’s all happening.

On an individual level various people, from the seemingly insignificant to the “A”-listers and power players, are having their extra-marital affairs as well as their financial and past / present personal dealings placed in the public arena.